Strength and Endurance Program for Middle School Students

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Strength and Endurance Program for Middle School Students . BY: Brandon Giesen. Why have this program?. Middle school students are at the age where strength and endurance are vital to their health. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Strength and Endurance Program for Middle School Students

Strength and Endurance Program for Middle School Students BY: Brandon GiesenSWhy have this program?Middle school students are at the age where strength and endurance are vital to their health. Middle school students are of the age to start on a serious fitness program and must learn the basics to prevent injury. This program teaches fitness to students through a fun positive learning experience. Students will learn how to use a variety of fun equipment that teaches them how to exercise properly. How will this program be implemented? Students will participate in the strength and endurance program during physical education class. One DVD will be needed for all physical education classes with students ages 8-18. 4 different pieces of equipment will be needed. DVDName: Home Strength Training Description: This DVD is a visual learning aid to show students from ages 8-18 how to do a verity of strength and endurance exercise the correct way. Where to buy it: Online from amazonCost: 50$

Equipment Name: Exercise matDescription/purpose: A thin mat made of foam. It is used for students to have a safe and soft place to exercise on. Use/value: students will use this every time they workout to have a safe surface to stand on. Where to buy them: Walmart Cost: 12$

Equipment Name: Bosu BallDescription/purpose: A half stability ball with one side flat to lay sturdy on the ground. This is used in a verity of exercise to create balance and stability. Use/Value: Students will use this each time they do the fitness program to create balance and stability. Where to buy them: online at the bosu website. Cost: 85$

Equipment Name: Resistance bandsDescription/Purpose: Rubber tubing with handles on each end. This is used to apply resistance to the muscle through a way of stabilization Use/Value: Students will be using the bands in each portion of the fitness program. The bands will be use in motions to create stabilization amongst the joints of the body.Where to buy them: Dicks Sporting Goods. Cost: 13$

Equipment Name: DumbbellsDescription/Purpose: One pair of dumbbells consists of two individual dumbbell weights. Dumbbells are use to create strength amongst the muscles. Use/Value: Students would use dumbbells in a verity of motions to create strength in the muscles. Two weights would have to be bought, 3lbs and 5lbs to accommodate for various strength amongst students. Where to buy them: Dicks Sporting GoodsCost: 3lb pair = 6$ 5lb pair = 9$

Will this program work?This program will work because it is teaching students the proper way to workout in a fun, energized, and exciting manner. Most students of this age group do not like strength and fitness because it is taught in the same old boring ways. This DVD; Home Strength Training, does not only create a fun way to exercise but it is an educational tool as well. Students will learn and carry basic principals of fitness with them into the rest of their active lives. These basic principals are things that can be done on a daily basis to live a healthy life long lifestyle. ConclusionIn conclusion, this strength and endurance program is a new, fun, and exciting way to educate students on proper ways to preform fitness. The equipment is cost efficient and is made to last through years of repetitive use. The DVD, is in expensive and can be used for a great amount of years as well. There is no reason this program should not be put in place.


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