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Quicke implements

THE LOADER CANNOT FUNCTION WITHOUT IMPLEMENTS.Every day, all year round, Quicke loaders carry out work duties for many different users, from farmers to contractors. Without good-quality, versatile implements, the loaders would not be as useful. This is why we invest considerable resources in developing implements that do the Quicke loaders justice. This investment and effort has resulted in us also being the worlds largest producer of implements for front loaders.

Implement hooks for various loadersA: EuroEuro implement hooks ( 40 mm) are the most widely used hook type. As a result, owners of many different loader makes can also benet from our large implement range.


B: SMS (Svensk Maskin Standard)These implement hooks ( 60 mm) are primarily adapted for Trimas front loaders. If a Quicke loader is equipped with a Combi implement subframe Euro/SMS, it can work with both Euro and SMS implements.

C: Quicke type 3These implement hooks ( 25 mm) have only been used on older l loaders (up to 1992) with the Quicke type 3 toolcarrier. If a new Quicke loader is equipped with a Combi implement subframe Euro/Type 3, it can work with both Euro implements and with the older type 3 implements. We can also provide a selection of adapters for other hook systems.



22 | Quicke Dimension

bale implement

Quadrogripix S e l e ct o F


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m Ea sier imple


sier imple

Flexibalweight Bale size 195 kg max. 180 cm

Bale supportweight 45 kg

Three implements in oneQuadrogrip is the best implement on the market for handling wrapped square and round bales. The implement arms are seated on 350 mm wide, extremely stable sliding plates, which move along the main frame. When stacking, it is possible to lock either the right or left arm, which makes for easier work. The sliding rails are replaceable and made of high-quality polyethylene, which does not require lubrication. These sliding surfaces are also vertical so that dirt cannot become trapped. This results in reduced friction, almost silent arm movements, minimal wear and a long service life.

QuadrogripTotal width For bale size,min-max

200235 cm 60-200 cm 130 cm 418 kg

Arm length Weight

Flexibal is a strong and very versatile implement. The 125 mm thick, rotating steel tubes are mounted on two powerful stone fork tines. The steel tubes are hydraulically adjustable sideways. When the bale is handled, the steel tubes roll carefully in under the bale. The tubes generous length and diameter distribute the pressure evenly over the bale. When straw or hay bales are to be transported, the steel tubes can be dismantled quickly and easily. With the tubes removed, Flexibal can also be used for pallet handling (max. 1,000 kg). As an option Flexibal can be equipped with an adjustable bale support that is installed on the back of the implement. This provides the potential to either handle larger bales or to stack bales on their ends.

Quicke Dimension | 23

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bale implementStoring the bales upright on top of each other reduces the risk of air and moisture penetrating into the bales. The implement arms are housed in powerful hinged points with replaceable bushings. Both the right or left arm can be locked Independently, but there is still some mobility, making it possible to stack the bales tightly without damaging the plastic. In addition, the implement arms are designed so that it is easy to reverse out from the bale, and this is also an advantage when the bales are to be stacked tightly. The uniquely curved, rounded shape together with the 90 mm thick tubes contribute greatly to the very careful handling of both vertical and horizontal bales. Note in particular the long, curved tubes, curved in one piece with no sharp edges or welded joints. The upper tube extension is a Quicke speciality that provides signicantly better support when the bales are handled horizontally.

Flexigripix S e le c t o F


Ea m sier imple

Unigrip has a tested and proven design and a low net weight. It carries out the same tasks as Flexigrip. The choice between these two implements depends on the individual users work routines. Unigrip is also well suited for smaller square bales (80 x 80 130-160 cm). The implement arms distribute the pressure evenly over a large area, and this ensures careful handling of the bales. The tubes on the arms have a powerfully dimensioned diameter. Unigrip also has a large tube diameter and no sharp edges, so that the plastic around the bale is not damaged.

ix S e l e ct o F

en t


sier imple

UnigripFor bale sizes, min-max weight

13090-130 cm 200 kg

160120-160 cm 240 kg

FlexigripFor bale sizes, min.max. Weight

160120-160 cm 242 kg

200150-200 cm 262 kg

Select the best equipmentGrip, lift and turn the bale. Then transport it to the storage place, where stacking to at least the height of three bales is a simple matter.

