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    Square Chair

    Fredrik Roij Guidelines Magazine Organizer

    Samsung Proxima

    Made from FSC Birch wood and recycled tires, this modern take on rocking chair promises comfort and style that would make any tiresome afternoon a lounging opportunity.

    Space age is upon us and it comes in a form of a toaster. The innovative design of Atil Kizi bayirs moolEdge is nothing like your typical bread toaster. At a glance, you would think that it is a CPU not a toasting machine because of its unconventional form. Though its still a concept design, the moolEdge will revolutionize the way we toast the future.





    moolEdge Toaster by Atil Kizilbayir

    Tired Lounge by Leo Kempf

    01 Tired Lounge by Leo Kempf (For orders, email info@360SEEgallery.

    com. Price upon request)02 Samsung Proxima (http://www. Not available yet)03 moolEdge Toaster by Atil Kizilbayir

    ( Not available yet)

    04 Square Chair (Available at http:// Price upon request)

    05 Fredrik Roij Guidelines Magazine Organizer (Available at http:// Price: 169.00)

    From Fredrik Roijs Square series, the Square Chair is a combination of different shaped wood to form fully-functional furniture with an unusual design. It can be compared to Gerrit Thomas Rietvelds Berlin Chair but with a more modernist approach.

    Samsung Proxima is a revolutionary concept by Johan Loekito, an Industrial Design graduate. Its a wristwatch and mobile phone in one with a sensor. The built-in sensor will sound an alarm should the phone go beyond the limited proximity, hence, the tagline, Never lose your phone again.

    Magazines with fine-looking covers, just like Mondays, need not be stacked in shelves. Fredrik Roij designed Guidelines magazine orga-nizer with a concept of criss-crossing lines on the right path and angles to produce a balanced proportion. Available in two sizes and comes with white, black, and primary colours.


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    PRIORITY A ROUNDUP OF FANTASTIC THINGS, PRODUCTS & SERVICES Brazil Chair (price upon request) Unconventionally functional, this three-legged chair is more like a pre-historic artifact than a lounging tool.

    The intricate design of the Brazil armchair features a structural forked system that branches out from the floor and smoothly transforms into armrests, a backrest and a seating surface in one fluid movement.

    Designer Daniel Widrig applies the techniques used in aerospace, automotive and biomechanics industries to digitally construct the complex framework which was manually assembled, glued and hand finished. This limited-edition armchair will make any design savant fall off their chairs.

    Brazil Chair


    01 Asterisco Hub(price upon request) www.joelescalona.com02 Circle Lamp by De Padua EUR 1320.0003 Lavazzas A Modo Mio Espresso Maker GBP 119.00 each

    Yes, this is an espresso maker.It may look like a toy of some sort

    but this eye candy can steam, froth and foam a cappuccino or latte like any other espresso maker. What sets it apart from other brands is it comes with its own water tank and steam nozzle which is perfect in foaming your choice of drink.

    Each Lavazzas A Modo Mio capsule contains 7.5g of coffee which is the same dose used by the established cafes. It also comes with seven different blend options to cater to everyones taste.

    Its retro chic and capsule-like design will send some nostalgic feel but it can sit prettily in any modern

    kitchen countertops. Though the body is made out of plastic, the two-tone glossy finish makes A Modo Mio look expensive.

    Whether youre craving for a macchiato or a triple shot latte, Lavazzas A Modo Mio will surely fire up your caffeine rush in no time.

    Lavazzas A Modo Mio Espresso Maker

    A charming eye-catcher, the Asterisco Hub is the perfect example of function-ality by design. USB ports in devices such as laptops and desktops often have very little space between each other, making it very hard for the user to plug multiple USB devices at the same time. By producing a USB hub with multiple output slots in the charming figure of an asterisk, the usage of a single slot is maximized without the use of messy and tacky wires. It comes in bright hues of red, purple, green and blue.

    Asterisco Hub

    Minimal but not plain, Circle Lamps design merges function and art. The Circle Lamp is an award-winning craft of Swedish designer Monica Frster for Italian brand De Padua. Its clever design can surprisingly blend with any interiors of your room.

