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The Company

The head office of A. FRIEDR. FLENDER AG is located in Bocholt. The company was founded at the end of the last century and in the early years of its existence was involved in the manufacture and sales of wooden pulleys. At the end of the 20s, FLENDER started to manufacture gear units, couplings and clutches, and with the

development and manufacture of one of the first infinitely variable speed gear units, FLENDER became a leader in the field of power transmission technology. Today, FLENDER is an international leader in the field of stationary power transmission technology, and a specialist in the supply of complete

drive systems. FLENDER manufactures electronic, electrical, mechanical and hydraulic components which are offered both as individual components and as partial or complete systems. FLENDERs world-wide workforce consists of approximately 7,200 employees. Eight manufacturing plants and six sales centres are located in

FLENDER, BocholtGermany. Nine manufacturing plants, eighteen sales outlets and more than forty sales offices are currently in operation in Europe and overseas. The eight domestic manufacturing plants form a comprehensive concept for all components involved in the drive train. Core of the entire group of companies is the mechanical power transmission division. With its factories in Bocholt, Penig and the French works FLENDER-Graffenstaden in Illkirch it covers the

spectrum of stationary mechanical drive elements. The product range is rounded off by the geared motors manufactured at FLENDER TBINGEN GMBH. The fields of electronics, electrotechnics and motors are covered by LOHER AG which also belongs to the group of companies. FLENDER GUSS GMBH in Wittgensdorf/Saxony put FLENDER in a position to safeguard the supply of semi-finished goods for the FLENDER group and at the same time provide large capacities for

castings for customers individual requirements. With its extensive range of services offered by FLENDER SERVICE GMBH, the groups range of products and services is completed. Thus, FLENDER offers to the full, the expertise for the entire drive train - from the power supply to the processing machine, from the know-how transfer of single components to complete solutions for each kind of application.



The Drive Train

ELECTRONICS / ELECTROTECHNICS / MOTORS LOHER AG D-94095 Ruhstorf Tel: (0 85 31) 3 90 Three-phase motors for low and high voltage, Special design motors, Electronics, Generators, Industrial motors, Variable speed motors, Service, Repair, Spare parts

GEARED MOTORS FLENDER TBINGEN GMBH D-72007 Tbingen Tel: (0 70 71) 7 07 - 0 Helical, parallel shaft helical, worm and bevel geared motors and gear units, Variable speed and friction drive geared motors

COUPLINGS AND CLUTCHES A. FRIEDR. FLENDER AG D-46395 Bocholt Tel: (0 28 71) 92 - 28 00 Flexible couplings, Gear couplings, All-steel couplings, Fluid couplings, Clutches, Starting clutches


GEAR UNITS A. FRIEDR. FLENDER AG Getriebewerk Penig D-09322 Penig Tel: (03 73 81) 60 Standard helical and bevelhelical gear units, Special series production gear units FLENDER-GRAFFENSTADEN S.A. F-67400 Illkirch-Graffenstaden Tel: (3) 88 67 60 00 High-speed gear units

A. FRIEDR. FLENDER AG D-46393 Bocholt Tel: (0 28 71) 92 - 0 Helical, bevel-helical and bevel gear units, Shaft- and foot-mounted worm and planetary gear units, Load sharing gear units, Series and special design gear units for specific applications, Mechanically variable speed drives, Radial piston motors and hydraulic power packs

SERVICE FLENDER SERVICE GMBH D-44607 Herne Tel: (0 23 23) 94 73 - 0 Maintenance, repair, servicing and modification of gear units and drive systems of any manufacturer, Supply of gear units with quenched and tempered and hardened gears, Supply of spare parts

CASTINGS FLENDER GUSS GMBH D-09228 Wittgensdorf Tel: (0 37 22) 64 - 0 Basic, low- and high-alloy cast iron with lamellar and nodular graphite



Electronics, Electrotechnics, Motors

Geared Motors

LOHER Ruhstorf


In 1991, LOHER AG became a hundred percent subsidiary of FLENDER AG. The product range covers three-phase motors ranging from 0.1 to 10,000 kW for low and high voltage, as well as electronic equipment for controlling electrical drives of up to 6,000 kW. Apart from the manufacture of standard motors, the company specializes in the production of motors in special

design according to customers requirements. The products are used world-wide in the chemical and petrochemical industries, in elevator and mechanical engineering, for electric power generation, in on- and off-shore applications, as well as in the field of environmental technology.

