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Using the Minimum Standards Attitudes, experiences and application

Using the Minimum Standards

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Using the Minimum Standards. Attitudes, experiences and application. Introduction. The long running conflict in Burma has impacted on millions of children’s education Source: KHRG. Coping strategies Forest Trading. Source: KHRG. Coping strategies Education. Source: KHRG. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Using the Minimum Standards

  • Using the Minimum Standards

    Attitudes, experiences and application

  • IntroductionThe long running conflict in Burma has impacted on millions of childrens education

    Source: KHRG

  • Coping strategiesForest Trading Source: KHRG

  • Coping strategiesEducationSource: KHRG

  • Coping strategiesEducation Source: KHRG

  • Education in campsTraditional school designSource: KHRG

  • Education in the campsSource: ZOA

  • Education under attack impact on identity Source: KHRG

  • Education and cultureCamps have enabled refugees to maintain a sense of cultural identitySource: ZOA

  • Maintaining identityA consequence of the situation has been to view external ideas with suspicion

  • Sample quotesThe INEE does not fit with the situation here Education Manager (NGO)

    Reaching these standards is just unrealistic - Educator working on TT in Burma

    Our situation is different CBO senior staff member

  • How to move forwards?A process of providing information and demonstration of practice to support a shift in attitudes

  • Changing attitudes - NGOsReview of the understanding of what the standards and tools are seen to be representing, listening to any/the concerns list them

    Reflection of concerns and identification of standards that could be applied - ways to still use INEE

    Workshops with staff to get them to think about their own standards for each category

  • Changing attitudes - CBOsInvolvement in workshopsProviding information on the standards and what they are common understandingUsing the standards as a reflection tool to show how they closely match up with the refugee educationWorking together with the standards

  • Ways the standards have been applied/usedtool for monitoringtool for internal reflectionchallenge you only know what you know (putting an objective value on the status of an activity against an indicator)

  • Application of tools

    Exercise making your own standards in the categories understanding how they matchUnderstanding ones role in education After this workshop I understand much more about the scope of responsibilities in my job (Ed. Co ML)Mapping of roles and responsibilities in education

  • Other applicationsMapping of strengths and areas for improvement in educational service delivery CCSDPT - Reflection for Teaching and Learning just carried outAssessment framework for highlighting training needs and areas for improvement in education Removal of the names INEE, MSEE and expat delivery to CBOacceptance

  • Other applicationsProject design research checklist for primary education support in rural / isolated communities in Thailand (non-emergency)

    Tools from handbook used to prepare project overview feeding checklist and other tools in original edition used to shape assessment of donor support in Lao PDR schools (non-emergency)

  • Latest applicationProject design using the categories as project results and making a logical framework for implementing in line with the standards and categories, thereby opening up the opportunity to use tools and manuals from INEEDevelopment done alongside CBO partner with their input at all stages. Full acceptance of the project design

  • Other experiences in ZOAUsed to support development of Education Policy Paper (HQ NL)Introduced to Uganda programme, staff are now INEE membersINEE standards used by Ugandan Education Cluster and Ministry of Education (Own standards dev. already)

  • Ideal application???System for all education stakeholders to plan and advocate for a standard of services

  • ReflectionConsider how people view the standardsConsider how the name/title and circumstances can lead to misunderstandings and mitigate as per contextLet people identify with and work with standards in a process of learning and discovery imposition can lead to rejectionUnderstand how the minimum level of education the standards represents can impact on the current situation and use it to set up a development plan for education

  • Thanks for listening about our situation

    Source: ZOA