Test, Visibility and Control

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Test, Visibility and Control. The Vendors. Network Instruments Leaders in Application Performance High Speed Forensic Capture Network & Application Visibility Reporting Full Packet Capture to 10Gb Wire Speed (20Gbs). The Vendors. Apposite Technologies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Test, Visibility and Control

The VendorsNetwork InstrumentsLeaders in Application PerformanceHigh Speed Forensic CaptureNetwork & Application VisibilityReportingFull Packet Capture to 10Gb Wire Speed (20Gbs)The VendorsApposite TechnologiesCost effective WAN Emulation up to 10Gb 40GbControl bandwidth, latency, jitter and lossEasy to use interfaceThe VendorsSpirent CommunicationsUnique in delivering hardware cost effective network test platform up to 10Gb aimed at the EnterpriseIncludes packet capture, traffic generation & netflow

The VendorsBluecoatMarket leaders in WAN Optimisation, Packet Shaping and Web SecurityNew PacketShaper hardware models lower TCO and deliver 10Gb Visibility and ControlAudience Participation! How many have rolled out 10GB?Where?Core Network?Servers?Between physical sites?

The challenge..Cost10Gb is becoming more affordable but will come down as the technology maturesLimited adoption in EnterpriseTest, Visibility and Control become more complexThe business drivers..Network RefreshVirtualisationBusiness Continuity/Disaster RecoveryBackup4 Vendors provide a comprehensive solution


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