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  • A company’s name appears on this Compliant Service Provider List if (i) Mastercard has received a copy of an Attestation of Compliance (AOC) by a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) reflecting validation of the company being PCI DSS compliant and (ii) Mastercard records reflect the company is registered as a Service Provider by one or more Mastercard Customers. The date of the AOC and the name of the QSA are also provided. Each AOC is valid for one year. Mastercard receives copies of AOCs from various sources.

    This Compliant Service Provider List is provided solely for the convenience of Mastercard Customers and any Customer that relies upon or otherwise uses this Compliant Service Provider list does so at the Customer’s sole risk. While Mastercard endeavors to keep the list current as of the date set forth in the footer, Mastercard disclaims any and all warranties of any kind, including any warranty of accuracy or completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. Mastercard disclaims any and all liability of any nature relating to or arising in connection with the use of or reliance on the Compliant Service Provider List or any part thereof. Each Mastercard Customer is obligated to comply with Mastercard Rules and other Standards pertaining to use of a Service Provider.

    As a reminder, an AOC by a QSA provides a “snapshot” of security controls in place at a point in time.

    Compliant Service Provider

    1-60 Days Past AOC Due Date

    61-90 Days Past AOC Due Date

    Service Provider Name Region AOC Date Assessor DESV

    “BPC Processing”, LLC 03/31/2017 InformzaschitaEurope

    1&1 Internet SE (1&1, 1&1 ipayment,

    05/08/2017 Security Research & Consulting GmbHEurope ( Group, lnc.) 04/29/2017 SecurityMetricsUS

    1stPayGateWay, LLC 05/27/2016 IBM Internet Security Systems (ISS)US

    2138617 Ontario Inc. 10/13/2016 NCI Secured IntelligenceCanada

    24 Solutions AB 06/15/2016 CryptoNet SrlEurope

    24/7 Customer, Inc. 03/25/2017 ControlCaseUS

    2C Processor USA, LLC 05/15/2017 Information Exchange Inc.US

    2C2P Pte., Ltd. 12/19/2016 TrustwaveAsia Pacific (2CO E-Commerce Payments LTD)

    10/26/2016 DirectDefenseUS

    3C Payment Luxembourg S.A. (formerly SIX Payment Services Luxembourg SA)

    12/15/2016 Advantio LimitedEurope

    3Cinteractive Corporation 08/22/2016 Online EnterprisesUS

    3dCart (Informat 2000 Corp) 03/07/2017 SecurityMetricsUS

    3Delta Systems, Inc. 09/12/2016 FortrexUS

    A1Payments 06/05/2017 Sysnet Ltd.MEA

    ABC Financial Services, Inc. 05/23/2017 Dara SecurityUS

    Abila, Inc. (formerly Avectra) 08/01/2016 Coalfire Systems, Inc.US

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  • Service Provider Name Region AOC Date Assessor DESV

    Abtran Ltd. 10/01/2016 RitsEurope

    Accelerated Payment Technologies: a division of Global Payments Direct, Inc. (OpenEdge Payments LLC)

    07/14/2016 Payment Software Company (PSC)US

    ACCEO Solutions Inc. 08/31/2016 UbitrakCanada

    Acceptiva, LLC 09/15/2016 TrustwaveUS

    Accertify, Inc. 06/17/2016 Halock Security LabsUS

    Accesso, LLC 03/29/2017 TrustwaveUS

    Acculynk Inc. 02/26/2017 Information Exchange Inc.US

    ACI Worldwide, Inc. 01/13/2017 TrustwaveUS

    ACS Technologies Group, Inc. 11/15/2016 Secure State ConsultingUS

    ACS@Xerox, LLC (Xerox FPS Lockbox SunTrust Service)

    07/16/2016 Cadence AssuranceUS

    Active Network (Active Merchant Services) [formerly (Infospherix, ReserveWorld, AWO)]

    10/31/2016 K3DES LLCUS

    Acumera, Inc. 07/08/2016 Berkeley Research Group, LLCUS

    Adelante Software Limited 05/09/2017 Pentest Partners Consulting LLP (PTP)Europe

    Adflex Limited 07/29/2016 Evolution LTDEurope

    Advam Pty Ltd. 05/03/2017 TrustwaveAsia Pacific

    Adyen B.V. 08/16/2016 Payment Software Company (PSC)Europe

    Affinion Benefits Group 04/05/2017 Verizon/CybertrustUS

    Affinity Solutions LLC 12/23/2016 Coalfire Systems, Inc.US

    Affirm Financial Services Inc. (Canaccede Financial Group Ltd.)

    11/18/2016 Control Gap Inc.Europe

    AFONE PAIEMENT 11/07/2016 SysdreamEurope

    Aimia Canada Inc. and Aimia Proprietary Loyalty Canada Inc

    06/17/2016 ControlCaseCanada

    Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) 11/23/2016 Schellman & Company, LLCUS

    Aizan Technologies Inc. 08/18/2016 DatassurantCanada

    Akamai Technologies Inc. 06/28/2016 Cisco Systems, Inc.US

    Alacriti Payments, LLC 08/08/2016 Dara SecurityUS

    Alegeus Technologies, LLC 05/01/2017 SecurityMetricsUS

    Aliaswire, Inc. 09/26/2016 Dara SecurityUS

    Alignet SAC 02/24/2017 ControlCaseLatin Americ

    Alinma Bank – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 12/05/2016 ControlCaseMEA

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  • Service Provider Name Region AOC Date Assessor DESV