MOTOX helical geared motor

The company FLENDER TBINGEN GMBH has its origins in a firm founded in Tbingen in 1879 by the optician and mechanic Gottlob Himmel. Today, the main emphasis of the FLENDER TBINGEN GMBH production is based on geared motors as compact units. Furthermore, the product range includes medium- and high-frequency generators for special applications in the

Speed-controlled three-phase motors for hotwater circulating pump drives for long-distance heating supply LOHER three-phase slip-ring motor for high voltage with motor-operated short-circuit brush lifting device (KBAV)

MOTOX bevel geared motors driving lifting jacks for the maintenance of the ICE

sectors of heat, welding and soldering technology. About 650 employees are working in the factory and office buildings located at the outskirts of Tbingen. Helical, worm, bevel-helical and variable speed geared motors are made by using the latest manufacturing methods.



Couplings and Clutches

Gear Units

FLENDER Kupplungswerk Mussum


In 1990, the Couplings division was separated from the FLENDER parent plant in Bocholt, and newly established in the industrial area BocholtMussum. With this most modern factory it was aimed at combining all depart-ments involved in a largely independent business sector.

FLENDER is world-wide the biggest supplier of stationary mechanical power transmission equipment. The product range comprises mainly gear units, worm gear units and variable speed drives. Innovative developments continuously require new standards in the gear unit technology. A wide range of standard gear units, but also of

standardized custom-made gear units for almost all drive problems enable FLENDER to offer specific solutions for any demand, high-quality standards and quick deliveries being taken for granted.


Since its foundation in 1899, FLENDER has been manufacturing couplings for industrial applications within an ever growing product range. With an increasing diversification in the field of power transmission technology the importance of couplings is permanently growing. FLENDER makes torsionally rigid and flexible couplings, clutches and friction clutches, as well as fluid couplings within torque ranges from 10 to 10,000,000 Nm.

FLENDER-N-EUPEX coupling and FLENDER-ELPEX coupling in a pump drive

FLENDER girth gear unit in a tube mill drive

FLENDER-CAVEX worm gear unit



Power Transmission Technology

Power Transmission Technology



When placing orders in the field of power transmission technology and for components which go with it, machinery and equipment manufacturers worldwide prefer to consult specialists who have industry-specific knowledge and experience.

FLENDER AG has taken that fact into account by setting up industry sector groups. Project teams are working on industry-specific solutions to meet customer demands.

Planetary helical gear unit for a wind power station

FLENDER components in a drive of a wind power station

Pumping station in Holland with water screw pump drives by FLENDER

FLENDER bevel-helical gear unit type B3SH 19 with a RUPEX coupling on the output side in a screw pump drive



Gear Units

Gear Units

FLENDER Getriebewerk Penig


Since April 1, 1990 Getriebewerk Penig has been a hundred percent subsidiary of the FLENDER group. After its acquisition, the production facilities were considerably expanded and brought up to the latest level of technology. The production of the new FLENDER gear unit series has been centralized at this location. This standard product range which was introduced in 1991

FLENDER bevel-helical gear unit

FLENDER-GRAFFENSTADEN has specialized in the development, design and production of high-speed gear units. FLENDER-GRAFFENSTADEN is an internationally leading supplier of gear units and power transmission elements for gas, steam, and water turbines, as well as of power transmission technology for pumps and compressors used in the chemical industry.

Customer advice, planning, assembly, spare parts deliveries, and after-sales-service form a solid foundation for a high-level cooperation.

meets highest technical requirements, and can be utilized universally for many applications. Furthermore, special design gear units of series production used for custom-made machines in the machine building industry are manufactured in Penig.

FLENDER bevel-helical gear unit driving a dosing machine in a brickworks

FLENDER-GRAFFENSTADEN high-speed gear unit in a power station drive

FLENDER-GRAFFENSTADEN high-speed gear unit



Engineering & Service