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UNCLASSIFIED AD NUMBER LIMITATION CHANGES TO: FROM: AUTHORITY THIS PAGE IS UNCLASSIFIED AD834665 Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Document partially illegible. Distribution authorized to U.S. Gov't. agencies and their contractors; Critical Technology; 09 AUG 1966. Other requests shall be referred to Assistant Chief of Staff for Force Development, Department of the Army, Attn: FOR-OT-RD, Washington, DC 20310. This document contains export-controlled technical data. AGO D/A ltr, 29 Apr 1980

UNCLASSIFIED AD NUMBER LIMITATION CHANGES · US Army Armor School US Army Artillery and Missile School US Army Chemical Corps School US Army Engineer School US Army Military Police

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Approved for public release; distribution isunlimited. Document partially illegible.

Distribution authorized to U.S. Gov't. agenciesand their contractors; Critical Technology; 09AUG 1966. Other requests shall be referred toAssistant Chief of Staff for Force Development,Department of the Army, Attn: FOR-OT-RD,Washington, DC 20310. This document containsexport-controlled technical data.

AGO D/A ltr, 29 Apr 1980








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CO 00


A0AM-P (A) (7 Mov 66) FOR OT

SUBJECT: Operational Report - Lessons Learned (U)

9 November 1966


1. Forwarded as inclosure Is Operational Report - Lessons Learned from Headquarters, 6th Battalion, 14th Artillery for Quarterly Period Ending 31 July 1966, dated 9 August 1966. Information contained in this

^S report should be reviewed and evaluated by CONARC in accordance with ' ^paragraph 6c and d of AR 1-19. Evaluations and corrective actions should

]Qbe reported to ACSFOR OT within 90 days of receipt of covering letter.

2. Information contained in this report is provided to the Conraandants of the Service Schools to insure appropriate benefits in the future from lessons learned during current operations, and may be adapted for use in developing training material.


1 Incl /s

DISTRIBUTION: Comnanding General US Continental Army Command

Coomandants US Army Command and General Staff College US Army War College US Army Air Defense School US Army Armor School US Army Artillery and Missile School US Army Chemical Corps School US Army Engineer School US Army Military Police School US Army Infantry School US Army Intelligence School US Army Medical Field Service School US Army Ordnance School US Army Quartermaster School US Army Security Agency School

Regraded unclassified, when separated from classified Inclcsure.

KENNETH G. WICKHAM Major General, USA The Adjutant General

Li Lic

Mot an


US Army Signal School US Amy Transportation School US Army Special Warfare School US Army Civil Affairs School

hccfssioi fur 1



1 DttiB DUTION/irlUBiLnT ttOB






A?0 TJ Forces 96295

9 August 1966

nJSCTi Operatioxial Report for Quarterly Period aiding 51 July 1966 (ROS C3F0R-65)(U)

TOi See Distribution

Section 1. SIGiIPIC!iJ?r OSAJlTUataXbl OR UTH iC'IviTIES.

1.(C). it tho ut-xt oftlio '-.jrtr thn Hr&tcJSea vrr.o cload in b-.ao camp with the following exceptions t

Ac Btry Dt 3" ilcw, S?, was in poaitlon nlong Highway 19 oast of j-lolku providing artillery support for a road opening operation The battery departed base o:ir.p on 25 A]a'il,

b, I'hreo (3) NCOs wero on Tltf to Duo Co dP Camp to toach artil- lery fire direction procedures and cannoneer's duties to tho CIOO per- sonnel. These HCOs dep'-rted 26 pril for a tentative TBY period of two (2) to thxoo (3) weoka ind rotumod on 9 ffay*

0, One (I) of floor mfl tliroe (3) NCOs who wero sont TDY to ?)ak j ok 'i? Cnnp on 27 '.pril for tho sooo purpose as 1b, above, rotumod on 3 June.

