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Samurai Who were the samurai? Who did they serve?

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Text of Samurai Who were the samurai? Who did they serve?

  • SamuraiWho were the samurai?Who did they serve?

  • Remember Feudalism?To complete this graph we need to add the social class that sat at the bottom of Japanese society. Do you remember what class that was?

  • Respect the SamuraiSamurai warriors became a central part of Japanese societyThey had special privileges and the common people had to treat them with respectAnyone who disrespected a samurai could be killed!

  • Samurai no-nosThere were some things samurai werent supposed to doFor exampleThey couldnt attend certain types of entertainment, such as theater because it was considered beneath themThey also couldnt take part in trade or commerce

  • Samurai Law CodeThe samurai lived by a law code called BushidoBushido means the way of the warriorBoth men and women from samurai families had to follow the code

  • Seven Codes of BushidoJusticeBraveryBenevolencePolitenessVeracityHonorLoyalty

  • How Samurai LivedSamurai had to be brave and honorable fightersMen and women learned to fightSamurai were expected to live simple, disciplined livesThey believed that self-discipline made them better warriorsWhich type of Buddhism stressed self-discipline?

  • Self-Discipline & SamuraiTo improve self-discipline Samurai practiced activities that took great concentration likeArranging flowersGrowing miniature Bonsai treesMeditation and Zen Buddhism

  • LoyaltyMore than anything else- Bushido required a samurai to be loyal to his lordEach samurai had to obey his lords orders immediately, even if it meant the samurai or his family would suffer!

  • HonorObeying his lord was important to the samurais sense of honorHonor was the most important thing in a samurais lifeIf a samurai did anything to lose honor he was expected to commit suicide to avoid shameShame could be caused by disobeying an order, losing a fight or failing to protect the lord

  • SeppukuThe suicide ritual that samurai followed is called seppukuThis is what happened:Seppuku--or hara-kiri (belly slicing)--is when a samurai stabs a knife into his abdomen and disembowels himself by cutting out his guts. After the samurai disembowels himself another samurai, usually a kinsman or friend, slices his head off. Committing suicide in this way was considered an act of true honor.

  • Bushido TodayThe way of the samurai continues to influence Japan todayFor exampleDedication and discipline are still valuedLoyalty and honor are very importantLook at page 215 in your textbook

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