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A case study produced by Magnify Marketing to highlight how to best market a pub


  • Customer Journey Case Study

  • Hi, at Magnify Marketing we think its good to share.

    We have years of experience in the hospitality and leisure industry and have overcome many pitfalls along the way.

    As industry experts we want to share our learning with you.

    We hope you find this and our other case studies of interest and welcome your feedback.

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  • The Princess Victoria is a traditional English pub

    located just off Kensington High St. Following a

    history of change the new owners transformed it

    making it far more comfortable and aspirational.

    Whilst the dcor and atmosphere were

    transformed, the venue lacked the ability to

    drive footfall, which is where Magnify came to have a look.

    Magnify concluded that there was a lack of

    consistent branding and no prompt to drive customers in or guide them through their

    experience once inside.

    With a simple step by step approach, Magnify

    put some communication in place to help the

    Princess Victoria optimise its potential.

  • What we didexternally

    Using a consistent creative look and focused

    messaging customers were drawn in.

    An improved menu box, wall mounted signage

    and free standing A-Boards with changeable

    messages for lunch or dinner and the exterior

    was transformed.

  • In order to increase spend per head as well as

    promote the quality ingredients used in the

    dishes we re-designed the menu to bring the

    dishes to life more.

    Magnify have a vast experience in bar

    merchandising for maximum sales so we re-

    merchandised the back bar at the Princess

    Victoria to better display the range on offer, promote higher profit products and engage

    customers in the purchase decision.

    The upstairs venue of the bar is a great social

    space but the access to it is quite small so

    Magnify recommended a mix of

    communications in the downstairs, busier bar to

    highlight the treasures which lie above.

    The venue already had screens in-situ but these

    werent being used to their best advantage so anew communication strategy was devised

    suited entirely to that vehicle while not

    compromising the premium environment.

    What we didinternally

  • Spreading the news

    In order to promote the changes and to attract new customers to the venue Magnify drew up a

    geographic reach based on walking distance

    from Princess Victoria.

    They identified an audience within that area of

    local hotels, bed & breakfasts and hostels,

    without their own dining facilities, and targeted

    them and their guests with an offer to dine.

    A tailored offer mailer was produced and

    distributed personally to the target businesses.

    This not only attracted a new tranche of custom

    but also began new relationships with local

    businesses who would recommend the Princess

    Victoria to their guests.

    To further promote this new endorsement approach, Magnify also developed an

    incentive programme for the hotels in return for

    their recommendation.

  • The approach with Princess Victoria was a series

    of small initiatives which, working together,

    served to attract new custom, raise customer

    awareness and have a positive impact on sales.

  • Magnify Marketing are a customer

    communications company specialising

    in the leisure and hospitality industry.

    Working with large national chains as

    well as leading independents, we offer

    a consultative service that will deliver

    great results for you.

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    personnel within the hospitality industry. To find other case

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