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Supporting International Students - UW Tacoma · PDF file 2017. 7. 28. · international travel & re-admission, off-campus work authorizations, obtaining SS# and WA IDs) Programs:

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  • F O R :

    O F F I C E O F U N D E R G R A D U A T E E D U C A T I O N F A C U L T Y P R O F E S S I O N A L D E V E L O P M E N T

    B Y :

    K E L V I N K E O W N & A K A N E Y A M A G U C H I

    M A R C H 1 1 , 2 0 1 5

    Supporting International Students

  • Our Agenda/ Guiding Questions

     Introduction  What does Int’l Student Population look like at UWT?  What services do ISS and TLC offer for Int’l Students?  What common challenges do Int’l Students bring to

    classrooms? – we will offer some tips!  What opportunities do Int’l Students bring to campus?  What other resources are available for me?  Q & A

  • Int’l Student Population @ UWT

     Int’l Students = F-1 & J-1 visa holders  Autumn 2014 #s  257 (95 of them were new students)  162 % increase from Autumn 2013 # (98).

     Class Standings:  First Years = 12  Sophomores = 28  Juniors = 104  Seniors = 45  Graduates = 68

  • Int’l Student Population @ UWT, cont.

    Undergraduates  Average GPA (continuing students): 2.96  Average Transfer GPA: 3.21  Top Transfer Schools:  TCC  Highline  Pierce  Green River  Seattle Central

  • International Student Services (ISS)

     F-1 & J-1 Student Advising  Non-immigrant document issuance, status maintenance,

    international travel & re-admission, off-campus work authorizations, obtaining SS# and WA IDs)

     Programs:  Quarterly New Student Orientation  Weekly UWTea Time  Workshops  Int’l Education Week

     Outreach & Advocacy:  To students whose GPAs are suffering  Weekly Email Newsletters to students  Quarterly Email Newsletters to constituents.  Facebook page  Website:

  • International Student Services (ISS), cont’d.

     Office Location: MAT 203  International Student Advisors:  Akane Yamaguchi, Assistant Director (IT & Nursing majors)  Laura Belle Douglas, Int’l Student Advisors (IA&S and Pre-

    majors)  Jon Dietzen, Int’l Student Recruiter & Advisor (funded by

    Milgard, Business majors)  Vacant, Int’l Student Counselor (funded by Milgard, Business


  • Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)

     Provide feedback on writing  fulfilling assignment  process  organization  clarity  vocabulary and limited grammar

     Writing centers are not editing services  We take a long view, not a “perfect by due date” view.

  • Int’l Student Challenges

     English Proficiency  Lack of Socio Cultural context  Needs to invest 3 times more on studies  University Culture  Learning the why, when, & how of citation and

    reference  don’t frame as theft or “integrity”

  • Tips for Teaching Int’l Students

     English Proficiency:  Visual Aid  Recording  Avoid timed writing  Provide opportunities for revision  Don’t require perfect grammar, don’t grade heavily on it.  Encourage use of TLC

    All entering Int’l Students have met the English proficiency

    requirement, yet need…

  • Tips for Teaching Int’l Students, cont’d.

     Sociocultural Context:  Do not assume background knowledge  Provide relevant materials for getting up to speed  Looks for tasks in lectures, assignments and exams where

    assumed background knowledge may disadvantage students.

  • Tips for Teaching Int’l Students, cont’d.

     University Culture:  Clearly articulate expectations

     Academic  Interpersonal  Deadlines/ Timeliness  Special policy on student work

     Capitalize on teachable moments  For all of the above

  • Tips for Teaching Int’l Students, cont’d.

     Learning to Use Citation and References:  Integrating sources effectively is more than the sum of citation

    and quotation rules.

     The cultural values that animate source attribution in the AADC are not universal nor obvious to novices – recitations of rules and admonishments of “integrity” are not enough.

     Students need practice before punishment

  • Tips for Teaching Int’l Students, cont’d.

     Needs to invest 3 times more on studies:  Try to make a personal connection  Encourage use of office hours

     Encourage them to come in a small group or in a pair  Encourage study group & partners

  • Opportunities of Int’l Students Presence

     How have International Students influenced

    classroom dynamics in your classes?

  • Online Resources

     Integrating International Students (from Inside Higher Ed )

     Chinese Students in the Classroom ( from Inside Higher Ed)

     Teaching International Students: Pedagogical Issues and Strategies (U. of Michigan Center for Research on Learning and Teaching)

     Tips on Teaching ESL Students (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Writing Center),+Strategies+&+Support+Services&utm_medium=email,+Strategies+&+Support+Services&utm_medium=email,+Strategies+&+Support+Services&utm_medium=email,+Strategies+&+Support+Services&utm_medium=email,+Strategies+&+Support+Services&utm_medium=email,+Strategies+&+Support+Services&utm_medium=email,+Strategies+&+Support+Services&utm_medium=email,+Strategies+&+Support+Services&utm_medium=email,+Strategies+&+Support+Services&utm_medium=email

  • Further Readings

     Adjusting to University Evans, M. & Morrison, B. (2011). First term at university: Implications for EAP. ELT Journal,

    65(4), 387-397. doi: 10.1093/elt/ccq072  Using sources in writing Keck, C. (2014). Copying, paraphrasing, and academic writing development: A re-examination of

    L1 and L2 summarization practices. Journal of Second Language Writing, 25, 4-22. doi: 10.1016/j.jslw.2014.05.005

    Li, Y. & Casanave, C. P. (2012). Two first year students’ strategies for writing from sources:

    Patchwriting or Plagiarism? Journal of Second Language Writing, 21(2), 165-180. doi: 10.1016/j.jslw.2012.03.002

    Shi, L. (2012). Rewriting and paraphrasing source texts in second language writing. Journal of

    Second Language Writing, 21(2), 134-148. doi: 10.1016/j.jslw.2012.03.003

     Reading McNeil, L. (2010). Investigating the contributions of background knowledge and reading

    comprehension strategies to L2 reading comprehension: An exploratory study. Reading and Writing, 24(8), 883-902. doi: 10.1007/s11145-010-9230-6

  • Thank You!

     Kelvin Keown, English Language Consultant, The

    Teaching and learning center (TLC)  [email protected]

     Akane Yamaguchi, Assist. Dir., International Stude

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