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S o l i Ta i r ea n at u r a l h is to ry

T h e G r e aT Fossil eniGmaThe Search for the Conodont Animal Simon J. Knell

GeorGia CoastRevealing the Unseen lives of Plants and animals

l i f e t r ac e s o f t h e

anthony J. Martin


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J o lyo n C . Pa r i s h

The dodo and the SolitaireA Natural HistoryJolyon C. Parish

The Great Fossil enigmaSimon J. Knell

The Search for the Conodont AnimalThe conodont animal confounded science for more than a century. Some thought it a slug, others a fish, a worm, a plant, even a primitive ancestor of ourselves. The list of possibilities grew and yet an answer to the riddle never seemed any nearer. Simon J. Knell takes the reader on a journey through 150 years of scientific thinking, imagining, and arguing. Slowly the animal begins to reveal traces of itself: its lifestyle, its remarkable evolution, its witnessing of great catastrophes, its movements over the surface of the planet, and finally its anatomy. Today the conodont animal remains perhaps the most disputed creature in the zoological world.

Life Traces of the Georgia CoastRevealing the Unseen Lives of Plants and AnimalsAnthony J. Martin

dinosaurs Under the Auroraroland A. Gangloff

Dinosaursu n d e r t h e A u r o r ARoland A. Gangloff

sBAstIen steyer

Roland A. Gangloff immerses readers in the challenges, stark beauty, and hardearned rewards of conducting paleontological fieldwork in the Arctic. Gangloff recounts the significant discoveries of field and museum research on Arctic dinosaurs, most notably of the last 25 years when the remarkable record of dinosaurs from Alaska was compiled. This research has changed the way we think about dinosaurs and their world. Examining long-standing controversies, Gangloff takes readers on a delightful and instructive journey into the world of paleontology as it is conducted in the land under the aurora.

e A rt h B ef o r e t h e D I n osAu rsIllustrated by A l A I n B n t e A u translated by C h r I s s p e n C e

The Dodo and the Solitaire is the most comprehensive book to date about these two famously extinct birds. It contains all the known contemporary accounts and illustrations of the dodo and solitaire, covering their history after extinction and discussing their ecology, classification, phylogenetic placement, and evolution. Both birds were large and flightless and lived on inhabited islands some 500 miles east of Madagascar. The story of the dodo, like that of the solitaire, has been pieced together from fragments, both literary and physical, that have been carefully compiled and examined in this extraordinary volume.

Life of the Pastcloth 978-0-253-00099-6 $75.00 ebook 978-0-253-00103-0 $63.99

Life of the Pastcloth 978-0-253-00080-4 $40.00 ebook 978-0-253-00718-6 $34.99

Life of the Pastcloth 978-0-253-00604-2 $45.00 ebook 978-0-253-00606-6 $37.99

Life Traces of the Georgia Coast is an up-close look at these traces of life and the animals and plants that made them. This book presents an overview of the traces left by modern animals and plants in this biologically rich region; shows how life traces relate to the environments, natural history, and behaviors of their tracemakers; and applies that knowledge toward a better understanding of the fossilized traces that ancient life left in the geologic record. The result is an aesthetically appealing and scientifically grounded book that will serve as a source both for scientists and for anyone interested in the natural history of the Georgia coast.

Life of the Pastcloth 978-0-253-00602-8 $60.00 ebook 978-0-253-00609-7 $51.99

earth before the dinosaursSbastien Steyer

DinoSAurS of EASTErn iBEriAEdited by ngel Galobart, Maite Suer, and Begoa Poza Translated by Albert Prieto-Mrquez

This beautiful volume introduces the incredible animals that populated the planet before the Age of the Dinosaurs. Readers voyage to a time, beginning about 370 million years ago, when the first four-footed vertebrates appeared, and ending 200 million years later at the moment when the dinosaurs begin their ascent. On this expedition, we learn how paleontologists become detectives to understand the history of life and we discover that many widely held ideas about the evolution of species are completely false. cloth 978-0-253-22380-7 $35.00

dinosaurs of eastern Iberia

edited by ngel Galobart, Maite Suer, and Begoa Poza Translated by Albert Prieto-MrquezWritten for the general reader, this book is both a colorful introduction to the history and study of dinosaurs and an eye-opening survey of dinosaur discoveries in Spain. At the time of the dinosaurs, Iberia was in the process of becoming a peninsula of Continental Europe and looked very different than it does today. Dinosaurs of Eastern Iberia tells the story of Iberias tumultuous geological history and presents a detailed synthesis of the regions dinosaur discoveries, with fact sheets and reconstructions of each species found there and explores the paleobiogeography of this dynamic region.