2.(U) 3try D closed In baro coap on 3 May* During tho oncratioa, Btry D fired 46 rounds in two (2) rogistrations and 16 IT A I missions Thero was negative enemy contact during tho period

5.(0) On 9 May, Btry B (I75nn Gun), Dtry D (8" Itow), and Oonanad 331o- mnt* frou Hq Btrjr uuvud to Hoi ilo im ii ....^ tc rbioipn.to in operation 'P-JJL KUT'VUS" On 17 Kay, B+.ry B (ecMO v^ *o Due Co Wf.lve 19 liny, Bn(-) was attaohod to 3rd Sdo, 23th Div for bbc rUirnkion of operation "P/L WSftiSB*,

4(U) On 27 Ihy, Btry B(-) fired 54 rounds in tho vicinity of I'loi Djorong SF Camp to assist in tho dofonso of the onmp Although no casualties woro assossod, no onouy activity was observed after tho firing was concludod.

3.(0) Btry ..(-) ronlacod Btry B(-) at Due Co on 28 May. Tho following day, tho roimiindor of Btry U moved to I'loi Ho, after whteh two (2) how- itsors from Btry D dupartod for Due Co. The Sn Motro Section aovad to tho 3rd Udo, 23th Div fiel '. C'P, rad the romnindor of Btry B closed at h'du station on 29 May. Tho Hutro sootion moved to a position six (6) KM north of vlei lie on 21 June with 3rd Bdc, 23th Div CP, and rejoined tho Operations Tlntoon nt lei !'o on 15 July The sootion returned to hotiu station on 31 July. All novos wore rcoonflishoci without incident Tho units rcnainod in those positions through the end of the period As oT 31 July tho battalion has a conposito battery consisting of two (2) 6" Eowitzors and two (2) 173nn Guns at Due Co under control of C0| Btry i.t and a similar conpooito V.ttory at Tlei Ho under control of CO, Dtry 0 In addition, tho n Operations 3 latoon is at I'loi I'o. Jk oorrico element has boon stationed nt tho 3rd Bdc TOT to oxnodite moving supplies to the field locations.

(J) uX7..H2a7 W 1 Jan 67

eeoir, "^ UNCL'ASSlElEa " *mmmmmmmmmm

Incl 1

UNCLASSIFIED < SUBJECT! Oporti->nal Koport for Quwrtorly Poriod Vniing 51 July 1966 () (ccntd)

6t(U) On 1 Juno, Btry A, at ihic Co, firofL npijrcxirntoly 270 rounds of 8" and "ITSCBO wanunition for protection or' a Spooial ?oroos liiko 7OTOO, No body count of cnsualtlos wna assossod, bat the Hiko Force, which had boon surrounded by a superior VC force, escaped with voxy light casuni- tios.

7*(U) Btzy 0 was on operation with tho Ist .ir Cav Dir botwoen 10 Juno and 25 Jur.o. On this operation tho battery moved first to Hoi Vmag SF Ccuap. then to ICon';un, and finally was split with two (2) guns anr"1 tho PDC olouont nrvi'ifr to a r^siti^n appr^xinately 15KM wost-south-wost of rieiku. Nogrxtjvo oneny contact was established on tho operation. During this period base eanp was occupied by Hq 3try(-) and Svo }}try(-) nly, with oau (1) platoon f infantry fom 3rd 3dof 25th Div for or-rap socur^ aty.

e.,(u) On 25 Juno, ono (1) IT^ria gui* ix... ^viy I) nalfunctinncd at 2340 hours. Tho gun was d^8troyef,, three (?) a killod rwi six (6) Bl wound- ed, three (5) seriously, ^cpl^oeiiont gun, US/k ^20366 was roocivod on 26 July.

9(u) On 2 July, Btry L at Due Co firod 12 rounds of 175nn nnjunitir>n in dfciiso of rioi DJereng SF Caap. Thu xttack broke off when tho first round inpactcd. No casualty assossnont was obtained.

