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Pixel C, Pixel, Pixel XL - Google for Work O - Gerard... · PDF fileWhich devices are eligible? Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player Pixel C, Pixel, Pixel XL Eligible devices that you

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Text of Pixel C, Pixel, Pixel XL - Google for Work O - Gerard... · PDF fileWhich devices are...

  • Which devices are eligible?

    Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player

    Pixel C, Pixel, Pixel XL

    Eligible devices that you have signed into with your

    Google account as the primary user will show on this

    page. To see a list of accounts on your device navigate to

    Settings > Accounts > Google.

  • Android O

    Fluid experiences: Picture-in-picture Notification dots Autofill Smart text selection TensorFlow Lite

    Project Treble: Last week, we introduced a new Android framework designed to help reduce the time and effort it takes device makers to upgrade a phone to a new version of Android, starting with Android O.

    Coming later this year, O will bring more fluid experiences to your smaller screen, plus improvements to vitals like battery life and security.

  • Vitals in Android

    Strong correlation between app quality and business success: when apps move from average to good quality, they see an amazing 7x increase in retention, and 6x lift in spend

    OS optimization: The single biggest visible change is boot time; on Pixel for example, these changes dropped boot time from 35 seconds to 13.

    OS performance: runtime and compiler optimizations which save memory and boost app performance like concurrent compacting garbage collection, code locality and more.

    Wise boundaries on apps use of resources: In O we added limits on background services; we limit background location use, and background execution

  • Android Studio

    Speed & Smarts: Network Profiler Memory Profiler CPU Profiler APK Debugging Emulator with Play Store Gradle build speed Cmake/NDK-build build

    speed Faster Gradle sync Java8 support via javac IntelliJ 2017.1

    Android Platform Support: Instant Apps tooling - create,

    build, run Instant Apps refactoring O Adaptive Icons Maven for all build artifacts Android File Explorer Android Layout Inspector

    Improvements (Preview) O System Images O Downloadable XML fonts Wear updates, Android Things


    Announcing latest Preview:

  • Quality = Success

    Helping you build high quality apps, target the right users, and build for billions

    6 Play Console dashboards that pinpoint common issues in your app - like crashes, slow rendering, app wakeups, and excessive wakelocks

    More dashboards coming: app startup time, network use, memory, and more

    Device targeting in Play Console: no more googling for specs

  • Kotlin

    Interoperable: keep your existing code Mature and production ready Outstanding IDE support Open source Kotlin moving to a non-profit foundation

    For the first time in Androids history, we are adding a new officially supported language: Kotlin. This comes together with additional investments in Androids existing languages.

  • Android Instant Apps

    Instant Apps lets you experience everything you love about apps - fast, beautiful user interfaces with great capabilities - without the hurdle of installation.

    Were opening up Android Instant Apps to all developers; anyone can now build and publish

    In early testing, developers are reporting positive results in engagement & conversion

    In O, weve decided to invest even more in Instant Apps by introducing new APIs and behaviors built directly into the OS: More efficient runtime sandbox Sharable support libraries, to reduce the size of instant apps Adding Instant Apps support to the launcher

  • Project Treble enables a modular base for Android software, to facilitate faster uptake of security updates and platform

    upgrade, by lowering engineering costs.

    Dividing software along lines of ownership, a well-defined interface (VINTF, HAL IDL) between the device-independent (Framework) and device-dependent part of the code (VINTF

    Implementation ), enforcement of the stipulated contract at the interface (VTS), a standardization of dependent libraries (VNDK),

    and a mechanism to update the platform and device specific code independently (OTA) are the core engineering changes that

    define Project Treble.


  • Confidential + Proprietary

    Android Architecture

    Not modular as depicted on the left ...

    A single vertically integrated architecture with API for interactions between various layers changing across different Android releases.

    Tl;dr A platform upgrade has historically introduced changes to every layer of the software stack, which impedes the device ecosystem partners path to a smooth update, especially when they have customizations and differentiation that modifies multiple layers of the Android stack.

  • Confidential + Proprietary

    Framework Build vs VINTF Implementation

    Framework BuildThat part of the Android build that is agnostic of the hardware

    Vendor Interface ImplementationThat part of the Android build that is aware of the hardware and implements the corresponding Vendor Interface (VINTF)

    The Vendor Interface (VINTF) encapsulates a collection of versioned HAL interfaces, kernel interfaces exposed to the user space and other components that are segregated by ownership. For Eg: VINTF 6.0.1_r1 would be a collection of Camera HAL 3.3, Keymaster HAL 2.0, HWC HAL 2.0, Kernel 3.18, SELinux v24 ...



    Android Framework (AOSP)

    Vendor Interface(Core HALs,)

    VendorImplementation of core


    Framework Extensions (SoCs, OEMs, ODMs)

    Vendor ExtensionsExtension HALs)

    Hardware ComponentsFirmware and Drivers

    Vendor Implementation of extension HALs

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