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A brief presentation that serves more as an overview to the writing process than as a detailed step-by-step. I've found that participants want to know what to look for, not how to look for it.

Text of Editing & Proofreading

  • 1. Editing & Proofreading Facilitated by Chris Friend The John Scott Dailey Florida Institute of Government at the University of Central Florida
  • 2. IntroductionsNameDepartment in Orange Co.Job TitleWhy Im here orWhat I hope to learnAny big editing oops orproofreading problem
  • 3. Todays AgendaImportance of ProofreadingTips for SuccessfulProofreadingProofreading SymbolsSpelling & VocabularyPunctuationReadability
  • 4. Proofreading Pre-TestRead a paragraph once.Circle or underline every F.Count the number of Fs atthe end of each line.Add the lines for a totalcount.Turn to page 3
  • 5. The ConsequencesResult of not proongIn Their Own WordsHow to x:Guideline or rule?
  • 6. Streamlined Writing Process1. Determine the outcome2. Identify the reader3. Write a messy draft4. Re-read & Revise5. Proofread your nal draft
  • 7. Successful ProofreadingDetermine Importance Urgency Condence Publicity
  • 8. Successful ProofreadingConsider Use your software Page numbering Auto-correct Styles Read backward Get a partner (not a gofer)
  • 9. Foolproof Proong1. Sense & Completeness2. Grammar & Usage3. Spelling & Typos4. Reading Backwards5. Capitalization & Punctuation
  • 10. Document TypesDifferent documents requiredifferent proofreading tipsThe most annoyingelements need the mostattentionDifferent people havedifferent weaknesses
  • 11. Color HuntAttention to detail64-color boxPage 8
  • 12. Common Proong Symbols ! transpose (swap)! insert text or punct.blah ! close up!# insert space ! begin new paragraph insert period ! no new paragraph! insert apostrophe or quotation mark ! capitalize delete ! make lowercase
  • 13. Proofreading Exercise Dear Mr. Blanton: is is in reply to your letter of Jan , about the benets Mr. omas Kaiser is receiving for his disability retirement under the Civil Service Retirement System. To alleviate any nancial hardship to Mr Kaiser while his claim was being processed monthly payments of . was authorized. When nal approval of the award was made, his rate was established atTwenty-one Errors . a month comencing March , . His payments was then increased to . ective April , . With a . per month deducktion for health benets his current net rate is .. Mr.Can you nd them all? Kayser had been paid all aniuty due to date. Future checks mailed to him on the rst business day of the month. Any inconvenieince caused Mr. Kaiser is regreted. Sincerely Yours, Customer Service
  • 14. Dear Mr. Blanton: , ~ ~ 1 Thishs in reply to your letter of January 28, 2-@out the2 benefits Mr. Thomas Kaiser is receiving for his disability retirement3 under the Civil Service Retirement System. ~4 To alleviate any financial hardship to ~ser while his claim ~ "~~5 was being proces@-onthly payments of$40.00~orized.6 When final approval of the award was made, his rate was established at7 .e"> aa, C~g ~ month ~4 March 4, 2---. His payments ~en ~~ . 0 ~~OO8 increased to $64.00 ~eDApril 30, 2---. With~er month Q .,~ -y"~9 de~n for health bene~ current net rate is $26.Q6. Mr. 08 ~~ Of!: ~IJ, ~ 10 ~~en paid all ~due to date. Future chec~o ~ .11 him on the first ~ss day of the month. .12 Any inconve~~aUsed Mr. Kaiser is r@ ~13 Sincerel@S,~1
  • 15. Spelling Ice-Breaker
  • 16. FrequentlyConfused WordsEasy mistakes that spell check wont catch
  • 17. Frequently Confused Words a suggestion (its a thing)advice I need advice on buying ice. to help guide (its an action)advise You are wise. Can you advise?
  • 18. Frequently Confused Words to inuence (its an action) aect Will this aect our community? a result (its a thing) eect What eect will this have on us?
  • 19. Frequently Confused Words to distribute allot Our team was allotted two hours. more than a little a lot Orlando has a lot of trac. alot not a word
  • 20. Alot Image courtesyHyperbole and a Half http://bit.ly/thealot
  • 21. Frequently Confused Words smaller number (countable items) fewer I got fewer emails today! smaller amount (uncountable ideas) less There is less water in that puddle.
  • 22. Frequently Confused Words distancefarther Tampa is farther away than Ocala. degreefurther I want to go further with my career.
  • 23. Frequently Confused Words performing an action I I sent that email last week. being acted upon me She sent me another copy. acting reexively (reecting back)myself I hurt myself this morning.
  • 24. Frequently Confused Words you performing an action &I You and I sent that email last week. you being acted upon & me She sent you and me another copy.you & not usedmyself
  • 25.