10.(U) Tho battalion was attached t^ tho 52nd .rtillory Group, effect- ive 20 July, por Oonoral Order 287, Eq I Piuld Force Vlotnan, dntod 29 July. The ano 00 dotaohed the 77th CM RiO.ar Detachment fron the battali n and attached it to tho 52nd .rtiilery Group, Tho two (2) Soorchlight sootions of Btry B, 29th sty renainod attached, by verbal order, to tho battalion.

11.(n) During tho pori^, tho Battalion iwviuniti^n Trains, with security clenonts fr^n 3rd 3do. 25th Div, c^nduetod unniinition and POL rooupply nms to Due Co six (6) tines and to Tlci Mo eiht (8) tines, ill of the trips to Mei Mo wero unovontful. On the trips to T)uo Cr.t tha security olenents with the O^lunB hit land mines four (4) tines, .au br^talinn vehicles hit olr.os two (2) tinoa. No /oacrloan casualties woro suffered on any of those incidents, but ono (l) 5^ truck was dan- agod on 30 June, and ono (l) IT110 jaauniti-n tr^ilor was destroyed n 15 July. Tho 5T truck was romirod and oonplotcly soxviocablo by 01175H July.

I2.() The tattnUm has suffered 18 casualties during this period, bight (8) killed and ton (10) woundod. Casualties oocurxod as follows 1

a. One (1) KLi self-inflicted accidentally vie Duo Co &? Caap, b. Two (2) KLi vie Duo Co b;' ** infiltrators who turned a Cl'-jr-

noro nine around v.d detonated it. Tho Infiltrators had boon at ?tao On SP Con? for sov.rai months prior to *.... iiioident

c. Tw^ (2) KLi and two (2) tJk at base canp while roncving tho ptrinotor nine field.

d. Tliroo (3) KZ-* and six (6) WL when the 175nu gun nalfunctionod

inci 1 , i2)_: ^p&Uiisnr'aa i Jan 67


MUimtmMlWSSIFIED SBJiOTi ^pomtionAi Ropwt fop 'iuirtcrly I'orioJ Qfidin 51 July 66 () (oontd)

h) WL'. when he dotamtod n CBL" r.cru- I'lci Ho SP Crjir (1) WL nue

o One f Ono (1) WL ftjK1 ov-caitcd to Jj.pnn. filtor lnr/i'.in wnioi- trailer t^ oaolj Iro ti-n d-'.ily utilising CH-47 aircraft. After 12 T'ny, problem in delivery of water and rations was occasirnod only by Incloncnt weather ';hich pre- cluded tho use of aircraft, or by heavy tac-icil roquironcnta involving largo scalo use of aircraft.

b. Two (2) wator trailers wore b^rr^wod fr^n S-d, 3rd 3de, 25*h Tiv to facilitate tho water rosupply On 4 July, one (I) of tho bat- talion water trailers was dropped by r. CH-47 during rosupply aii wos conplotcly donolishod. Battalion is now shore two (2) w-.tcr trHers,

() DJCL .t-JFt ON 1 J.-..1 CJ Incl 1


yNcussro SUBJECT i Opoxtvticmcl Report for ^ucrtcrly ioriod liidiiic 31 Ju3^ 66 (U) (contd)

^rio vhish boofleo unoervioonblo on opotntl^n "I'^COLF" nn 4 '.Tril and the prosont loss.

o. -is sp^naors for the 32nd Artlllory Gmup nad 3P(" JJr., 6th Sftiiloty, tho S-4 subnlttod rotulsitlnns for bvsnkor "n'* Mrrior nator- j'ii stablishod ncoount nunbors, -^cquircrt p-ni*. orootod tant^fp for th artvjvnoo parties* Tho battalion prenridod wator, intl^no, nnd quarter.i for tho advance partlos fr^o 6 thrnu/^i 18 Juno, an' water anfl tatirns f-r Hq Btxy 52nd artillery Group fron 18 llgM ^rot^gh 2 JuSy.

