Slavery from American Revolution to Abolition

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Slavery from American Revolution to Abolition. Study Guide. Matching-answers will appear as you click the mouse. I. Publisher of The Liberator To outlaw slavery Author of Uncle Toms Cabin To free from slavery or bondage Led a slave rebellion in Virginia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slavery from American Revolution to Abolition</p> <p>Slavery from American Revolution to AbolitionStudy GuideMatching-answers will appear as you click the mousePublisher of The LiberatorTo outlaw slaveryAuthor of Uncle Toms CabinTo free from slavery or bondageLed a slave rebellion in Virginia Individuals who served as the guide along the Underground RailroadLegislative measure to prevent representatives from debating the issue of slaveryLed a rebellion in Kansas kidnapping and killing 5 proslavery menPublisher of The North Star</p> <p>AbolitionConductorFrederick Douglas Gag RuleHarriet Beecher StoweJohn BrownManumittedNat TurnerWilliam Lloyd Garrison </p> <p>IAEGHBDFCMatching-answers will appear as you click the mouseRunaway slave to returned to help other runaway slaves escape along the Underground RailroadAbolitionists who spoke out for womens rightsWhite abolitionist preacherJustice in the Dredd Scott V. Sanford caseA system designed to help fugitive slaves escape to freedomWrote Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the WorldDavid WalkerCharles FinneyHarriet TubmanRoger TaneyUnderground RailroadSojourner Truth</p> <p>CFBDEAAlso know the followingWhat jobs slaves often performed?What are slave codes and examples of them.Hypothesis of why slavery continued after the American Revolution.</p>


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