Triathlon Tips Sheri Schrock, 2015 Elite Team

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  • Triathlon TipsSheri Schrock, 2015 Elite Team

  • Triathlon An Unexpected JourneySugar Lake Tri 9 times2014 World Triathlon, Weihai, China Winter training on bike trainerGarmin to measure heart rate on bike/pace on run2015 World Triathlon, Malmo, Sweden Power meter on bikeTriathlon CampMay 2015 Triathlon Coach Certification

  • Non-swimmers:Start w/ Duathlon. Add Tris laterTry a Relay TriathlonKeep it simple - goggles, bike, bike shoes, helmet, water bottle, tri shorts, run shoesWetsuit if the water is coldChoose a raceSet goalsAllow 8 or more weeks to train

  • Set GoalsChallenging and realisticPerformance orientedProcess, you can control (pace on bike/run)Not outcome/result (1st place)WHY?Enhance your motivation and focusMakes you accountable

  • Training6-8/wk - 2 swim, 2-3 bike, 2-3 run Sport specific swim/bike/runAerobic 20 minutes plusPractice transitions (rip off wetsuit, mount/dismount bike)Carry ID (expired) or Road ID, especially on the bike

  • Progressive/Increase/OverloadIntensity harder is KINGMore improvement (faster) in less timeIncorporate races as hard trainingIts hard to push yourself aloneVolume longer is over-rated but needed1 long bike and run per weekNeeded for finishing

  • IntensityAdaptation = stress + REST *** Most important rule of training***Most ignored!Next time a similar session should be easier or faster

  • Swim TrainingLearn to breath on BOTH sidesWater may be choppyPractice open water swimming and sighting Lifting head causes drag (legs drop)Look with eyesSwim along the shore for safety

  • Bike EquipmentProper bike fit is key!Clipless pedalsSystem with cleats that bolt to bike shoes More power and saferTri shorts vs Bike shorts for the runTri chamois slimmer, more flexibleBike chamois may feel a like giant diaper!Chamois creamUpgrade wheels?Flat Kit and know how to change a tire!

  • Tri Frame Has Different GeometryOver 60% weight toward front of bike Need to keep hip angle open for efficient pedaling More comfortable, efficient and aerodynamic position while in the aerobars

    Diagram credit: James Hepburn

  • Get AeroOn a flat road with no wind:90% of resistance is from aerodynamic drag25-30% due to bike70-75% due to bodyYou can buy speedAerobar is #1 cheapest way to go fastGain mph w/o pedaling fasterClip-on aerobars for road bikeMay need to change seat postand stem for optimum fitAero helmet is #2 speed increaseor tape up road helmet

  • Water Bottle OptionsBest: Horizontal between your armsFaster than no water bottle!#2 Vertical between aero bars#3 Behind the seat (but difficult to grab)#4 Down tube

  • Intermission

  • Bike Skills - CorneringInside leg highOutside leg extend and pushLean bike into cornerInside hand push down on handlebarInside knee to frameKeep body over centerline so tires press into road

  • Run TrainingCadence > 180 steps/min (counting both feet)Practice BRICKS running hard off the bikeTreadmill:1.5-2% gradient equivalent to pace outdoors Compensates for wind resistance

  • *** Do Race Simulations ***1-2 weeks before race75-100% of each distancePractice race pace/hydration/fuelWear race gearQuick transitionsWHY?Builds confidenceOn race day, you can recall this session

  • Strength TrainingWHY? Injury preventionAfter a hard session (easy days stay easy)Off season best time to start (body not tired)Less reps during race seasonHelps maintain aero on bikeStrength and flexibility

  • Strength Is More than WeightsTRXBest use of timeCore and glutsRunning drills or long interval up steep hillDont run down!Low cadence on bike (60-70 rpm on gradual hill)Not if you have knee problems!Swim stretch bands

  • RecoveryWarm down after trainingSchedule off/easy days 1-2/weekEasy bike or swimGets blood flowing in your legs day after raceEasy weeks Every 4th week of training and after a raceIf you miss a session, its gone forget it!Dont jam it in and compromise other hard sessions

  • More on RecoveryCompression socksImproves circulationFoam roller (free massage)Increases circulationBreaks down scar tissueMood is a good measure of recoveryStress + inadequate rest/recovery sick, poor form, injuryNot Jacuzzi (hot dehydration)

  • Race WeekEat and hydrateKnow the course Your responsibility!Ride or drive bike courseDrive, bike, or jog run courseRace Tats (tattoos)Stick on #s the night before

  • Know Race Day ScheduleTime of pre-race athlete meeting?Time transition closes?YOUR race start time?