d Roquisltlons woro plcccc". for 10)1,0^ snndbr^s to ecnatruot field fcrtifior.ti^na for tho poritieus at Duo Co r.^. "lei He fJP Cnnpe, To data thoeo roquiaiti^na h"vo not boon filled. Pol low-up action tlrrnj.vi nupply ohnnnsla inrlioatoa that none are available in tila "-roa at the presort tine

17.(C) Tho following ore oritjc'' "r^li "hortagoa. Follow-up aoti.n br.a boon initiated with negative respoasc a tho present %ino,

'tH'JTIPY IPQI It7JII3IPICV 11 IS 1 OR Truck, utility, ^T, 11151 iJ Kar 66 1 oa Truck, o>^{p, 2^1 5 June 66 2 oa Trailer, water, il^jT 2 Apr 66, 4 Jul 66 9 8ota Fan bolto for 4T truck, 11151 31 Jan, 17 Jun, 19 Jun, 21 Jun

56 oa 12V ..utonotivo battoxy 2] Apr, 19 Jun, 22 Jun, 19 Jul Survey oonponenta (no-suring tnpoa, range polca, tape repair aooti.-ma, hand lovols, and Buxvoy sis, 4th ordor) 10 .pr 66

1 a Tank, liquid sW-flo 50 I"Hy 66

18.(U) On 19 July, this unit was visited by Itajor Uonoral /jidors^n, CO krrj Hatoriel Comand. During his visit, tho .u f theOun Slrootion Conputor, M16 (FQ .C) in Tiotnan was dlaouBod. MB Anderson oxplained that ;JiC doairod to hav tho ^nnputor field toatod in HTO on a reduced ecalo prior to iaauing it to all unita. Tho Corrvmdlng Cffioor, 6th Dn, 14th Arty, then stated that wo would like to bo ono of tho unita soleot- od to fiold teat tho oquipnont.

19.(U) During the porio.i of thia ropTt, tho battalion B:x)nt 89 drya on combat opora-siona.

Section 2. CCXBUSDIJI'S OSWBKISXCVb AID xJCOIB^JTlATIOira. if.rt i Oiiaerviticna (Lessona Loamcd)

1.(u) Cnaaunio^.tionat a* ITJili Difficult ioa in law r-mge HI coanunioationa.

iliCUSSIGBi The inoreaaod ro-ngo r.: :: J r-A aeries IM rJidioa,id the largo nuabor of unita in the ar^v caw-sf nomunioatlon problaaa. unita with froquenoioa 0.05 HO apart cut out op.sh ^thor'e transnissions and o-.'orrido the other unit: a frequonoioa* .'ddltionally, tho problco of l/viti^nio ictorforcnoo appears to bo inoreaaod, resulting in fcrananissi-nn beinr cut ^ut by other unita* iJLso, when operating at or near naacinun

:fA33IFy CK 'i jan 6? Incl 1



Opomtlonni lioport for rjnostaJor I'Civiod aiding 51 July 66()

rnji^o during the mnnannn soason, ooEssunicAtlons booooos rirtur.lly inpnsBlblo for aevoml hours c^oh dry,

OBa'jRl^inFi Comunioations offloora ftt ill levels must exercise voxy close supervision of sssignnont of froquoneioa. The use of AM rrv".ir loo transmissions niht servo to decrease the o^ngoetion or the Jl^ frequency hands The issue, to scleotod units of r. suit^blo 'Jf rtfio on the basis of no (1) per firing battery nn' two (2) por battalion OTKiratlons center would proviso ctifacift./ conditions to tost this possibility

b irafi Changing unit radio call signs

DIOCTlSlONi When any unit changes its radio call signs, as should bo dono poriodionlly for security ro-.scnaf all units with whon it noror-l- ly works should bo notified Hcrcvcr, the fluid tactical situation, and the difficulty of making distribution te all units requiring such infor- nation, nakos it oxtrenoly difficult to insure that ail units have the up-to-dato itons. .J^itionally, einoe an artillery battalion any work with any unit in the area, * non-divisional G3 battalion uust n intain current SOI1 a for all units in tho anpropriato orpo riroa

ODSEiT/'iTIOITi Unit ra^.io call cU.jw should not be changed onco they are assigned and it has been verified that no other unit has conflict 'ng call signs Frequencies should be clnngod rori^c^ly on f'irrcti^n fr^n higher headquarters after screening t^ insure that the riaxinun onount of frequency intorfcronoe is elinin^tod

2.(U) Logistics.

