Peer Editing for Ashlyn

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Peer Editing for Ashlyn


Criticism: 1. Although your timing during the observation was correct, I think you didnt do as well of a job explaining it. Maybe instead of typing just one number, you could put a time period such as 3:00-6:00mins. 2. I dont really understand what you meant by the older version of Sherlock. I am not familiar with these books and it might be more helpful if you were to explain. You could give us a better understanding of the old Sherlock so we can compare throughout the duration that we are reading your observation. 3. I dont understand what the term social infant means. Maybe if you could explain in the text it would finish the entire idea. What I mainly dont understand is if you mean that he acted as a child when he was around people, or when he was an actual child these behaviors were happening.

Praise:1. The format of your observation flows very well. This makes it more understandable for the reader and is easier to follow. Students should follow this format to make peer editing easier.2. In the Actors section, you explained each of the characters very thoroughly. It helps that you linked them all together and talked about their relationships. This is imperative to understand the plot and overall idea of the show.