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The Development Gap (topic from the Human Paper)

The Development Gap (topic from the Human Paper)

Key Idea


You can measure the differences in development in many different ways

There can be correlation between the different measures

Using just one method to measure can be limiting

Different parts of the world can be classified in different ways

The link between quality of life and standard of living. There are different ideas of an acceptable quality of life in different parts of the world. People make attempts to improve their own quality of life

Global inequalities can be made worse by both physical and human factors.

E.g. of physical factor natural hazard

E.g. of economic factor is international trade

E.g. of social factor is an unstable government

To make the world less unequal will require an international effort.

There is an imbalance to world trade. Efforts such as Fair Trade and trading groups have been made to lessen this

People have tried to lessen countries debt by (i) abolishing debt and (ii) conservation swaps

The advantages and disadvantages of different types of aid

The role of international aid donors in encouraging sustainable development

A case study of one development project

There are varying levels of inequality within the EU.

What causes different EU countries to have different levels of development

What has been done to try to lessen these inequalities


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