  • Race DayBreakfast 3 hrs (or more) before race startTops off liver glycogen (not muscle glycogen)Easily digested, low fiber carbsPump up tires (or night before)Know YOUR swim courseCheck landmarksCount swim buoys Know where your bike is! Walk through entries/exitsSwim in/Bike out and Bike in/Run out

  • Transition AreaCredit: Joey De Fazio

  • Race RulesNo outside assistanceThis includes food, drinks, equipment, support, pacingException: Race/Medical Officials can help! Bike helmet buckledRequired all times while on bikebefore, during, and after event or DQ!!!Bike bar ends pluggedNo glass in transition

  • Transition Set-UpMinimize your stuffIdentify your spot with bright towel/padNot balloons! Layout gear in orderAttach shoes to pedals (Tri 102) Position with rubber bandsTransition closes before 1st Wave Start NO RE-ENTRY!

  • Checklist

    HelmetCycling shoes/socksSunglassesWater bottlesNutritionTool Kit: tube, CO2, levers, multi-toolFloor pump

    Running shoes Race beltHat/visor

    Tri kit2 sets of goggles1 tinted, 1 normalBright-colored towelWetsuitOtherWatch/GarminHeart rate strapAnti chafeSunscreenArm sleeves (cold)Raincoat

  • Race BeltVery convenient!Buckle or slip it onIf required, wear number in back on bikeSpin it to the front for the run

  • Intermission

  • Swim EquipmentGogglesWetsuit Buoyancy faster!!!WarmthPurchase or rentSwim cap provided by the race

  • Swim RulesWear cap providedCan add neoprene cap under if coldWetsuit allowed if water 78 degrees or lessYou can walk/run as far as you want!Forward progress using the bottom is OKDeep water: OK to hang onto boat, buoy, rope, as long as no forward progressAny stroke is OK; treading water is OKBreast stroke can be annoying to othersTakes up space You may kick someone

  • Drafting Is Desired!Draft off#1 Knees#2 FeetBe awareStay on course!


  • Swim StartSport shield/Glide on ankles and wristsEasy off! Goggle straps under swim capPrevents them getting knocked offWarm-up in the water before the startUnless its very cold outSwim stretch bands if coldWaves or Time Trial Start?Mass startBeginners can start at side and back

  • Swim CourseBuoysCount in advanceHow many to the turn(s)?So you know when to turn if its wavySite the swim exit Save your legs kick less than normalExcept at the start and last 50 meters

  • Transition - T1Swim exit: Last 50 meters kick hard to return blood to legs before run up the beachRemove wetsuit TOP during run up beachRUN to transition part of RACE!Sandy feet? Sand comes off on dewy grassOr wash off with spare water botttleBUCKLE HELMET before un-racking bikeRUN to mount lineMount after the Mount Line

  • BikeStay in aerobarsHigh cadence so legs not damaged for runDrink/eat going uphillIntake most of calories on bike16-25 fluid oz/hr1-2 gels/hrIncrease cadence at the endLegs ready to run

  • Bike RulesMount after line. Dismount before line.Pass on leftNo blockingDo not cross solid yellow center line for ANY reasonPenalty Referees discretionBike breakdownPush/carry bike along course OKCannot abandon your bike

  • No Drafting!3 bike lengths between bikesPASSING: 15 seconds to move out of the zonePass or drop backOvertaken: Leading edge of front wheel passes front wheel of another cyclistIf overtaken, you must immediately exit draft zone from the rear Before you can re-pass (not recommended!)EXCEPTION: Aid station, transition exit/entry, 90 degree turn, course blockage, safety/emergency

