The reluctant poet

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  • 1.Workshop Ideaswith Jeni Mawter

2. What is a poem?Poetry is about sharingan experience, idea orfeeling.Poems are written withwords chosen for theirsound and beauty as wellas their meaning. 3. Speed Writing Dont worry about spelling, punctuation, grammar orhandwriting. Keep your hand moving. Dont cross out. Lose control. Go for the jugular. Dont think. Dont get logical. 4. Speed WritingRemember You cant get this wrong. Silence your voices of doubt. Any thought is a good thought. 5. Hot Tip 1 Write first about the things closest to you yourself your family friends pets. 6. A List Poem the writer is telling you something Theres a beginning and an end, like in a story The list is arranged so it is pleasing to the ear and eye. 7. What Bugs Me poemWhen someone is always complaining.When theres no bread to make toast.When I can only find one shoe.When the alarm doesnt go off.When the kids fight.When someone is late for dinner.When I lose my keys. 8. I Cant Write a PoemI cant write a poem.Its dumb.I cant rhyme.My head is empty.I dont know what to write.I hate poetry.I cant write a poem. 9. An Apology PoemTo My MotherI am sorryfor laughingwhen your tooth fell outand you lookedlike a witch.And for makingYou stick itBack on your platewith bubblegum .Even whenI gave youthe super-glueI was bubblinginside. 10. Word AssociationsRed roses True storyRed faceTrue liesRed sunburn True falseRed angry True to you 11. Word AssociationsWrite a list of associations for each word. happy softtall sleepy 12. Leapfrog PoemsSwimming poolpool cold Bus stopcold toes stop thattoes blue that catblue lips cat splatlips shiver 13. Hot Tip 2Dont worry about trying to make your poem rhyme. 14. RhymeWilliam Shakespeares rule When you write something serious do not use rhyme,but if you want to make people laugh use rhyme.Free verse is a poem that does not rhyme.Unscramble the letters to find a type of poem that rhymes.RICE MILK 15. ParodyTake a well-known poem and make fun of it. Jeni Mawter having fun with haiku ...My tummy grumblesWhen teacher entersEcho throughout theScurrying and hurryingclassroomBottoms land on seats.Feed me. Feed me. Now! 16. ParodyNursery rhymes are fun to parodyLittle Miss Tuckett sat on a bucket,eating some peaches and cream.There came a grasshopper which tried hard to stop her,but she said, Rack off or Ill scream. 17. .Parody ExerciseChoose from the list and write a parody poem. Three little kittens Humpty Dumpty Three blind mice Georgie Porgie This little piggy Baa baa black sheep Jack and Jill Ding dong dell 18. Hot Tip 3Dont expect to get your poem right the first time. 19. Questions