The Story of the Three Little Pigs

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The Story of the Three Little Pigs. Start story. Once upon a time there lived a mother pig, she lived in an old barn with her three little pigs. What happens next in the story? (click on the picture). The wolf comes and blows the barn down. Mother pig sends the three pigs off to work . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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The wolf finds that he can go down the chimney and into the house made of bricks. BUT, the three little pigs are far too clever for the big bad wolf and they put a big cauldron of boiling water underneath the chimney. When the wolf slides down the chimney he lands straight in the boiling water, and that is the end of the big bad wolf!WHAT A GREAT ENDING!

The two little pigs went on alongThe road. They met a man whohad lots of sticks, the secondlittle pig bought some sticks tobuild a house.What happens next in the story? (click the picture)The little pig builds a house with the sticksThe little pig goes to live with his brother in the straw house

WELL DONE You are a fantastic story teller, and you have helped the three little pigs to escape from the big bad wolf!


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The wind blows too hard and the house of leaves is blown awayTHE ENDBad luckBack to the story

The wolf tries to sneak in down the chimney. BUT, the three little pigs are far to clever, they quietly sneak out of the back door and run away from the big bad wolf once again!WHAT A GREAT ENDING!

Well doneThe second little pig built a house with the sticks. He was very pleased with his house. Now the wolf will not catch me and eat me he thought. I will build a stronger house than yours said the third little pig, and he carried on up the road.NEXT PAGE

Bad luckThere is not enough room for both pigs to live in the straw houseTHE END

Back to the story

Bad luckWhen the little pig goes back home, he finds out that the wolf has blown down the barnTHE ENDBack to the story

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