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  • Documents for Facilitator (Hidden from Learners)

    Tools and Other Resources This document is intended to help you, the facilitator, find helpful resources.


    What it is: Software that automatically produces videos from your pictures, video clips, and


    Where to find it:


    What it is: An open-source cross-platform sound editor and recorder suitable for podcasting

    Where to find it:

    What it is: A mind mapping and brainstorming tool

    Where to find it:


    What it is: A digital time machine that creates a new way for the world to see and share


    Where to find it: ( and

    Khan Academy

    What it is: A library of over 2,600 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics,

    finance, and history and 235 practice exercises

    Where to find it:

    Created June 2012

  • Created June 2012, Revised November 2013


    What it is: An alternative to PowerPoint that shows relationships and levels of importance; a

    great way to jazz up a presentation; no software installation is required and the basic

    version is free

    Where to find it:

    Project Gutenberg

    What it is: The largest freely accessible collection of documents (including books and sheet


    Where to find it:


    What it is: An online tutoring service for learners

    Where to find it:

    TED talks

    What it is: A critically acclaimed, award-winning website featuring inspired talks from the

    world's leading thinkers and doers

    Where to find it:


    What it is: a plagiarism-detection service that helps you see how much of a particular paper is

    original and how much is taken from another source; TurnItIn is integrated with


    Where to find it:


    What it is: A great and easy way to capture group conversations, and share with everyone.

    Images, documents, and videos can be included; five different ways to comment; no

    software installation is required as Regis CPS has purchased a license

    Where to find it:

  • Created June 2012, Revised November 2013

    U.S. Government Photos and Images

    What it is: Photos and images in the public domain that may be used and reproduced without

    permission or fee

    Where to find it:

    Assistance Needed? Contact ITS Help Center at or call 303-458-4050 / 1-800-

    388-2366 x 4050.


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