  • Bike Draft Zone3 bike lengths between bikes

  • Race Carry Emergency Equipment on Bike?YES if Goal = FinishTube, 2 CO2 cartridges, regulator, tire leversand know how to do it!Or seal and inflate canister

  • Transition T2Dismount before the Dismount LineSlip out of shoes while riding (Tri 102)Easier to run through Transition barefoot!RUN through transitionRack bike fastest directionBike can face either way in T2Unclip helmet after racking bikeElastic quick laces on run shoesSlip race belt over your head

  • Running RaceBaby stepsRunning feels different off the bike, this will passWalk through aid stations if neededShoesLightweight < 8 ozTrail or road race? How much traction? Break in shoes and your legs!on hard runs

  • Dont forget to have fun!The other athletes are not judging first-timers. They are focused on their own race. They are usually very supportive and helpful. If you need help just ask!

  • Look Good in your Finishing Photo!

  • Long Run NeedsGlide/Sport Shield for chafing Hoka shoes - LOTS of padding

  • Compression ApparelTraining and racingReduces muscle vibrationDelays fatigue and improves performanceImproves circulationSpeeds recovery

  • Longer Race NeedsEvents > 2 hrs require caloric (carbos) intakeRegular food difficult to digest at high intensity race paceGels and liquids easier to digestElectrolytesEvents > 4 hrs protein intake

  • Triathlon 103Winter Training treadmill and bike trainer Fluid trainer has progressive resistance, similar to your own bike - builds muscle memoryMagnetic trainers and spin bikes are different

  • Causes of Fatigue (bonking)#1 Drop in blood volume from dehydration Loss in circulationCant deliver oxygen to musclesCant remove heatDifficult to recover#2 Carbo depletionLow fuel, low blood sugarEasy to recover Glucose, simple sugars

  • HydrationKEEP BLOOD VOLUME UPHOW? Maximize fluid uptakeNeed a little bit of sodium to pull the water inSugar-free electrolyte tablets (FIZZ)Yes, but also need glucoseSports drinks (Gatorade/PowerAde) Fructose pulls water from the bloodReplace 16-25 oz/hr

  • Race NutritionTest it before the race!Burn 700-1200 cal/hrReplace 400-600 cal/hrFocus replacement during bike

  • Recovery NutritionTraining breaks down muscle. Amino acids replaceRight after you finishAnything is better than nothing!Protein within 30 minutesProtein drink/powderAids muscle recoveryExtends your window to replace carbos through meals by 2-3 hoursWhey/casein (non-fat Greek yoghurt w/honey)After training and racing

  • Cramping Take salt tabs?Sodium (Na) losses not a factor unless continuous stage races at altitude or very hotNa has not been proven to prevent cramps Predisposition to crampingLow magnesium (Mg)Need Mg and Na to start muscle contractionTake calcium (TUMS) before race (3 hrs)

  • Power Meter (Tri 103)Shows how hard youre workingIndependent of wind, terrain, health, fatigue, hydration

  • Race DistancesSprint: 750 meter swim, 20K (12 mi) bike, 5K (3.1 mi) runHard start to finishMinimal nutrition energy drinkOlympic: 1.5K (0.93 mi) swim, 40K (25 mi) bike, 10K (6.2 mi) runControlled sprintHalf IronmanIronman: 2.4 mi swim, 112mi bike, 26.2 mi runPace and nutrition are key

  • My Favorite RacesSuperior Man, DuluthJump off Vista boat, beautiful run along Lake SuperiorTimberman, Sugar LakeBest swim! No travel!Apple, SartellGood valueGear West Duathlon, OronoGood valueZ Tri, Zorbaz, Pokegama LakeIf you work a Frontrunner event, you may get to race another event for free!

  • Sheri Schrock2015 Elite Team2014 Triathlon All American (top 10%)2014 Long Course Triathlon World Championships, Weihai, China, 2nd PlaceIronman Louisville 20132012 WORLD CHAMPION, Long Course Duathlon Powerman World Championships, Zofingen, SwitzerlandTeam USA, 2011-2015

  • Sheri SchrockPlease contact me!sheri.schrock@q.comfor a 20% off coupon for this awesome company use anytime in 2015!


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