Silaging in plastic bales can produce rst-class silage. However, the bottleneck in this process is often the implement that has to handle and transport the bales. It is therefore important to select a quality product that can handle the bales in the right way. If the implement is not good enough, it can break or damages the bale plastic and the whole process stops, expensive equipment and manpower are at a standstill and the quality of the silage is impaired. Our implements are characterised by powerful bearings in the arms, large implement areas so that the pressure is distributed optimally and by the total absence of any sharp edges. We accept no compromises the quality has to be the very best.

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tc hanges

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DB 4000Silosplitweight Width Length

m85 kg 120 cm 140 cm

hd110 kg 120 cm 170 cm

For safe handling of 2-4 bales.ngesm Ea sier imple200 kg 115 cm 4-5120 cm] [bale height

The bales are securely held between the tines and the upper section. In other words, there is no risk of dropping the bales during transport or stacking. The mast is both telescopic and hydraulic. The height of the upper section can vary from 95 cm to 195 cm.

ix S e l e ct o F

DB 4000Weight Number of tines 190 kg 4

Split the bale with ease and cheaplyUntil now, splitting bales has entailed hard work or considerable expense. If you have a loader with dual-action lifting cylinders, you can solve the problem thanks to Silosplit. Silosplit can both transport and split bales. When you have placed the bale where it is to be split, you place the blade across the top of the bale and press down. Both straw and silage bales fall apart in two pieces, simply and smoothly without complicated extra hydraulics. It is then easy to handle the material. Silosplit is supplied with an easy-to-use blade guard to provide protection from the sharp cutting edge. Silosplit is naturally patented.

DB 2115Equip your front loader with 115 cm extra lifting height, so that you can stack the bales even higher. The DB 2115 is an excellent implement, particularly for those who require a high lifting height with short, manoeuvrable loaders.

DB 2115Weight Increased lifting height Number of bales Bale size max.

130 cm

Quicke Dimension | 25

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Bale implement

Square Bale Fork

Bale spikeThe bale spike is particularly well suited to handling round bales. The longer tine ensures safe transport of the bale. The shorter tine prevents the bale from wobbling and rotating during stacking.

Square Bale Fork SafetyThe Square Bale Forksfolding box section is a new and valuable safety detail. Firstly you can lock the tines in the upright position, increasing safety during transport, particularly on public roads. Secondly you get more efcient and safer handling. When unloading, the bales are pushed into place by the main frame. If unloading takes place at full height, the top bale is pushed into place with the aid of the upper section of the implement, without the long tines being pressed down into the bales. As a result, there is no risk of the bales falling back when you reverse. The Square Bale Fork can be supplied with two different frames. The 190 cm frame is suitable for long, large bales. The 140 cm frame is supplied with two tines as standard, although this number can be increased to a total of ve. As optional extra equipment, the Square Bale Forks can be supplied with a back extension (for handling more bales) or a bag lifter (for handling large bags).

Bale spike Weight Width Tine length 60 kg 115 cm 125 cm

Square Bale Fork Safety 140Weight Width Number of tines, standard Tine length 133 kg 140 cm 2 125 cm

190168 kg 190 cm 5 125 cm

Square Bale Fork standardThe Square Bale Fork is a simple, robust implement for both round and square bales. The tines in the box section can be installed with a separation of 80 or 130 cm. As an optional extra, the fork can be supplied with a U-shaped vertical rear extension, which helps to support the top bale.

Square Bale Fork - standardWeight Width number of tines, standard Tine length 78 kg 140 cm 2 82 cm or 125 cm

ExtensionWeight 42 kg

26 | Quicke Dimension



Silograbix S e le c t o F

Multibennecha es ng

Ea m sier imple

The perfect all-round implementIf you have a diet feeder that is to be loaded with various feeds, Multibenne is the best choice. The wishes and requirements to which we have paid particular attention are that: It should be perf