Peer editing with word 2013

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Using MS Word's reviewing tools to create peer evaluation assignments for online students.

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  • 1. Peer Editing with Word 2013Tracking ChangesAdding CommentsComparing DocumentProtecting DocumentsOther Useful Things to Know

2. Tracking Changes 3. Review Pane Vertical Horizontal None 4. Show or Hide Markup Simple Markup All Markup No Markup Original 5. Selective Review 6. Comments Tracks time of comment Tracks users Tracks replies 7. Compare and Merge 8. Other Useful Things Protection and Forced Tracking Requires all changes be tracked Status Bar AutoSave and file recovery (.asd) In Word 2010 and 2013, click File > Options> Save; Trust center warnings Google Docs for simultaneouscollaboration 9. Now What Integrating with Blackboard Via Discussion boards Via Self and Peer Assessment