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<p>Their Eyes Were Watching God Chapters 8-12 Study Guide</p> <p>Their Eyes Were Watching God Chapters 8-12 Study Guide</p> <p>Chapters 7 and 8</p> <p>1.) Explain the following metaphor: She was a rut in the road. Plenty of life beneath the surface but it was kept beaten down by the wheels. (pg 76)</p> <p>2.) How does Janie deal with her unhappy life with Joe? (pg 77)</p> <p>3.) Explain Joes motivation for striking Janie.</p> <p>4.) Detail the circumstances surrounding Jodys death.</p> <p>5.) Describe Janies reaction to Joes death. (pg 87)</p> <p>Chapters 9 and 10</p> <p>6.) Contrast Janies inward emotions with her outward appearances at Joes death/funeral.</p> <p>7.) How does Janie feel about Nanny?</p> <p>8.) What are Janies feelings about finding a new mate after Joes death?</p> <p>9.) Describe Tea Cake. How do he and Janie meet?</p> <p>10.) Why is the fact that Tea Cake asks Janie to play checkers significant to Janie?</p> <p>Chapters 11 and 12</p> <p>11.) How does Tea Cake convince Janie that his feelings for her are sincere?</p> <p>12.) Detail the towns reaction to Janie and Tea Cakes courtship.</p> <p>13.) Pheoby approaches Janie with some concerns about Tea Cakes interest in Janie. How does Janie discredit </p> <p> the notion that Tea Cake is out to get her money?</p> <p>14.) Explain Janies belief that marriage is a gamble and why she is willing to take a chance with Tea Cake.</p>


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