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I'm using the basic heroquest rules, with the following exceptions:

Followers cost 3 hero points rather than 1 (I want a small band of rebels rather than a crowd of assorted retainers).

Sidekicks are a keyword rather than a buyable option (but I may allow buying them for extra hero points later on).

Instead of improving your abilities by 20 points, you get a best ability at 5m and two second best abilities at 1m (the way it works in Hero Wars)

Scaling: if hit by something bigger, you lose an additional 'damage level' for each scale of difference. The scales are roughly:

womp rat : human : vehicles/fighters : freighters/AT-ATs : capital ships : death star.

Advanced weaponry: the weapons in star wars are deadly. If you are hit by one, you lose an extra 'damage level'.

Citizens of the Galactic Empire

All characters, whatever their homeworld or race, are a part of the Galactic Empire (formerly known as the Old Republic). This implies a certain general understanding of technology, the galaxy, and common shared languages. All characters therefore automatically have the following skills at 17:

Common Skills: Basic Tech, Drive Vehicle, Education, Operate Computer, Read/Write Aurabesh, Speak Basic.

Alderaan was a sophisticated and peaceful planet, known across the spaceways as 'the bright centre of the universe'. It consisted of small seas and vast temperate grasslands, inhabited by grazers, nerfs, and other wildlife. Its people lived in gleaming white cities of gently curved design, and the famously free-thinking University of Aldera, located in Crevasse City, was renowned across the galaxy as a seat of learning. After the devastation of the Clone Wars, Alderaan outlawed all violence and weapons and began an unprecedented era of peace. As passionate about exploration as they were about their culture, vessels from Alderaan plied many trade routes and settled many colonies on scattered worlds. One of the Core Worlds, Alderaan was hugely influential in galactic politics and was one of the earliest supporters of the Alliance and a staunch opponent of the Empire. Tragically, the planet of Alderaan is no more. Billions of innocent people died at the hands of the Empire when the newly operational Death Star was used against them. None survived. All that now remains of this once great planet is the desolate asteroid field known as 'The Graveyard of Alderaan'.

Skills: Agriculture, Alderaan High Culture, Find a Peaceful Solution, Galactic Politics, Know Alderaan Colonies, Resist the Imperials.
Common Personality Traits: Grief-stricken, Hate the Empire, Pacifist, Sophisticated.
Example Relationships: to surviving family, to colonists, to exiled politician, to the Rebel Alliance.

A gas giant in a little-visited sector of the galaxy, Bespin contains a narrow band of habitable atmosphere (known as the Life Zone) among its endless clouds. Here floating mining complexes extract valuable gases such as Tibanna from deeper within the planets core. The most famous of these settlements, Cloud City, is currently ruled by the Baron-Administrator, Lando Calrissian (a former smuggler and ne'er do well). The only life forms native to Bespin are the thrantas, flying creatures that pose an occasional hazard to ships in a storm, and various floating plants and amoebas. Many kinds of people come to Bespin, some to prospect for gas, others to hide from enemies or the prying eyes of the authorities. As long as you do not cause trouble or attract undue attention, and as long as you keep a close eye on your credits, the visitor will find Bespin a civilised and comfortable haven.

Skills: Avoid Attention of Authorities, Bespin Geography, Gambling, Gas Mining, Sense Opportunity, Stay Neutral.
Common Personality Traits: Enterprising, Greedy, No Love for the Empire, Ruthless.
Example Relationships: to business partners, to family, to Mining Guild, to moneylenders.

The Corellians are a proud and independent people, for the most part choosing to remain outside wider political disputes and taking no sides in the conflict between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. In an effort to limit the urbanisation of their temperate planet, the Corellians long ago moved their renowned shipbuilding industry off-planet. The great orbiting shipyards of the Corellian Engineering Corporation and its competitors are a magnificent sight, and produce such famous vessels as the Corellian CR90 Corvette and the YT-series freighters. The administrative capital of the whole sector, Corellia also has a reputation for the many pirate raids that seem to take place along its local trade routes. Nearby lie the Double Worlds of Tralus and Talus, between which floats the immense and ancient artifact known as Centrepoint Station, believed to be a legacy of some long-dead alien race. Wealthy enough to support its own fleets and security forces (The Corellian Security Force, or CorSec for short), Corellia has nonetheless suffered under the yoke of the Empire. The shipyards have largely been commandeered to produce Imperial cruisers and TIE-fighters, while a planet-wide military draft ensures there are enough troops to crew them. However, many on Corellia sympathise with the Imperial Doctrine, and have become concerned that aliens and the Rebel Alliance do indeed pose a threat to their own unique culture.