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Life of the Pastcloth 978-0-253-35622-2 $45.00 ebook 978-0-253-00201-3 $38.95

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Bernissart dinosaurs and early Cretaceous Terrestrial ecosystems

BErnissart din osaursa n d E a r ly c r E ta c E o u s t E r r E s t r i a l E c o s y s t E m s

edited by Pascal Godefroit

D i n oSau r

t h E

C o m p l E t E

M e g a fa u n agiant BeaStS oF PleiStocene South ameRica

Focusing on the Bernissant discoveries, this book presents the latest research on Iguanodon and other denizens of the Cretaceous ecosystems of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Pascal Godefroit and contributors consider the Bernissart locality itself and the new research programs that are underway there. The book also presents a systematic revision of Iguanodon; new material from Spain, Romania, China, and Kazakhstan; studies of other Early Cretaceous terrestrial ecosystems; and examinations of Cretaceous vertebrate faunas.

Life of the Pastcloth 978-0-253-35721-2 $85.00 ebook 978-0-253-00570-0 $72.99

The Complete dinosaur Second Edition

edited by M. K. Brett-Surman, Thomas r. Holtz, Jr., and James o. Farlow Bob Walters, Art ConsultantWhat do we know about dinosaurs, and how do we know it? How did dinosaurs grow, move, eat, and reproduce? Were they warm-blooded or cold-blooded? How are the various groups of dinosaurs related to each other, and to other kinds of living and extinct vertebrates? What can the study of dinosaurs tell us about the process of evolution? All of these questions, and more, are addressed in the new, expanded, second edition of The Complete Dinosaur. Copiously illustrated and accessible to all readers from the enthusiastic amateur to the most learned professional paleontologist, this book is a feast for serious dinosaur lovers everywhere.

R i c h a R d a . Fa R i a S e R g i o F. V i z c a n o geRRy de iuliiS

Life of the Pastcloth 978-0-253-35701-4 $85.00 ebook 978-0-253-00849-7 $72.99

MegafaunaE d i t E d by M . K . B r e t t- S u r M a n t h o M a S r . h o lt z , J r . J a M e S o. Fa r l o w SECond Edition

Giant Beasts of Pleistocene South America

richard A. Faria, Sergio F. Vizcano, and Gerry de IuliisMore than 10,000 years ago spectacularly large mammals roamed the pampas and jungles of South America. This book tells the story of these great beasts during and just after the Pleistocene, the geological epoch marked by the great ice ages. Megafauna describes the history and way of life of these animals and what befell them at the beginning of the modern era and the arrival of humans. It places these giants within the context of the other mammals then alive, describing their paleobiologyhow they walked; how much they weighed; their diets, behavior, biomechanics; and the interactions among them and with their environment.

Edited by Pa s c a l G o d E f r o i t

Life of the Pastcloth 978-0-253-00230-3 $65.00 ebook 978-0-253-00719-3 $55.99

Growing up evolutionist in an evolving World

R a d i at i o n



Ga i n i n G G r o u n dThe Origin and evOluTiOn Of TeTr apOds

once We All Had Gillsrudolf A. raff

Growing Up Evolutionist in an Evolving WorldRudolf A. Raff reaches out to the scientifically queasy, using his life story and his growth as a scientist to illustrate why science matters, especially at a time when many Americans are both suspicious of science and hostile to scientific ways of thinking. Noting that science has too often been the object of controversy in school curriculums and debates on public policy issues ranging from energy and conservation to stem-cell research and climate change, Raff argues that when the public is confused or ill-informed, these issues tend to be decided on religious, economic, and political grounds that disregard the realities of the natural world. cloth 978-0-253-00235-8 $35.00 ebook 978-0-253-00717-9 $28.99

o n ce We All H A d G ill s

Forerunners oF MaMMalsE d i t E d by a n u s u ya C H i n s a m y- t u R a n

Forerunners of Mammals

Radiation Histology Biology

edited by Anusuya Chinsamy-TuranAbout 320 million years ago a group of rep