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  • 1. realtime
  • 2. CULTURAL RELEVANCE The holy grail of the commodity category brand
  • 3. $3.8MM(out-of-reach) cost of 30 second Super Bowl spot
  • 4. For all the planning and millions ofdollars that go into the creation of SuperBowl commercials, arguably the best ad of the game last night was a tweet. Ad Age
  • 5. Created & tweeted within 7 minutes of the Power-out 10k RTs within 1 hour Huge earned media
  • 6. CHIs medium-time effort.Press ad turned around the followingday (which unfortunately did not run)
  • 7. The beauty of real-time content is that theres always something interesting happening in the world, and always an audience who cares about it... By focusing content development around these shared cultural moments, marketers can transcend the demographics- driven targeting that has for so long dened theindustry, reaching more people in a more relevant way. B. Bonin Bough VP Global Media and Consumer Engagement, Mondelez International
  • 8. 2012 Oreo Daily Twists
  • 9. realtime requirementsStand for somethingStand for something bigger than your products to allow you to have a broadercultural presenceKnow your audienceUnderstand your audience beyond their consumption of your product.Understand their interests, monitor social conversation, know when andwhere to engageGet agileShare data and insights in real time across functions and create the rightconditions for quick-turnaround work: guidelines, decision-makers in place