Science at work. Binoculars

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Science at work. Binoculars. By Skye B roekate. A brief description of binoculars history. . What is a binocular? The first binocular telescope is two telescopes placed side by side. Who developed binoculars first? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Science at work. Binoculars.

By Skye Broekate Science at work. Binoculars.

What is a binocular? The first binocular telescope is two telescopes placed side by side. Who developed binoculars first? Johann Lipperhey invented binoculars and is also the inventor of the ordinary Dutch telescope. When was the first binocular telescope developed?The binocular telescope was created in 1608. How has binoculars changed? (got better) Better coatings for higher transmission of light, better prisms, and wider angle eye lenses have made most of the improvements in the last fifty years. Almost all these ideas originated in Japan

A brief description of binoculars history. 2Use cut away views to show how light is bent:Show diagrams of how the light bends through binoculars .

They use the prisms because binoculars are very small and they need to bend the lightHow does binoculars use lenses to bend light? Modern binoculars consist of two barrel chambers with an objective lens, eyepiece, and a pair of prisms inside. The prisms reflect and lengthen the light, while the objective lenses enhance and magnify images due to stereoscopic vision.

Binoculars work on the same principles as telescopes. The process begins with a series of lenses. The lenses focus on an object and gather the light from it. As the light passes through a series of lenses, the image gets larger. Binoculars differ from a telescope in that they allow the image to be transmitted to both eyes at once.

Binocular lenses are curved pieces of glass. A binocular can have several lenses; in fact, the more lenses that the binocular has, the better the magnification. Unfortunately, each time the image passes into the next lens, light is lost, so binoculars include a prism that bends and reflects light into the lenses. The prism also flips the image. Without it, everything you see through the lenses would be upside down

Show diagrams of how binoculars work and explain it.

Who uses binoculars and what do they use them for?binoculars are used for viewing distant objects and to bring far-away Images up close.Some of the things people use binoculars for is:Galilean opera glasses, used in theatres, for typical outdoor use e.g. Bird watching Hunters and bird watchers rely on binoculars to bring their quarry into clear detailsports fans often bring binoculars to the event so they don't miss one moment of action.

Explain where binoculars are used is used. Binoculars continue to advance with new technology. Their ability to see further with better focusing techniques enables the consumer to use the product for a wider variety of tasks. Binoculars are now tending to use the same stabilizing method used in video cameras that automatically stabilizes the prism system so that the image remains steady to the viewer. Some binoculars are also coming equipped with night scope vision. This would enable the consumer to see objects that are far away even at night. Technological advancements are continually made on these specialty binoculars, which are primarily used by the military or for surveillance.

What future changes are expected to be made to binoculars in the future.