    Made from iron and aluminum, its lamp post forms an arc that gives the lamp more room to lighten up the area, and the merging of the post to the base is simply seamless. The shade is similar to a crowned hat that tops this glorious masterpiece of a floor lamp. This floor lamp uses an energy-efficient fluorescent light that brightens up the room as much as 150W incandescent light would do. Now seeing one of these in any modern house is a bright idea.

    Circle Lamp by De Padua 01




    Whoever said that time is gold havent seen Attritos black and blue elegance.

    Synchronizing time and design is what Attrito digital clock aims for. Attrito, friction in Italian, consists of two bars which hang parallel to each other. Its digital time display uses a cutting-edge machining process which is also used in Apple Macbooks. This allows the numbers to be invisible until they pass over the LED in the correct position. The clock poles then display the hours on the left bar, while the one on the right counts the minutes of each hour in increments of five. The two LEDs synchronize together to ease the transition from one number to the next. While one number is dimmer, the other is bright and bold and they switch at the precise moment the time changes. I bet you didnt get all of that, did you?

    Blame the designer Shane Roepe for giving us such elegant looking digital clock. Now, well never see time the same way again.


    It got thinner in size but bigger in features. Apple introduces the new iPhone 4 packed with new exciting features your old one would envy to have.

    It has the FaceTime feature which makes the dream of video calling a reality. FaceTime is as mobile as your phone, so you can see your loved ones and friends anywhere there is Wi-Fi. The new 3.5 inch Retina display with 960 x 640 pixels, the highest resolu-tion display ever built into a phone, resulting in super crisp text, images and video. In addition, iPhone 4 features a 5-megapixel autofocus camera with a 5x digital zoom with LED flash, HD video recording, Apples A4 processor,

    a 3-axis gyro and up to 40 percent longer talk time. iPhone 4 comes with iOS 4, the newest version of the worlds most advanced mobile operating system, which includes over 100 new features and 1500 new APIs for developers. On top of these, there are more than 225,000 apps available for consumers in 90 countries to download over iTunes.

    iPhone 4 will roll out worldwide to 88 countries by the end of September and will be available by the end of July in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Nor-way, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

    Apple iPhone 4

    04 Attrito(price upon request)

    05 Apple iPhone 4 $199 (US) for the 16GB model and $299 (US) for the 32GB




    Dedicated to cosmopolitan people who love the technology combined with fashion, Versace Unique offers bespoke services and private fittings to clients who want to suit personal style, inspirations and creative mood in colour and texture accoutrements for their phone. It represents the first full-featured multimedia creation in the luxury mobile technology. For the first time, a luxury mobile phone unites all essential functions for professional and personal use.

    Versace Unique handles all the duties of a phone, with its glossy touch screen, 3G networks, client e-mail, media player, full-powered 5-megapixel flash camera and netbook.

    Armed with sophisticated technol-ogy by LG, Versace Unique is the equivalent of what Versace Ateliers line of Haute Couture creations are to the fashion world.

    Versace Unique is available in Ver-sace boutiques and selected retailers.

    Versace Unique


    01 Versace UniqueThe lacquer model 5600 The ceramic and stainless steel model 6500 The ceramic and gold plated model 6900


    Brilliant style must be planted in Joel Escalonas DNA. This could be the inspiration behind his MYDNA Bookcase. This elegant bookcase takes a similar form from the double helix. It is an ultramodern, posh masterpiece that carries a statement which implies that everything you place on the shelves denotes a significant part of your identity.

    To be more precise, this plush piece of furniture somewhat resembles a twisted ladder. With five tiers, it not only holds countless books, it can also be used as a divider in wide spaces for ones home or office. A chic statement piece on its own, it will surely bring you scores of awesome points.

    MYDNA Bookcase

    Dont be deceived by its sleek design. This amplifier from the future promises Worlds Best Performance as mentioned in the company website. The Devialet D-Premier Amplifier is compatible to a wide range of loud-speakers and secures a good signal-to-noise ratio. It