Skills: Corellian Traditions, Find a Shortcut, Fly Starship, Identify Ship, Look Out for Number One, Repair Ship.
Common Personality Traits: Arrogant, Courageous, Proud, Selfish.
Example Relationships: to corporations, to Engineering Guild, to family, to Imperial Army.

Formerly the heart of the Old Republic, Coruscant (now officially called Imperial Centre) is the capital of the great Empire and the home of the Emperor himself. Thousands of years of civilisation and expansion have resulted in such urban sprawl that the whole planet is now one immense city. The glimmering peaks of vast skyscrapers tower above the clouds as flashing neon and endless repulsorlift traffic light up the night sky. The Jedi Temple (now destroyed) and the Galactic Senate (now permanently dissolved) were once a part of Coruscant's impressive skyline; only the corporations and commerce guilds now maintain any kind of presence on Coruscant, subservient as they are to the Empire. The Emperor's eyes are everywhere here, and insubordination will not be tolerated. Despite Coruscant's vast wealth there are many no-go places for most civilians, due to gang activity and general urban decay; it is said that the nearer you travel to ground level in Galactic City, the nearer you travel to your grave. Since the coming of the Empire and their xenophobic policies, many aliens have found themselves persecuted and driven down into the depths of the Undercity.

Skills: Coruscant Geography, Feign Loyalty to Empire, Keep a Low Profile, Know Imperial Procedures, Obey Orders, Urban Survival
Common Personality Traits: Cosmopolitan, Cynical, Paranoid, Suspicious of Aliens.
Example Relationships: to corporation, to family, to Imperials, to underworld.

Dionysius is an overcrowded and impoverished urbanised world united by one thing - religion. The Church of the Messiah plays a central role in Dionysius's world government, and is a major part of everyone's life. It dictates the codes of public morality, sets the law, and punishes those who do not obey. Religious fervour is seen as proof of holiness and morality, so Dionysians tend toward extravagant public worship and sacrifice. Worshippers believe that one day a messiah will come, a Man born not of Man, who will lead them against their enemies in a holy crusade of extermination. After the recent Declaration of Godliness by their world goverment, many Dionysians now believe that that day has come and the Emperor himself is the supreme being. Those who express dismay at this development are soon silenced, taken by the authorities in the middle of the night or publically lynched as a blasphemer by their neighbours. A garrison of troops and ships from the holy Empire is now permanently stationed on Dionysius, at the request of the world government, and the holy war has already begun. The Dionysians have made a series of savage, merciless attacks on the Sark'Saron, lizardman raiders of a neighbouring desert world, but this is just the beginning. The church talks openly of galactic extermination, a genocidal onslaught on the heathen alien scum one species at a time until the whole universe belongs to humanity.

Skills: Castigate Sinner, Dionysian Geography, Kill Alien Scum, Know Church Doctrines, Preach to the Converted, Worship Loudly.
Common Personality Traits: Fanatical, Stern, Unreasoning, Xenophobic.
Example Relationships: to congregation, to family, to Imperial 'saviours', to priest.

The Epsilon Nebula
The many small colonies of the Epsilon Nebula are scattered but constantly at war with each other, competing over the rich mineral resources of the many moons and asteroids in the system. Alliances are constantly switching, and betrayal is a fact of life - it is a well known fact that you cannot trust anyone from the other Epsilon worlds, so why not betray them before they betray you? Each colony patrols its own territories and raids its rivals territories in their high-tech Comet-Screamer fighters. Ancient codes of conduct limiting civilian casualties and restricting the involvement of outsiders are strictly adhered to. A kind of equillibrium persists between the colonies, as fortunes change so quickly that no one side has been able to get an advantage and keep it for very long. Recently the Empire has started to take an interest in the Epsilon Nebula,