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    eco kitchenseco kitchens

    the natural choice Issue 7. 06-17

    the natural choice

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    10-Year Guarantee We are very confident within the quality of the kitchens we manufacture. In the unlikely event that any of the units prove defective as a result of faulty design, materials or manufacturing processes, during a period of ten years from date of purchase, We will replace or repair at our discretion, providing proof of purchase

    has been retained by the original purchaser. The guarantee applies to units & doors only and excludes colour fade, due to mellowing & sunlight.

    Any claims must be made as soon as the fault becomes apparent by the original purchaser, through the retailer whom the product was purchased. Guarantee covers domestic installation only.

    We consider ourselves to be an ethical based manufacturer whose principles are founded on the reduction of our carbon footprint, a responsible approach to both quality and the satisfaction of our clients.

    In meeting the former, we achieved national recognition via the Green Apple Award, further reinforced by obtaining the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 50001 standard.

    Our Kitchens holds the prestigious FIRA Gold award, in recognition of quality & excellence within manufacturing.



    British Made Since1868

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    Our kitchens not only offer market leading products we also offer superior styling through

    modern, contemporary, chic to a more traditional flavour from our extensive portfolio of


    Our award winning furniture, offers inspiration to every customer and designer to create

    a living space that will bring those dreams to reality.

    kitchen styles & designs for all tastes

    the natural choice

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    Credentials/Introduction 2 - 5

    Contents 6

    Cabinets 7

    Blum 8 - 9

    Range by range fascias 10 - 11

    Tempo Ranges 12 - 17

    Avola Ranges 18 - 21

    Metro 22 - 27

    Cologne Ranges 28 - 31

    Forma Ranges 32 - 35

    Solent 36 - 41

    Solent Gloss White 42 - 43

    Celine Cream 44 - 45

    Abbey Ranges 46 - 49

    Cottage Cream 50 - 51

    Reviva Ranges 52 - 55

    Flaxley Ranges 56 - 59

    Sentia Ranges 60 - 63

    Decor Oyster 64 - 65

    Image Gloss Ranges 66 - 75

    Image Mix ‘n’ match Ranges 76 - 79

    Gloss Ranges 80 - 83

    Pendle Oak 84 - 85

    Pendle Oyster 86 - 87

    Integra Mix ‘n’ match Ranges 88 - 91

    Integra Gloss Ranges 92 - 101

    Worksurfaces 102 - 105

    Handles 106 - 115

    6 7

    Our high specification, European style platinum white cabinets offer co-ordinated replacement ends in,

    Avola Champagne, Avola Grey, Avola White, Fjord, Gloss Dakota, Gloss Kashmir, Gloss Oyster, Gloss White, Oyster,

    Lancaster Oak, Cream, Stone Grey, Aragon Oak, Coco Bolo, Driftwood, Brown Grey Avola, Grey Bardolino Oak, Dakar,

    Kashmir, Mussel, Grey Mist, Denim Blue & Gloss Grey Mist.

    As standard appliance housings & larders are supplied complete with colour co-ordinated ends.

    superior cabinet specification

    Colour Options


    Fira Gold Certification.

    18mm Quality mfc (BS6222-3:1999) with 130gsm overlay as standard

    0.8mm ABS cabinet lipping gives better looks & protection

    Cam construction with added dowels giving extra strength

    8mm Full length matching MDF backs to base & wall

    Concealed wall hanging brackets for good looks

    Blum 110º 3 way adjustable hinges

    Blum soft close door option

    Blum tandem drawer with soft close

    Replacement co-ordinated ends to match unicolour, woodgrains & gloss

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    Blum Lifetime Guarantee




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    Blum has it all!

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    This is why our kitchens offers Blum fittings as an option

    Blum products and our kitchens...

    Why we use Blum... We use Blum hinges, drawer boxes and lifting mechanisms quite simply, because they are, in our opinion, the very best money can buy and harmonise perfectly within our kitchens.

  • Aragon Oak (P16) (P14) (P16) (P16) (P14)DriftwoodCoco BoloGlass Grey Bardolino Oak Stone Grey

    Cologne (Vinyl)

    (P30) (P30)Cream Glass (P30)Oyster (P28)Smooth White

    Tempo (Mfc)

    Aragon Oak (P12)DriftwoodCoco Bolo Grey Bardolino Oak

    Tempo (Mfc) - Linea Top Fix Handle


    Avola (Mfc) - Linea Top Fix Handle

    Avola Brown GreyGrey Champagne

    Dakar Kashmir Mussel Oyster WhiteGlass

    Solent (Vinyl)

    (P40) Fjord (P38)

    Cream (P54) White (P52)Glass (P54)

    Reviva (Vinyl)

    10 Glass (P64)Oyster (P64)

    Driftwood (P90) Avola White (P88)Avola Grey (P88)

    Integra (Mfc)

    Decor (Wrapped)

    Lancaster Oak (P56)Glass (P58)

    Glass (P82)

    Oyster (P58)

    Oyster (P82) White (P80)

    Flaxley (Vinyl)

    Gloss (Lacquered)

    White Dakota Oyster Kashmir Grey Mist (P12/74)

    Image (Coated Mfc) - Linea Top Fix Handle


    Cream (P34) (P32)White

    Avola (Mfc)

    (P18)Avola Brown Grey(P20)Grey

    (P32)Lancaster Oak (P32)Glass

    Forma (Vinyl)

    (P12)Stone Grey

    Gloss Oyster Gloss WhiteGlass (P42)

    Cream (P44)

    Oyster (P48) Lancaster Oak (P46)

    Glass (P44)

    Glass (P48)(P42)

    Solent (Gloss Vinyl)

    Celine (Vinyl)

    Abbey (Vinyl)

    (P18)Champagne Glass

    Dakar (P24)(P26)(P26) (P24)Kashmir OysterMusselFjordGlass White

    Metro (Vinyl) Cream (P50) Glass (P50)

    Cottage (Vinyl)

    Glass (P84)Oak (P84) Oyster (P86)

    Pendle (Timber, Veneers) Cream (P60) White (P62)Glass (P60)

    Sentia (Vinyl)

    11 GlassGloss Oyster (P96) Gloss Kashmir (P94) Gloss White (P98) Gloss Dakota (P100)

    Integra (Gloss Lacquers)

    Grey Mist (P92)

    Glass (P70)White (P70) Dakota (P66) Oyster (P68) Kashmir (P72) Grey Mist

    Image (Coated Mfc)

    Denim Blue (P22)Grey Mist

    (P36)Denim Blue Grey Mist

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    Tempo Linea Driftwood with Image Linea Grey Mist Gloss

    As the name suggests, Driftwood is heavily structured, a