JSMt Difficulties wore oncountcrw1. Jn pipnrjdlng .otal>l'j water to widely dispurso^ units

^iriCOS^K'Ki Resupply by "ir boeoneo nandat^ry when units f.ro widely dispersed and the road network ia nnt suitable for convey novcriont Vhon the local water cannot bo porifiod by chenioal noans, potable w tor nust bo flown in daily 'Afhen approxinatoly 150 to 250 pcrs^nnol arc in the position, this requires at least one (l) water trailer or bladder per day, thus tying up aircraft which could bo utilised elsewhere

OiKJEHVvriONi Tho issue of three (>} Cpf &.u water purification systons par b-ttalion would greatly relievo ih Mrcriaft roquircnonts fnr intor rosupply

iart 2 Recotnondations

1(U) In tho Operational Report on Lessons Learned for tho period ending 50 April 66, it was reoomonded that tho 1118 Gun -'irccti- n Con- putor bo issued to this unit as s^on as possible Based on the confer- oncu with Major General Anderson (parr. 17 sec 1 above), rocoonend aotirin be token to obtuin sufficient sets for this unit to field test tho conputer in accordance with his desires

Incl 1


DCCL/UttlPY ON 1 Jan 6?

wjsm .

UNCLASSIFIED SUjjJSCTi Opezntioml ituport for (urix*i.(uXy lorird aifllnff 31 July 66 (U) (onntd)

2.>(U) Vaier purlfiontinn Syatca: RooomncnAccl chv^oa la poraonnel and uqulpmoat which wore submlttod to I Held Forco Viotno 'irtillory ^n 26 July includod tho Addition of porsonsol nnd oquipaont for two (2) 600 gallon per ainuto purifiottinn units. Sabsoquont roavnla-'.tlon' indicates that one (i) vntor puri.'Tioatlnn unit per firing brvttozy is more appropriate. Roooanond that action bo taken to aapodite this item.

5#(U) Tho ihortr^jo of two (2) of tho battnlirn's five (5) water trail- ers and tho sunrsy oquipnont (section 1, para 16 abmvu) sori^usly hoopers tho oporai-innal capability of the unit, foconnond "ctl^n bo

N tikon to oxpodito issue of these itons.

&irk&2^ /4 iH*L Lt Col Arty Comriandln

JEffRXUOTIOTi 1 - CIIiCUa'JUAC, .JC 96558, ATTNi OiW-IH 3 - C0( USRIT, ATO 96507, ATTN: tfC-DH 7 - 52nd -irty Group, yJTNt 8-5 1 - 6th ]in, 14th -urty, .-TTNi S- 3-3

(6) DKL.S.Jny CV 1 Jon 67


NCLASSIFM V?-iT-5J'-C0 ( 9 iUiff :') Ist Lad SUBJJCPt Oporitioiir.1 .{ort for jinrtcrli' Inricfi 9ninr, 31 J"^' 1or"

RaMBOrfi), 5?i> A3raLWT ^.Rt^, AK) 5629p., 1r Auuat 1^

TCt Htttdquartsrs, 3purtnMil of tht An^r AT'''t iWCA, tathiiifitwi 0. C. 2C510

1 jforward^j.

2 Concur In oonufendtr** obuor/ tlona, Jitport i; ccuiiJer.i iM!qUttt*


C. L. TCbL^c:: Bolomli ArtiUwy