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Peak Performance Some of my crazy experiments - Jay Best

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Peak Performance Some of my crazy experiments - Jay Best . Jay Best. I really love this sort of stuff! Run 7 online businesses Managed different teams Love “Time Hacking” Work = play. Dmitry  Selitskiy. From Thought-Wired (Direct brain interfaces) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Peak Performance Some of my crazy experiments - Jay Best

Peak Performance

Some of my crazy experiments

- Jay Best 1Jay BestI really love this sort of stuff!Run 7 online businesses Managed different teamsLove Time HackingWork = play

2DmitrySelitskiy From Thought-Wired (Direct brain interfaces)We build and help others build solutions & experiences powered by direct brain Interfaces.Building EEG for disabledAnd other awesome stuff

3Clearly defined problem statementI am obsessed with Peak Performance and productivity.

I want to build ways to research and optimise ideally discovering new methods that improve my performance and state of mind

Assumptions Science can be done by civiliansHacking doesnt mean it cant be done properly laterEvery body is unique, so I am focusing on what tests work for my body - Placebo counts.Emotions are a part of the mix

4Vital signs - Measurements:A multi test, timebased data recording of the following metricsEmotional State (what current emotion)Cognitive Function (How smart, alert, non fatigued etc)Bio signs (HR, Breathing etc)Energy levels (How energy / vitality do you have)

I then want to compare these results to everyday tasks "WorkSales / sales resultsEmailsProgramming qualityDesign

5Work Output Measurements4 Main areas of work to measureSalesEmailCodingDesign


What to measure? EMAIL / WRITING REPORTS

Keystrokes per minuteEmails / minute / hour% of emails not resulting in a reply (? is this even accurate).Reading level of the text?NLP emotional level of textHave written keystroke recorder.Mousetracking movement / accuracy? SALES

Calls / hourYield / calls / bookings made (aka close ratio) / hourMaybe's / call me back later ratio also.7

What to measure?CODINGFricken hard to measure this quantitativelyLines / hour (about the worst measure, but an almost proxy for quantity).Code quality by peer review (probably a better way to measure)Code quality by self review (eg "How did you feel you coded today?)Self review weeks later (on Git checkin)DESIGNSelf reviewDesign friends review customer satisfaction of logo / design

Survey monkey for all work + multi variable regression

8Bio Measurement4 Main areas of work to measureEmotionBio signsCognitive FunctionEEG (Brain wave scanner)

9EmotionsUse Lucher color test eg Inkblot testsTake randomised webcam shots as I work, showing bodylanguage / attention etcCould measure NLP of typing stream to detect current emotional stateOutput is an emotional graph over timeSelf reporting

10Modeling emotionsDifferent emotions change decision Court case after lunchAnger / Fear = quick decisionLow energy = conservative / safer

11Bio SignsHeart rateBlood glucose (I have a $40 glucose meter)Oximeter $40 from AmazonBreathing tempo and countMaybe even source a lie detector test to wire myself up to while working?Electro conductance? Measures how much you are sweatingBlood Pressure $140 from chemist

12Bio SignsVO2 measures?Temp (can be used as a proxy for circadian rhythmLive blood -> Very high power USB microscope, might be able to see dehydration etc.Cortisol levels (probably via testing labs)Vitamin / minerals / full blood work (via GP Dr)How can I measure "how sick a person is" maybe temp?Weight per week / body fat / muscle / water composition

13Cognitive FunctionCognitive Functionwww.quantifiedmind.comReaction testsCould use a randomised IQ test questionEEG could also measure brain activity (Concentration vs. Meditation)

14EEG (Brain Wave Measurement)Neurosky Mindwave $165Emotiv - Epoc - $800

15Just about heaven right there..



18More [email protected]://



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