Tuesday, April 26 th : “A” Day Friday, April 29 th : “B” Day Agenda  Section 7.3 Work Day! Concept Review Quiz  Lab Write-Up: “Percent Composition of.

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  • Tuesday, April 26th: A DayFriday, April 29th: B DayAgendaSection 7.3 Work Day!Concept ReviewQuizLab Write-Up: Percent Composition of Hydrates

    You will be in the lab on Monday/Tuesday:NO FLIP-FLOPS!

  • Section 7.3 Work DayConcept Review: Formulas and Percentage Composition

    Quiz: Formulas and Percentage CompositionThis quiz is a little tricky you may take it with a partner of your choice

  • Lab Write-UpPercent Composition of HydratesMany ionic compounds include individual water molecules as part of their crystalline structure.If heated, the water molecules are driven off, leaving the pure anhydrous form of the compound. The number of moles of water driven off per mole of anhydrous compound should be a simple whole-number ratio.This information can be used to determine the formula of the hydrate.

  • Lab Write-UpPercent Composition of HydratesIn this lab, you will determine the following:The empirical formula of the hydrate, including its water of crystallization.If the compound is useful as an indicator when it changes from the hydrated to the anhydrous form.The mass of water absorbed by 25g of the anhydrous compound.

  • Lab Write-UpPercent Composition of HydratesTitlePurposeMaterialsDesiccator (1 per lab table)Dropper NOT micropipetProcedure

    *Be sure to update your table of contents!*


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