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  • 1. SXSW Digital Press Center

2. Over 3000 media attendees come to SXSW,looking for good stories. Everybody wants toget in touch with them.We gure things can get messy. 3. Are these questions familiar?Can I get a list of attending press?Can you introduce me to publication X & Y?I have a press release can you distribute it?Where can I nd all press releases?I have awesome news can you add it to your site? 4. The answer:Go to the SXSW Digital Press CenterThe place where sponsors, participating companies and partners can publish their news. 5. OpenPressRoom 6. BenetsAnswer to all the questionsOne-stop-shop for mediaSave trees, no need to print those PDFsBrandedMore overall coverage 7. How does it work for partners?1.Your partners create a free PressDoc account2.They create press releases3.Releases are published in the SXSW digital presscenter 8. How does it work for SXSW?1. Communicate the digital press center to thepartners and press2. Designate a contact person to keep in touch withPressDoc3. Leave the rest to us (support, moderation, techsupport, design) 9. What does a PressDoc look like? 10. Embargo press releases 11. Include relevant attachments 12. Thank you!