Preparing to Teach Your First Online Course

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Preparing to Teach Your First Online Course. Dr. Odin Jurkowski Missouri Distance Learning Association Conference (MoDLA) 07.09.2008 ∙ 1:00 pm. History Repeats Itself. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Preparing to Teach Your First Online CourseDr. Odin JurkowskiMissouri Distance Learning Association Conference (MoDLA)07.09.2008 1:00 pm*

  • History Repeats ItselfThese first years of university broadcasting were generally ineffective because many a professor repeated his classroom lecture before the microphone without realizing that a good lecturer was not necessarily an effective broadcaster.


  • What Makes a Good Online Class?Attentive instructorOrganized courseVariety of materials and resourcesStudent interaction*

  • AgendaCourse DesignTypes of Distance EducationCommunicationTools and TechnologiesOrganizationBasic Concepts / FAQ


  • Course DesignWork backwardsStart with goals and objectivesOutline the contentDetermine delivery and activitiesGather contentCreate assignments / assessments*

  • Types of Distance EducationCorrespondenceITVHybridOnline (web based)*

  • Communication: Time and PlaceTraditional ClassroomSame time, same placeSynchronousSame timeAsynchronousDifferent time*

  • SynchronousChat / IMPhone / Audio conference / SkypeITV / Video conference / Adobe Connect ProSecond LifeF2F*

  • AsynchronousOne wayDocuments / files / materialsTextText book, Word doc, blog, article, library book, webpageMultimediaWord doc, blog, article, book, webpage, PowerPoint, virtual field trips, webquests, captivate, CAI softwareAudio (Podcast)VideoTwo wayEmailDiscussion BoardWiki*

  • Tools & TechnologiesCourse Management System: BlackboardWeb pages, YouTube,Microsoft Office Adobe Acrobat PresenterAdobe Acrobat Connect ProiTunesAtomic LearningLibrary databasesWeb 2.0 tools: wikis, blogs, Google Docs,Second LifeOther: Captivate, SnagIt, web editors, Photoshop,


  • Organization*

  • Basic ConceptsUnderstand that students are nervousBe readily availableExtra support at beginning of courseRepeat, repeat, repeat instructions, and revise each semesterLet students know you are a real personCheck that they are participatingTeacher is a guide*

  • FAQWhen do I make my class available?How often should students log in?How quickly should I respond to email?How quickly should I respond on the CMS?How quickly should I grade?*

  • Questions continuedHow should I stay in contact with students?Whats an ideal group size?Technology problems?Library resources?Paced or self paced?*

  • Discussion and Questions*

  • Contact InformationDr. Odin JurkowskiChair, Department of Career & Technology EducationAssociate Professor & Program Coordinator, Educational TechnologyUniversity of Central Missouri Grinstead 120Warrensburg MO 64093



    Last updated 07.08.081 hr sessionsRm 60Presenter Introduction and background*How many teachers think they can just record their lectures, convert transparencies to PowerPoint?

    Theyve been trying to replace teachers foreverEdison thought the phonograph would replace teachersThought TV would replace teachersThought Web would replace teachers

    MIT placed course materials onlineIts the teacher that makes a difference. The interaction.*Two ways: fully online and create new course, or go hybrid, wean yourself into it*Time; more time than regular classes Variety of participation, from Rachel to those non-existent, just like a regular class**