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    Iconix provides electronic component sourcing and other supply chain services of the highest quality, on time and at prices highly competitive to the prevailing market.

    We buy better! Iconix has developed global sources of supply far beyond those of our competitors. Our typical sourcing options iconsist of:

    H o w D o W e D o I t ?

    T h e I c o n i x A d v a n t a g e

    For more information please contact

    320 North Broadway Hicksville, NY 11801t 516.513.1420 / 1422 f 516.513.1421

    We have found that ISO 9001:2000 is more than a requirement, it promotes no requires good business practices for continuing registration.

    Iconix can fill all your contract manufacturing or electronic component supply needs including obsolete, hard-to-get or commodity products Iconix can also provide a suite of services, customized to increase profitability. Try a program, today, supported by our credo to manage our business of supplying a robust spectrum of electronic manufacturing services and purchasing solutions with integrity, ingenuity and intensity.

    Iconix received formal ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2009. After a six-month period of preparation and training followed by audits of our quality manuals and several rigorous site inspections, we received our certification from UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) - an internationally renowned registrar.

    ISO 9001:2000 requirements rule nearly all functions at Iconix, including the following important functions:

    Commitment to continual improvement of our operations Quality Assurance and Inspections Material Procurement Employee Training and Human Resource policies Sales, Design and Production documentation control Inspection and test recordkeeping Handling and segregation of discrepant materials Customer Satisfaction

    Design Studio

    Our low cost inventory Our industry partners low cost inventory Consignees inventory Global subscription sourcing network Franchised distribution Component manufacturer partners

    S o u r c e s o f S u p p l y

  • Supply of obsolete or hard-to-get products Integrated business solutions related to sourcing BOM cost reduction Hi-Rel services - Up-screening and re-certification Re-screening Asian component verification/certification Cross referencing Excess inventory program Supply of components to complex, multiple operation drawings Component engineering Global pricing, supply and inventory management

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