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  • Proofreading Symbols

    Symbol Meaning Example

    ^ Insert a letter, word, phrase, or sentence. the The pirates raised flag. ^

    , Insert a comma.

    They buried jewels, rings, and coins.


    Insert a period. Jack sneered at the captain .

    Insert quotation marks. Stop! yelled Blackbeard.

    Begin a new paragraph.

    This is the tale of

    Indent sentence. The captain found the treasure.

    Bring sentence to margin. The crew sailed for days.

    Change a lower case letter to a capital letter. The ship docked at angle island.

    Change a capital letter to a lower case letter. The Map was stolen.


    The word is spelled incorrectly. sp There is a pirat ship.


    The word is spelled correctly, but used incorrectly. wc There ship sank.


    Spell out the number/word. so Blackbeard has 4 coins. so The pirates attacked bc they were told to attack.

    Take out a letter, word, phrase, or sentence. Jack counted the the coins.

    Reverse the order. The two pirates were old freinds.

    Add a space. Jack wantedto go.

    Connect letters/words. The pirates saw the ship yard.

    Frag The sentence is a fragment/not a complete sentence.

    In the night. Frag

    R-O The sentence is a run-on sentence/too many thoughts.

    The pirates swabbed the deck and they raised the flag and they yelled loudly

    because they were excited. R-O


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