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Transmedia Storytelling

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Social media marketing: Transmedia

Social media marketing:TransmediaLu SzlazakTransmediaStorytelling across multiple forms of media, with each element making distinctive contributions to a user's understanding of the story universeThe Goalexpand the story universe for an audience to view, play or use on different media and gadgetsTraditional media vs transmediaStory universeFILMStory: 2 hours

TVAPPSWEBBOOKSFILMStory universeTVEpisode: 45min

BookStory: 200 pages4Traditional media vs transmediaAudience Engagementviewer: passiveconsumeenjoyforgetviewerplayeruseractive or passiveTraditional media vs transmediaIn a nutshellfixed outletslimitedlinearclosedmultiple outletsmultilinkedinteractivenon-linearopenWhy using transmediaBrand controlFan engagement

Digital insight Actively engaged real-time viewers who must find suspense and satisfaction in each single episode. More reflective long-term audience who look for coherent patterns in the story as a whole. Navigational viewer who takes pleasure in following the connections between different parts of the story and in discovering multiple arrangements of the same material. People that are looking for involvement in communities, and wishing to share their point of views.

Alternate reality game(ARGs)

Too invasive Asked too much Did not take into account different type of players9 10

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