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Strength and Conditioning Class

Strength and Conditioning Class

Smoky Valley High School

Instructor: Tim Lambert

Class Rules:

1. Shorts and shirt that covers your body

2. Be safe. (have spotters, and no horseplay)

Guidelines for Success:

1. Be on time.

2. Be tough.

3. Dont whine.

4. Stay busy

5. Do things right.


1. Daily 10 pts.

2. BFS beat the computer sheets 5 pts/week

3. Technique testing- 100 pts per test

4. Attitude/workethic- 100 pts

Participation/ Beat the Computer:

Base on (10) total points daily

(10) Points for workout.

You will get a 5 for every day you are tardy

You will get a 0 for every day you have an unexcused nonsuit.

Tardy is -5 points per day.

All absences are 0 until made up.

Beating the Computer on the last set of the 8 core lifts.

Possible of (5) points per week

5 pts = 4x

4 pts = 3x

3 pts = 2x

2 pts = 1x

1 pts = 0x

You may choose to lift lighter on competition days. There will be a formula to follow on those days. It will be posted in the weight room.


All missed days need to be made up. Make up work is due the last day of the 9 weeks.

For each missed day you must write a 100 word summary of an article over weightlifting or other

approved topic and email it to my school account:

If a class is missed due to another school activity it is possible you could be excused from writing a summary. It is your responsibility to communicate with me about this. If you do not talk to me I will mark you down for a make up assignment.

NON SUITS CANNOT BE MADE-UP, unless you are excused in writing by a parent or Doctor.

1. A parent can only excuse you for 3 days before I need a dr. note.

Strength and Agility Tests

There will be tested areas: Bench, Hang Clean, Clean & Jerk, Full Squat, Vertical, and Broad Jump, 20&40, Dot Drill.


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