Technology and Learning: Putting it all in Perspective

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This presentation was given to the National Junior Honor Society Inductees and their parents. A funny, enlightening, uplifting talk helping people to see the power of technology in learning, but putting it in perspective! This presentation made reference to the devastation experienced by Hurricane Sandy and its importance of kindness and interpersonal relationships.

Text of Technology and Learning: Putting it all in Perspective

  • 1. Technology and Learning:Putting it all in PerspectiveNa#onal Junior Honor Society Induc#on Ceremony Keynote Address by William Brennan November 27, 2012

2. Technology and Learning:Putting it all in Perspective 3. 1982 - 1989 1989 - 19911991-1995 1995 - 1999 4. FARMINGDALESCHOOLS.ORG 5. WE ARE NOW LIVING IN A WORLD WHERE. WE DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT WE DONT KNOW. 6. Why does this maPer? Todays Kindergartener Todays HS Senior Born in 2009 Born in 1995 Will graduate HS in 2024 Will graduate HS in 2013 Will graduate college in Will graduate college in 2028 2017 Re5re in 2068 Re5re in 2057 7. What does this mean? We have to recognize that all of us grew up in a par#cular era, one that civiliza#on has never seen before. We built ins#tu#onal prac#ces that prepared us to live in a period of rela#ve stability - where skills lasted a life#me. Moving from the Informa#on Age to an Age of Networked Intelligence. 8. Born September, 2008 Born August, 2010 9. Technology in perspec#ve! Liams First Step Age 5 months 10. Its not TECHNOLOGY unless you were born before it existed. Milton Chen, 2004 11. The ques5on we have to ask ourselves today is: HOW do we use these tools? 12. The world is now your classroom! 13. Final Thoughts For genera#ons we have been about making things faster, shorter, smaller eciency. Were in an age where everyone has Facebook, most people have smart phones and TwiPer, and everything moves super quickly. With that being said, weve started to depend more on technology and less on personal interac5ons with others. Although we have this amazing inux of informa#on at our nger#ps, its more important to appreciate the real-life friendships that you will make throughout your #me in middle school and into high school, college and beyond. Con#nue to be kind, compassionate and loving to one another at home, at school, at work, and in every interac#on throughout the day. 14. Just stop and think for a second about all that we have been through in the last month. There are powerful messages here. 15. rs? ighbow neet neyo u meDid What did you do when there was no TV? What did you do when there was no XBOX? What did you do when there was no CELL PHONES? What did you do when there was no INTERNET? 16. Using the Internet to make the world a bePer place! 17. CONGRATULATIONS! Go on and change the world!