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  • Srirama

    Machine Tech Co.,Ltd. Model : The UMC-750

    Booth No. S16 Booth No. A22


    1Thursday 15 May 2014




    The Japanese SeminarA star of the show Strategy for ASEAN Single Market 2015, Thai +1 This special Seminar will provide information for entrepreneursfrom Thailand and Japan and help them stay up-to-date with changing trends of industry. It will also help the country become a key the center of the ASEAN Community. The Seminars principalobjective is to present the business opportunities and trends that many countries are following and reveal ways of linking industries within ASEAN countries. The Seminar is held under the theme, Strategy for ASEAN Single Market 2015, Thai +1 and is organized by the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) - the BOI Unit for Industrial Linkage Development (BUILD), the ThaiSubcontracting Promotion Association and UBM Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The Seminar has received the full support of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO Bangkok). Headlining the event will be leading speakers and a panel discussion that includes Senior Executives from leading companies of Japan such as Honda Engineering Asian Co., Ltd. (EGAS), IBC Vietnam Co., Ltd and Automotive Mold Technology Co., Ltd. The Seminar will enhance knowledge, reveal business strategies and developmental trends plus successful business direction for the manufacturing industry of the future. Entrepreneursand investors who are interested can attend the conference free of charge. The seminar will be held today from 13:00 to 17:10 pm at the Grand Hall 203.



    With growing competition in the automotive industry, many entrepreneurs mayneed to reduce the price of their products; while the cost of productioncontinues to increase, in order not to lose business opportunities entrepreneursare looking for new emerging industries. The Thailand Board of Investment theBOI Unit for Industrial Linkage Development (BUILD), Alliance forSupporting Industries Association and UBM Asia (Thailand) Co. Ltd. have jointlyorganized this seminar to meet these needs. The presentation will focuson new business opportunities in future-oriented industries such as aerospaceand medical devices. The seminar will point the way to preparation and other factors that can make this a successful business opportunity. Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., Nara Seiko Inc., and Fine Tech Corp. will contribute their expertise. The seminar will be held on May 16, 2014 from 9:00 to 17:00 at the Grand Hall 203.




    The 21st Century ushers in a new decade of competition and development in technology. Entrepreneurs with superior technologywill gain superior advantages and have a better chance to meet customers needs and respond to their requirements, especially with the ASEAN Economy Community on the horizon. INTERMACH2014 will showcase quality machinery from more than 1,200 companies from 40 countries around the world. And exhibitors will showcase over 3,500 pieces of the latest technology and equipment for industrial machinery. An important highlight of the event is the Top Japanese Makers Zone, which consists of leading Japanese machinery brands. There will also be many world class technologies launched for the first time. Overall, INTERMACH 2014 will give you an excellent perspective of Thai industry and a special look at Thai industry of the future.

    Sheet Metal Asia 2014 - the largest event that brings together leading Sheet Metal Fabrication Manufacturers Like the sheet metal industry the upstream industry is growing by leaps and bounds - especially in the ASEAN region. Thailand is recognized as a central production hub with skilled workers, but other countries are moving fast and Thai entrepreneurs need to step up the pace to stay ahead of the competition and become a global production hub. For this reason, the show organizer recognizes the importance of the exhibition and its ability to meet the needs of entrepreneurs. So we have recruited leading manufacturers of sheet metal fabrication machinery from around the world representing more than 300 brands. Youll find them all at Sheet Metal Asia 2014.

    OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS Build a successful business through SUBCON Thailand 2014 For the past eight years SUBCON Thailand has continued to help businesses expand and grow. Today, the event is recognizedas ASEANs largest Industrial subcontracting event specializing in the procurement of industrial parts. Fostering co-operation between the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) and UBM Asia (Thailand) the show organizer - over 300 exhibiting entrepreneurs from Thailand, ASEAN, Japan and other countries in the region have been able to meet and discuss business with more than 20,000 leading industrial part buyerss and 1st Tier manufacturers.The 2014 event will greatly assist this progress and furtherestablish the show as ASEANs leading industrial subcontracting exhibition.

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  • Visit us at Booth G2 Hall 103

    Preparation for the BIG DAY! Over 1,200 brands and manufacturers from 40 countries around the world are now actively preparing to welcome entrepreneurs, investors and visitors to experience this biggest industrial machinery and subcontracting event of the year.


    1 () 8 2014 2014

    The success of an event cannot be achieved overnight, however, due to many years hard work, the BOI Unit for Industrial Linkage Development, Alliance for Supporting Industries Association, Thai Subcontracting Promotion Association and UBM Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd have strived tirelessly to promote SUBCON Thailand 2014. They have invited major investors and related associations from both home and aboard to join INTERMACH and SUBCON Thailand 2014.

    The 7th edition of SUBCON THAILAND ROADSHOW was held on April 3, 2014 at the Thai-German Institute, Amata Industrial Estate, Chonburi. Apart from the Seminar, there were more than 30 top local and foreign manufactures who joined the event which showcased technology, machinery and equipment

    SUBCON THAILAND ROADSHOW #7 3 2557 -. 30

    The BOI Unit for Industrial Linkage Development (BUILD) joined forces with UBM Asia (Thailand), the Alliance for Supporting Industries Association and the Thai Subcontracting Promotion Association to organize the 1st edition of the mini SUBCON Exhibition. It was held on 12th December 2013 at the Empress Hotel, Changmai. The event presented multiple activities linking industries and held other activities such as training on dimensional metrology. This was done under the topic Usage and Maintenance of Measuring Tools for Quality Control from Sumipol Co., Ltd. and seminars linking buyers and part makers with markets for industrial parts in Chiang Mai and Lamphun.


    Alliance for Supporting Industries Association and UBM Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd personally visited and invited eleven associations to support industry in ASEAN countries. This includedSingapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia.The visits received excellent feedback especially those associations that joined last year. These visits resulted in increasing the number of ASEAN Associations participating at INTERMACH and SUBCON Thailand 2014. () 2014

    In January of this year the three organizers traveled to the cities of Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo to invite Japanese entrepreneurs to join INTERMACH and SUBCON Thailand 2014. They were well received and many of the Japanese investors are now attending the show.

    () 2014


  • The goal to make Thailand the Medical Hub of Asia by developing advanced medical equipment that can reduce and eventually replace imported equipment, is moving ahead. Thailand seeks to manufacture devices based on technology that makes it the center for manufactured parts and medical equipment of the future. The IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2013 stated that Thailands capability and competitiveness in this area ranked it as 27th in the world and third in ASEAN countries after Singaporeand Malaysia. This is considered to be a strong competitive position and Thailands large population will also account for increasing demand of medical equipment and supplies at home. What entrepreneurs must do in order to enter the medical device manufacturing industry, isupgrade their production plants to meet standards required by the quality management system for medicaldevice manufacturing, or ISO 13485. Investors need to evaluate their current business capabilities and business vulnerability including strengths and weaknesses. They also must address any missing gap in order to improve their chance of business success. Investing in machines and modern manufacturing processes which focus on cost reduction and optimizing production performance, is key. The above factors are importantto compete successfully with competitors in the new industry.

    MedicalHubofAsia IMDWorldCompetitivenessYearbook2013273 ISO13485-

    Ref: IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2013

    2014 ()MEATHEDMMitsubishi.IndustrialAutomationMachinery(IAM),()eXSecology Standby1 2014MEATHeXS Hall 102 Booth No.S2. 2014 EDMWireCutEDM

    Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. or MEATH, are importers, distributors and servicers of EDM machinery and laser cutting machines bran