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Proposal for Automatic Vehicle Location and Security System (AVLS)

Prepared for

Atten: Mr. Idriss AliManager Admin

House No. 06, Road No.137 Block. SE(D) Gulshan -1 Dhaka-1212.

Prepared by

Md. YousufOfficer (Sales and Marketing)

NITS Service (Pvt.) Ltd.Nitol Center (12 Floor) 71 Mohakhali C/A Dhaka-1212th

30 January 2012

30 January 2012


Atten: Mr. Idriss AliManager Admin

Apexadelchi Footwear Limited House No. 06, Road No.137 Block. SE(D) Gulshan -1 Dhaka-1212.

Subject: Proposal for Automatic Vehicle Location and Security System (AVLS)

Dear Sir, It has been a great privilege for us to have the opportunity to correspond with your organization regarding Automatic Vehicle Location and Security System (AVLS).. We are pleased to submit our Technical and Financial Proposal for your esteem company. Aiming to acquire full client satisfaction, we implement our proposals based on exact client requirement specification with a careful consideration at expenditure. Therefore, we hope to provide the best solutions for our client at most competitive price. Besides delivering the greatest Services and products to the market in our respective fields, we have acquired tremendous reputation in providing documentation, training and pleasant customer support to our clients. We are available to elaborate on any queries that you may have. We appreciate your time and look forward to work with you in the upcoming days. Best Regards,

Md. YousufOfficer (Sales and Marketing)

NITS Service (Pvt.) Ltd.A sister concern of Nitol Niloy Group

Call:01914-328151, 01712-540084, E-mail: [email protected]

Company Profile:

NITS Service (Pvt.) Ltd, is a fastest growing provider of GPS vehicle tracking systems, aims at offering innovative and cost effective vehicle tracking solutions comprising of hardware as well as software. It is a sister concern of Nitol Niloy Group. GPS tracking technology is best suited for fleet management. It is an unique way for companies and individuals to monitor and control their cars, jeeps, trucks and other vehicles to their precise details by sitting in the office. NTrack GPS tracking system will enable you to monitor the movements of your employees, drivers, vehicles or any other asset accurately. With NTrack vehicle tracking systems in your company's fleet vehicles; you will find a smart way of fleet management by tracking your vehicles. Whether you own one truck or a fleet of thousands of vehicles, our highly skilled GPS fleet consultants will assist you in selecting the right type of vehicle tracking system that will give an edge to your company. NTrack is designed for individuals, small contractor fleets, travel operators, larger companies and government agencies for tracking cars, jeeps, buses, trucks, trailers, heavy equipment etc. to improve fleet productivity, accountability and profitability. NTrack is a Real Time GPS Tracking system and shows vehicle movements on Maps (like, Google) of your PC screen displaying the location, route, stops, and speed status online 24x7, thus making deployment of vehicles an extremely easy task. With real-time vehicle tracking software, a dispatcher, within minutes, can see where the fleet is and re-route a driver to a new call in the same area saving time, fuel, money, and overtime. It has got hardware and software supported geofencing utility. Government Officials, Company Executives and contractors who want an automatic record of trip mileage, time, speed and areas covered will feel that NTrack is a great GPS vehicle location system. NTrack strives to bring you a diverse collection of the most current and reliable GPS fleet management products available in the market today. Apart from "Real Time" tracking capability, the NTrack also delivers detailed historical information. The following tools in the software make NTrack a superb GPS Vehicle Tracking product.

Key Benefits:

Ntrack Vehicle Tracking Solutions will bring you the following benefits:



Improved vehicle utilization with effective routing and scheduling Maximize the use of your assets Fleet visibility identifying nearest vehicle for an unplanned task or job Track all vehicle usage by drivers Reduced vehicle and employee downtime Optimization of mobile assets and workforceEMPLOYEE AND ASSET MANAGEMENT

Eliminate manual paper work Better managed payroll with accurate timesheets and overtime claims Reduced communication costs Detects excessive speed Lower insurance premiums through superior vehicle protection and security Identification of under-performing vehicles using historical fleet dataENHANCED CUSTOMER SERVICE

Better managed staff requirements Overview of private motoring Prevention of unauthorized vehicle use Reduced vehicle and employee downtimeINFORMED BUSINESS DECISIONS

