PHOTOSYNTHESIS TEXT BOOK PAGES 86-90. BOTH muscle and plant cells need energy to live. –Muscle cells need energy to help you move –plant cells need energy

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  • What do these cells have in common?BOTH muscle and plant cells need energy to live.Muscle cells need energy to help you move plant cells need energy to perform life functions like making food, and cell reproduction.How they get their energy is DIFFERENT!Plants use the chloroplasts in their cells to make most of their energyAnimals use the mitochondria in their cells to make all of their energy

    Skeletal muscle cellsPlant cells

  • How do these cells get energy?Animals get energy from: _____________Plants get energy from: ______________A major source of energy for most cells is stored in a molecule of sugar called GLUCOSEPlants use the sun to make glucoseAnimals eat glucose

  • PLANTS SOURCE OF ENERGY IS SUNLIGHTWhat is an autotroph?What is a heterotroph?Who are the heterotrophs in this picture? Plants make their own food through the process of photosynthesisThey are known as AUTOTROPHS (grass)

  • PHOTOTSYNTHESISProcess where a plants cells change the energy from the sun in to chemical energy.Takes place in cells that have the chloroplasts.Chloroplasts contain chlorophyll: a pigment that traps the energy in the sunlight.

  • PHOTOSYNTHESISSTARTING MATERIALSTHE PROCESSTHE PRODUCTSCarbon Dioxide (CO2)from the airWater from the soilCarbon Dioxide enters through the STOMATA and water enters through the ROOTS and moves upward. They move to the leaf and its chloroplasts. The chlorophyll captures the energy from the sun and its used to change the CO2 and H2O to new products.Oxygen and sugars like GLUCOSE are made. Plant releases oxygen to the air and uses the sugars for energy.


  • The Photosynthesis Song!!!!

  • Photosynthesis is Essential for the Air YOU Breathe21% of the atmosphere is Oxygen, thanks to plants, algae, and some bacteria.The levels of oxygen remain balanced in the atmospherePlants makes O2 for the animals during photosynthesis Animals make CO2 for the plants during a process called respiration


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