Tuesday, September 10 th Please complete the warm up 

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Tuesday, September 10 th Please complete the warm up . Solve: Is (3,4) a solution to the following system: 3x-4y=12 and -4x=y+2. Solution of a system of linear equations. System of Linear Equations. Do you know your Vocab ?. Slope Intercept Form. Y = mx + b. Slope. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Tuesday, September 10th Please complete the warm up Solve:

Is (3,4) a solution to the following system: 3x-4y=12 and -4x=y+2

Do you know your Vocab?System of Linear EquationsSolution of a system of linear equationsSlope Intercept Form Y = mx + b SlopeY-interceptGraphingY=mx + b mRise Over _____________bThe _________intercept

Its where you _____ your graph

REVIEW ON RISE AND RUNDESCRIBE how you would graph given the following slope

Slope = -3Down 3Right 1Or Up 3 Left 1


y intercept = 4Step 1. The y-intercept is 4, so the line contains (0, 4). Plot (0, 4).Step 3 Draw the line through the two points

Run = 5Rise = 2Step 2 Slope = Count 2 units down and 5 units right from (0, 4) and plot another point.

yJust Watch

Y = -3x = 4 What is the slope?3 5x = y What is the y-intercept?What is the Slope?

What is the Equation that represents this line?

Word Problems Types of Word ProblemsSavings Account and how much you put in it each monthCell phone starting cost and rate you pay each monthGym membership and a rate you pay each yearPages you read and how many pages you read each nightDown payment and your monthly paymentsm=rate b=starting fee Y=mx+bHow man drawings did each person make How many shirts and socks you can buyHow many tickets you can buyHow many books you can readALWAYS DEFINE YOUR VARIABLES FIRST X and y will be in your question!

Slope InterceptEquation: Y=mx + bStandardEquation: Ax+By=C

Slope Intercept Word ProblemSam and Joe are collecting baseball cards. Sam already had 5 baseball cards and is given 4 new cards each year. Joe only started with 3 baseball cards but is given 6 new cards each month. After how many months will Same and Joe have the same amount? How many cards will they have at that time?

Standard Form Word Problem Jenna has $100 to spend on 3 new items of clothing. Jeans cost $50 and shirts cost $25. How many jeans can she buy? How many shirts can she buy?

You decide.You are selling tickets for a high school play. Student tickets cost $4 and general admission tickets cost $6. You sell 525 tickets and collect $2876. How many of each type of ticket did you sell?

Slope intercept or StandardJessie has $100 to spend at Best Buy. She can only buy 9 items. CDs Cost $12 and DVDs cost $20. How many of each can she buy?

Slope intercept or StandardLexi and Ryan are reading the same book. Lexi is on page 20 and reads 10 pages each night. Ryan is only on page 8 but plans to read 18 pages each night. When will they be on the same page?

ClassworkFill out Ticket to Go! Work on Homework