SMART FLEET MA Fleet Real-time tracking (refreshed every 2 to 20 seconds, based on curves

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  • LIVE TRACKING Real-time tracking (refreshed every 2 to 20 seconds, based on curves and turns) with live speed, journey distance, time and fuel gauge. Switch between map and satellite view, share location via web link or view trips from start location to current point.


    The unique Amber Shield feature uses artificial intelligence to protect your vehicle. When a threat is detected, the vehicle shuts down the engine, sounds an in-app alarm and even calls the fleet manager..

    REAL-TIME ALERTS A wide range of real-time alerts are built into our application, including critical alerts (collision, battery levels, tow); anti-theft alerts (ignition on/off, vibration, device tamper); driver behaviour alerts (speeding, harsh breaking, sudden acceleration); safety alerts (geo-fencing, fatigue, idle-timing, route deviation, door open/close).


    Detailed logs of all your trips with play back and trip bread-crumbing, giving granular data points with the time and speed of every point in the trip measured in seconds. Classify trips using your own criteria and custom name locations. Export trip history to Excel to receive in-depth data and ‘clickable’ links.



    See all vehicles at a glance across your entire portfolio or filter by groups, sub- group or individual vehicles. Segregate to see only parked or moving vehicles. Export current vehicle locations instantly in Excel or PDF..


    Route optimization feature allows you to create, save and manage routes, including stops and time allowed at every stop. Assign routes to any vehicles and get real time route deviation alerts with arrival and departure notifications at all scheduled stops


    Create and save single or multiple geo-fences and assign those fences to any vehicle or group of vehicles. Receive real time geo fence in/out alerts. You can even schedule geo-fences for specific hours of operation. Geo-fencing can be done as a circle, square or a polygon and can overlap without loss of functionality.


    Create layers of groups and sub-groups of your fleet by location and department and assign hierarchical user access using a drag and drop mechanism. Session info allows you to keep track of all login sessions to ensure compliance.


    Create and save driver profiles that includes facial image, license image, medical conditions, license expiry notifications and much more. Assign drivers to one vehicle or multiple vehicles and get reports of driver behaviour by driver or by vehicle. Extract active duty time sheet reports for drivers with driver scoring..


    Optimize operations by scheduling vehicle service reminders. Create and manage reminders and service history based on odometer or date/time. Receive email and in-app notifications for all of your reminders. It also reminds you to renew your vehicle documents.

    Vehicle battery protection

    Our wired devices will disconnect automatically from the vehicle battery, the moment they detect low vehicle battery levels.


    Instantly download a host of reports in PDF, XLS or JPEG formats. Reports include in-depth KPI's with granular details at the fleet or individual vehicle level. Comparison reports allow you to differentiate performance across groups or sub- groups or at the individual vehicle level. Highlights, exception and maintenance reports are all accessible and populated in seconds.


    Choose from a wide range of accessory attachments such as fuel sensors, driver tags, temperature sensors, camera attachments, panic buttons, one-way listen in, two-way communication module and more. These attachments are cost effective and add to the breadth of functionality required to manage modern fleets.


    This sleekly designed app allows drivers to notify command centre of emergencies, view their assigned route supported by navigation, receive proof of work certificates and view their time sheets. Coming soon is facial recognition to augment the existing RFID system for secure log-in functionality.


    Feature-rich dashboard provides you with all the relevant information at a glance. The interactive, optimized navigation structure makes it easy to transition between functions and reduces the training requirement for users.


    Fleet management system can be accessed via a fast and easy cloud-based web portal. The solution also boasts a highly feature rich native mobile application on android and iOS providing real time access to many KPI’s, live tracking, trips history and classification and much more.


    Our solution enables you to rename each location visited in a trip for ease of identifying the trips in reports. The system also auto generates the closest businesses to choose from.


    Amber Connect uses full-spec open APIs to integrate our Fleet Management system with other platforms, along with the capability of custom-building additional interfaces for deeper integration to suit your business requirements.


    Our hardware is compact and can be easily concealed, minimizing the risks of tampering/discovery. All of our devices are equipped to protect against depleting the vehicle’s battery under a variety of conditions.


    Our devices feature Anti-GPS and GSM jamming alerts along with the capability to self-initiate deep sleep mode to decrease visibility to the jamming device.


    We use a global SIM which allows a vehicle to roam cross countries and even continents without any roaming charges in 110 countries worldwide.

    CREATE USER GROUPS Group/sub-group vehicles with different log-in access levels to suit your management hierarchy. Our system allows an unlimited number of users, who can be assigned to multiple groups.

  • Fleet Report Vehicle Dashboard Bird’s eye View Trip Explore Statistics Vehicle Info

    Mobile Fleet App

  • A P P I N T E R F A C E

    A quick snapshot of the key performance indicators for your entire fleet.

    Fleet Portal Dashboard

  • A P P I N T E R F A C E

    Live tracking right down to seconds of refresh with live odometer, fuel reading and journey time and distance. See the vehicle route from the starting point to the current location with live traffic and road speed limits.

    Live Tracking

  • A P P I N T E R F A C E

    Bird’s eye view screen gives an overview of all of your vehicles in the fleet with one- click navigation to live tracking, trips and alerts.

    Bird’s Eye View

  • A P P I N T E R F A C E

    View historical trips in timeline or list view including key telematics data. Export trips to Excel, graphical view or PDF instantly.

    Trip History

  • Generate traffic-optimized routes, save them with custom names and assign to any vehicle or group. Receive route deviation alerts and arrival and departure notifications for every waypoint.

    Detailed Route Optimization

  • Create and save multiple polygon geo-fences and receive fence-in and out notifications.

    Polygon Geo Fencing

  • Dashboard shows real-time risk scoring at group/fleet level with drill down capability to key risk statistics.

    Fleet Risk Telematics

  • Dashboard Service Hours Trip Sheet Time Sheet Reports

    Driver Management – Driver Trips Report

  • AMB 365 – Wired

    • Remote engine shutdown and restart

    • Engine on/off detection and notification

    • Built in back up battery and device tamper alert

    • Built-in acceleration sensor

    AMB 368 – OBDII

    • On board diagnostics • Plug and Play easy

    install • Fuel consumption and

    Engine data • Built in back up battery

    and device tamper alert • Built-in acceleration


    AMB 362 – Wireless

    • Built in powerful magnet, no installation required

    • IP65 dust & waterproof • Large capacity battery,

    super long standby time • Voice monitoring function

    (Listen in mode) • Continuous tracking with

    4 week battery life

    AMB 364 – Wired

    • Remote engine shutdown and restart

    • Fuel Sensor & Driver ID Tag

    • Built in back up battery and device tamper alert

    • Panic button accessory • Voice monitor function

    (Listen in mode) • Door open/close


    AMB 368 - Wired

    • Remote engine shutdown and restart

    • Support RFID reader, camera etc

    • 3 years battery life • Bulit-in thermal barrier

    to secure the battery's optimum performance and liability

    • MiC and speaker for two-way audio

    Range of Devices – Partial List

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