Proof of service and proof of delivery Faster and more responsive service


Complete visibility and control of mobile assets and workforce Real time view of your of your drivers route Real time monitoring ability Exception reporting to enable trend analysis and decision making process Shows all stops by driver or vehicle Monitor working hours and ensure compliance with Working Time Directive



Transportation - Real time fleet management Emergency Vehicles - Police, Fire, Paramedics. Railways - Real time tracking of trains Family - Tracking of teenagers, elderly persons and pets Special equipment - Tracking of expensive construction and farm equipment Public Transportation - Tracking of buses, vans, taxis, trucks etc. Military and Logistics Forestry, Oil and Gas Exploration Corporate Office Distribution Companies, Pharmaceuticals, etc

Getting information through:

An authorized user gets the information from the following method:

Web method: By using Internet a user can get the real time information and different type of reports from anywhere anytime.

SMS Method: A user gets the current location information of the vehicle by using SMS.

Call Center: To provide round the clock service to our clients, we have strong and professional call center. Client will get different type of service / information instantly by making a single phone call.

Activities of NTrack:

Vehicle theft or hijacking is a common factor in Bangladesh. Dhaka Metropolitan police (DMP) says more than 200 vehicles theft every month in Bangladesh. Only 10% of them would be recovered by DMP .To overcome this situation DMP & NITS Launches Automatic Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring System at DMP Head Quarter. Beside NITS, DMP also monitor vehicles (which have NITS GPS Devices) 24 hours.

Honorable Chairman of NITOL NILOY GROUP, Honorable Minister, Police Commissioner & Inspector General (IG) OF Police was presented in the Launching Ceremony.

DMP Head Quarter:

DMP Call Center Number:

03852 888 999

Signboard Displaying in front of DMP & DB Head Quarter at Minto Road, Dhaka

Advanced Feature Of GPS Vehicle Tracking Device:

1. 24 Hours Real-Time Tracking Your Car by following 3 ways: i. Using Your PC, Laptop, and Smartphone through Internet ii. SMS iii. 24 hours / 7 Days Open Our Call Center. 2. Cars Engine Block / Unblock from your mobile by sending SMS in case of emergency. 3. Geo-Fence Alert when Car leaves predefined area. 4. Over Speed Alert 5. Current Engine Status (Moving / off/ Idle) 6. Emergency Switch Pressed in case of emergency. 7. Many useful reports 7.1 Speed Analysis Reports 7.2 Over speed Reports 7.3 Distance Reports 7.4 Vehicle Status Reports 7.5 Trip Reports 7.6 Halt Reports 7.7 Consolidated Reports 7.8 Alerts Reports 7.9 Fuel Consumption Reports 8. Countrywide Own Service Center 9. Reduce Fuel and Maintenance Costs. 10. High Quality Product

Import from Taiwan

The Image of Automatic Vehicle Location and Security System (AVLS)

Technical Proposal

Technical Proposal How it works: The whole system runs by a complex protocol. Here more then one technology works together for serving the mankind. Here GPS, GPRS and GIS these three separate technology work independently and Vehicle Tracking System coordinate these three for its interest and give a pictorial display to the client by its device and software. Lets take a short tour of this technology.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is the only fully functional Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). Utilizing a constellation of at least 24 Medium Earth Orbit satellites that transmit precise microwave signals, the system enables a GPS receiver to determine its location, speed, direction, and time. Developed by the United States Department of Defense. The satellite constellation is managed by the United States Air Force 50th Space Wing. General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a packet oriented Mobile Data Service available to users of Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM). It provides data rates from 56 up to 114 kbit/s. GPRS can be used for Internet communication services such as email and World Wide Web access. GPRS is a best-effort packet switched service, as opposed to circuit switching, where a certain Quality of Service (QoS) is guaranteed during the non-mobile users. connection for

AGeographic Information System (GIS), is any system for capturing, storing, analyzing and managing data and associated attributes which are spatially referenced to Earth. This data are use for digital map representation of any part of the earth. Geographic information science is the science underlying the geographic concepts, applications and systems,

taught in degree and GIS Certificate programs at many universities.

A Vehicl

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