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1. Jeremy Harkins KNOWLEDGE THROUGH REALTIME VISUALISATION + 2. WHO WE ARE Lucid Edge Is an award winning animation, design and visual effects company that offers creative and strategic services to corporate, architectural and creative agencies. Based at FOX STUDIOS in Sydney, we work with local and international clients to help them achieve their vision. With our team of specialists, we can adapt to every creative brief and project, big or small. We are passionate about what we do and passionate about what we deliver to you. + 3. WHO WE ARE ineni Realtime Is a design consultancy with an experienced team of designers, programmers, marketers and engineers with an aim to humanise digital technology, data, virtual and physical environments. Our aim is to blur the line between the digital and physical worlds, providing our clients with the means to communicate effectively across every available medium. We provide custom solutions to the Building and Construction Industry, Real Estate sector, Building Controls Companies and IT based companies. + 4. GAMIFICATION + 5. GAME ENGINES Multi billion dollar industry Powerful tools for both visuals and logic Game industry pushing the envelope in native OS content for computing Tending towards multi platform Primarily for the entertainment industry Multiplayer + 6. GAME ENGINES A decade of research into game modification and repurposing has slowly increased awareness in the game industry that their tools have application outside of games Fast (computer running speed), comparatively light weight builds Broader community acceptance of gaming concepts Industries outside of game development are incorporating gamification into marketing strategies and operation + 7. VISUALISATION An integral part of the design, construct operate process Visualisation can be used for: Bid phase to show vision Sketch Design phase to show design options Documentation phase to assist in clash detection and construction phasing Leasing or occupation phase to assist in selling space Fit-out phase to assist in interior choices Operation phase to show operational information in context to a 3D model + 8. + 9. + 10. + 11. + 12. + 13. NORTHERN BEACHES HOSPITAL - VIDEO + 14. REAL LIFE VS REAL TIME + 15. REALISTIC REALTIME PARIS APARTMENT + 16. NORTHERN TERRITORY PRISON + 17. BETTER ACCESS TO KNOWLEDGE? + The Solution: Our offering uses immersive 4D technology to provide a customised control, simulation, monitoring and training platform, from Design to Operation, that can be used on or off-site to provide a complete visual overview of a prison. 18. INTEGRATION PARTNERS + With key partners, a complete building solution from design, through construction and into operation can be delivered: A unique cloud development platform and management system for the Smart Workplace that synthesizes several enabling technology frameworks: a metadata integration framework that greatly simplifies the integration of multiple management silos. a Business Process Management framework that enables the linking of Workplace systems, applications and devices to enterprise-level business processes. A Unified Communications framework enables the development of communications-enabled business processes and support for end-user collaboration. 19. Meta Data Systems Process Automation User Journeys Workspaces Assets ELV Systems People Enterprise Applications Comms & IT Systems + 20. From Data to Meta Data to Actionable Knowledge Meta Data + 21. BUILDINGS ARE COMPLEX + 22. CASE STUDY VIRTUAL BARANGAROO OBSI Open Building System Integration Platform Lend Lease, Barangaroo Sydney. Project Value $9bn for Stage One. First OBSI in Australia with a 3D Front End + 23. + 24. SPACE INFORMATION + 25. WAY-FINDING A Realtime Model becomes a virtual map. + 26. AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION In your Browser on your Phone, enter the address: + 27. + FUTURE TECHNOLOGY NOW! 28. SERVICES Motion Graphics 3D Visualisation Post Production Point Cloud Conversion for BIM (Building Information Modelling) Interactive Applications (Personal PCs, Mobile, Web, etc.) Realtime Environments Data Rich Presentation Tools New Media (Occulus, Kinect, Leap Motion, Toch Surfaces, etc.) Live Data Integration (BMS, Web Portals, etc.) + 29. WHERE WE DIFFER TO OTHER 3D SOLUTIONS Live Data Linked Realtime Environments Linked 3D animations with real data 4D Simulations Unparalleled realism in virtual Environments Suite of Modules and options Capability to handle all aspects of a project from design to operation Process creation in a Visio style interface (With Our Partners) Integrated Unified Communications (With Our Partners) Anytime control from anywhere, including mobile devices and dedicated workstations + 30. Realtime Visualisation Contextualised Knowledge at your fingertips! + 31. THANK YOU Contact: Jeremy Harkins M: 0403 185 970 Malcolm Beddows M: 0414 088 037 +