Preparing Instructors to Teach Online: Two Faculty Development Models

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  1. 1. Preparing Instructors to Teach Online: Two Faculty Development Models Kathy Keairns, University of Denver Jean Otte, Aims Community College 2013 eLCC Conference Breckenridge, CO
  2. 2. Agenda Requirement for Online Faculty? Phases of Online Faculty Development Aims Model & Examples DU Model & Examples Challenges and Rewards Discussion
  3. 3. I want to offer an online course
  4. 4. Phases of Online Faculty Development Visitor Novice Apprentice Insider Master Source: The Excellent Online Instructor by Palloff and Pratt
  5. 5. Criteria for Online Instructors Demonstrated teaching expertise in the curriculum Completed Aims hands-on workshop in current LMS software Completed Aims course in online pedagogy: EDU 263 Teaching and Learning Online Incentives: Part-time -Full-Time History 2002 Online Courses 2008 Online AA degree
  6. 6. Aims Course Tour
  7. 7. Goal: Courses that are Pedagogically Sound, Technologically Current, Visually Engaging Synchronous web conference session POP QUIZ! YOU'LL BE TOAST IF YOU MISS IT! Web 2.0 Tools LMS Tools
  8. 8. Sample Module
  9. 9. Sample Assignments Requirements: M4A1Create a new folder for a Content Module (or learning unit, lesson, etc.) in the Content area in your practice course. This folder must contain files that provide the following: A. Learning Objectives for the module B. Directions for accessing content, links to external resources, assignments, schedules, etc.
  10. 10. Sample Assignments Requirements: M4A1 (cont.) C. At least one original screen that displays content visually D. Description of an activity that requires the student to acquire knowledge and display cognitive processing of that knowledge
  11. 11. Sample Assignments The threaded discussion topic for this module is Evaluating Course Information Files. Each of you are enrolled in your classmates' courses so that you may examine and evaluate their syllabi and their Getting Started files. Evaluation criteria: 1. How do the course files support the needs of online students? 2. Is the information presented clearly? Is it comprehensive? What techniques, if any, does the instructor use to engage and motivate students? What recommendations would you offer to increase the effectiveness of these files for students in the course?
  12. 12. History Online@DU Online/Distance Courses & Degrees available through DU's University College since the late 1990's Distance Learning Workshop started in 2005. In 2009, began online course initiative which targeted traditional undergraduate courses
  13. 13. Criteria for Online Instructors Subject Matter Expert Completed DU's Teaching Online Workshop (TOW) Incentive Program for full-time faculty for online course development & delivery ($1500 after completing TOW & $1500 after teaching online class)
  14. 14. University of Denver Teaching Online Workshop (TOW)
  15. 15. TOW Schedule
  16. 16. Learning Outcomes - Read about and discuss the current status, common concerns, and opportunities involved in online or hybrid teaching. - Collaborate and network with colleagues through weekly online discussions and peer reviews. -Navigate through and complete an online course from the perspective of a student. - Identify common aspects of a "good" online course. - Design the basic structure of a course within Blackboard. - Design a syllabus appropriate for an online or hybrid class.
  17. 17. Ice-Breaker Example
  18. 18. Example Worf and Tina Fey discuss campaign financing in this xtranormal video created by a political science instructor.
  19. 19. Sample Discussion My concerns about online teaching have definitely shifted. They haven't gone away-- they have just changed. Initially, I was most concerned about how to sustain online discussions, since that is usually the heart of the courses that I teach, and the element of my courses that students respond to the most. Now I see that there are multiple tools I can use to facilitate discussion, so I can see it can definitley be done. Now, my concern about discussion is more around how to sustain an engaged discussion across time and space (versus the more rigid format of the twice a week F2F class). I think it was an eye-opener to experience this class as a student...
  20. 20. Challenges Keeping up-to-date -LMS software upgrades -new trends (MOOCS) - introduce technology options & tools w/o overwhelming visitors & novices Keeping course requirements relevant and reasonable Time constraints
  21. 21. Rewards Quality and consistency of courses Term & Delivery Method %Success #Sections Summer 73 133 Online Trad 71 75 65 68 Fall 65 421 Online Trad 66 65 123 298 Spring 69 377 Online Trad 72 68 129 248
  22. 22. Rewards All online faculty know institutional expectations and standards Improve F2F courses too! "After being encouraged to think about things from a variety of angles, my instructional design in face-to- face classes has also improved from this class!"
  23. 23. Aims Faculty Feedback "The most important thing I have learned is that online teaching is actually very "The interaction is invaluable. Sharing of teaching methodologies through experience is just as valuable to the student taking this course as all the topics and theories provided." distinct from teaching in person. Online teaching has its own spirit and philosophy of teaching, its methods and resources."
  24. 24. I can't tell you what a positive experience this has been for me. Who knew? I will also say that I think a good deal of the success is by virtue of the strong training you provide -- you help prospective teachers see many of the potential pitfalls before we fall in!" "I think I must be part of some covert study on online learning. I think I have been set up with special classes to see what happens when a formerly skeptical instructor meets fabulous students online....
  25. 25. DU Faculty Feedback "I was a total novice when it came to online teaching. The workshop was thus crucial in supporting me prepare for this summer online course. "Experiencing online courses from the student perspective as occurred with TOW was extremely helpful preparation for designing my own course. It was probably responsible for the best discussion about pedagogy I have experienced at DU. Thanks for all your help. I NEVER would have felt comfortable or been able to do this without this class."
  26. 26. Future??? Aims PLN Day Design and Facilitation Rubrics DU Quality Matters Templates Expanding Summer Online Course Offerings Interest in Online is Growing...
  27. 27. Discussion, Comments, Questions???