    Alliance Data Card Services (formerly Alliance Data - Retail Services)

    12/15/2016 Verizon/CybertrustUS

    AllianceOne Incorporated 10/10/2016 A-Lign Security and Compliance ServicesUS

    Allied Wallet Ltd. (GTBill, Baltic Bill) 03/24/2017 DirectDefenseUS

    Alpha Card Services Inc. 10/28/2016 Information Exchange Inc.US

    Alpha Payments Cloud PTE LTD 03/26/2017 DatassurantAsia Pacific

    Alpha Payments Cloud Pte. Ltd. 11/30/2016 DatassurantAsia Pacific

    Alpine Card Service Pvt. Ltd. 09/20/2016 TrustwaveAsia Pacific

    Altapay A/S (formerly Pensio A/S) 09/21/2016 FortConsult A/SEurope

    Altech Card Solutions (Division of Altron TMT (Pty) Ltd)

    07/26/2016 Sysnet Ltd.MEA

    Altech NuPay (Pty) Ltd 10/31/2016 Sysnet Ltd.MEA

    Amadeus IT Group S.A. (Spain) 12/14/2016 Security Research & Consulting GmbHEurope

    Amazon Web Services, LLC 07/11/2016 Coalfire Systems, Inc.US, Inc. 06/15/2016 Coalfire Systems, Inc.US

    Amdocs Software System, Ltd. 09/30/2016 GRSee ConsultingUS

    American Bancard, LLC (Touchsuite) 08/25/2016 Enterprise Risk ManagementUS

    American Well Corporation 06/15/2016 IBM Internet Security Systems (ISS)US (Svanaco, Inc.) 10/05/2016 FortrexUS

    AOC Solutions, Inc. 09/01/2016 FortrexUS

    AOL Inc. 10/21/2016 IOActive, Inc.US

    Apac Link Solutions Limited 06/18/2016 Thales Transport & Security (Hong Kong)Asia Pacific

    APCO Systems Ltd. 12/01/2016 Kyte Consultants, Ltd.Europe

    Aperia Solutions (formerly Data Delivery Services, Inc.)

    04/30/2016 Coalfire Systems, Inc.US

    Aplitt S.A. (formerly Towarzystwo Finansowe Skok S.A. (TFSKOK))

    07/30/2016 Comsec Consulting, Ltd.Europe

    Approval Code 05/19/2016 Dara SecurityUS

    Apriva, LLC (formerly APPSware Wireless, LLC)

    08/17/2016 Schellman & Company, LLCUS

    Arab Financial Services B.S.C. 05/12/2016 SISA Information Security Inc.MEA

    Arab Information Technology 05/30/2016 RandomStormMEA

    Arcelik T.A.S. 01/25/2017 Biznet Information SystemsEurope

    Aria Systems, Inc. 06/10/2016 TrustwaveUS

    Arise Virtual Solutions 05/18/2017 Online EnterprisesUS

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  • Service Provider Name Region AOC Date Assessor DESV

    Armor Defense (formerly FireHost Inc.) 05/10/2016 Coalfire Systems, Inc.US

    Arvato Finance Services Ltd. 04/14/2016 Adsigo AGEurope

    AsiaPay Limited 08/22/2016 TrustwaveAsia Pacific

    Aspect Software, Inc. (Voxeo, Voxeo Europe Limited, Voxeo Germany GmbH)

    07/19/2016 SuneraUS

    Asseco SEE d.o.o. 07/24/2016 VOC-Consultancy BVEurope

    Asseco SEE Teknoloji A.Ş 03/24/2017 Evolution LTDEurope

    ASSIST (LLC) (formerly Modern Payment Solutions Ltd.)

    05/24/2017 Security Research & Consulting GmbHEurope

    AT&T Cloud Storage (formerly AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service (STaaS))

    07/05/2016 TrustwaveUS

    AT&T Managed Firewall Service - Premise Based

    07/29/2016 ControlCaseUS

    AT&T Managed Hosting 10/21/2016 ControlCaseUS

    AT&T Managed Services - AT&T Content Delivery Network (ACDN)

    07/11/2016 TrustwaveUS

    AT&T Managed Services - AT&T Encryption Services (AES)

    08/22/2016 ControlCaseUS

    AT&T Managed Services - AT&T Network Based IP VPN Remote Access Service/AT&T VPN Tunneling Service (ANIRAIAVTS)

    07/08/2016 TrustwaveUS

    AT&T Managed Services - AT&T Virtual Private Network Service (AVPN)/Enhanced Virtual Private Network (EVPN)/Private Network Transport (PNT)

    07/29/2016 ControlCaseUS

    AT&T Managed Services - Intrusion Detection Services & Intrusion Prevention Services (IDS/IPS)

    07/29/2016 ControlCaseUS

    AT&T Managed Services – Managed LAN Services (MLAN)

    07/29/2016 ControlCaseUS

    AT&T Managed Services - Managed Router Services (MRS)

    07/29/2016 ControlCaseUS

    AT&T Managed Services - Network Based Firewall (NBFW)

    07/29/2016 ControlCaseUS

    AT&T Managed Services - Network Security with Internet Access (NSIA)

    07/29/2016 ControlCaseUS

    AT&T Managed Services – Security Event and Threat Analysis (SETA)

    08/05/2016 ControlCaseUS

    AT&T Managed Services - VoiceTone/Interactive Voice Services- Advanced Plus

    07/28/2016 ControlCaseUS

    AT&T Synaptic Hosting & Application Services (AT&T SH&AS)

    10/21/2016 ControlCaseUS

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