UWF Graphic and Brand Identity Standards Manual

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University of West Florida Graphic and Brand Identity Standards Manual


<ul><li><p>U n i v e r s i t y o f W e s t f l o r i d a </p><p>G r a p h i c a n d B r a n d i d e n t i t y </p><p>s t a n d a r d s M a n U a l</p></li><li><p>c o n t e n t s a n d l e t t e r f r o M t h e p r e s i d e n t</p><p>University of West florida Graphic and Brand identity standards Manual2</p><p>the Why of Graphics standards? ( 3 4 Quick look ( 3the Brand idea ( 5trademarks ( 6institutional Graphic standards &amp; Guidelines ( 7 16UWf institutional logo system institutional logo primary Colors ( 8 official institutional logos ( 9 UWf letter Mark ( 10 UWf seal ( 10UWf publication signature ( 11logo dos and donts ( 12UWf stationery ( 13 16athletic identity Graphic standards ( 17 31 UWf argonauts Colors ( 18UWf athletic logo system primary logo &amp; variations ( 19 20 Color variations ( 21 24 Banner text ( 25Compatible typography ( 26Minimum size ( 27logo Use on Color Backgrounds ( 28logo Use violations ( 29retail applications ( 30 31Contact information ( 32references ( 33 34the Chambered nautilus ( 35</p><p>in august 2009 the university introduced new graphics for argonaut athletics </p><p>into the family of UWf graphic identity marks. </p><p>the new athletic marks are striking both in their uniqueness and versatility. it is </p><p>our hope that the new graphics will strengthen the argonaut brand among our </p><p>students, alumni and community constituents and that our brand will also find </p><p>greater acceptance in the marketplace.</p><p>each time one of our marks is seen, it should be quickly recognized and </p><p>identified. Brand recognition depends on consistency of use. this manual, </p><p>which outlines all UWf brand graphic standards, is intended to serve as a guide </p><p>for users. We enlist your help in preserving the integrity of the UWf brand as </p><p>you show our colors.</p><p>Judy Bense, ph.d. </p><p>UWf President </p></li><li><p>t h e W h y o f G r a p h i C s s t a n d a r d s</p><p>University of West florida Graphic and Brand identity standards Manual 3</p><p>the University of West florida is a large, diverse organization whose primary </p><p>mission is to provide outstanding educational opportunities for the citizens </p><p>of our region. to help our constituents recognize the value UWf brings to </p><p>this endeavor, we need to clearly identify and communicate the UWf brand. </p><p>one way we do that is through consistent use of an officially licensed family of </p><p>graphics to represent our institution visually. When we appropriately use the </p><p>designated colors, emblems and type styles in all communications, we protect </p><p>the integrity of our brand. this manual serves as a guide to assist university units </p><p>and vendors who work with the university in producing branded materials from </p><p>publications to merchandise and Web sites. the following pages illustrate how </p><p>we expect our brand identity to be conveyed visually. </p><p>uWF colors: Blue of the sky </p><p>and Green of the sea</p><p>Mascot: argonauts, referring </p><p>to Jason and his legendary crew </p><p>of sailors, who experienced </p><p>perilous adventures in the their </p><p>quest for the Golden fleece.</p><p>emblem: the Chambered </p><p>nautilus, a symbol of growth, </p><p>change and accomplishment, </p><p>representing excellence </p><p>and perfection in nature, </p><p>dr. harold Crosby, the </p><p>universitys first president, </p><p>selected the chambered </p><p>nautilus to symbolize UWf. </p><p>president Crosby was inspired </p><p>by the poem, the Chambered </p><p>nautilus, by oliver Wendell </p><p>holmes.</p><p>Quic</p><p>k L</p><p>ook</p></li><li><p>t h e W h y o f G r a p h i C s s t a n d a r d s</p><p>University of West florida Graphic and Brand identity standards Manual4</p><p>this manual and the UWf Graphic identity standards Web site are the </p><p>authoritative sources for the UWf identity and brand communication </p><p>standards. the office of University Marketing &amp; Creative services is the </p><p>official caretaker, communicator and champion of the UWf brand and is </p><p>charged with ensuring that all users are in compliance with these standards.</p><p>if you intend to produce official UWf communications or products that </p><p>represent the University of West florida, please refer to these resources </p><p>and consult with Marketing and Creative services staff to ensure that your </p><p>projects are reviewed and satisfy graphic standards prior to production.</p><p>do these standards apply to you and your department? yes. exceptions </p><p>are rare, but may be granted if circumstances warrant that an exception </p><p>needs to be made.</p><p> if you have questions about the </p><p>UWf Graphic and Brand identity standards, </p><p>contact the office of University Marketing </p><p>and Creative services, </p><p>(850) 473-7424.</p><p>Ne e d H e l p ?</p></li><li><p>t h e B r a n d i d e a</p><p>University of West florida Graphic and Brand identity standards Manual 5</p><p>Most large companies and organizations create specific visual images or logos </p><p>to be used in conjunction with the organization name. these graphics convey </p><p>each companys brand identity. they also represent the values of that company </p><p>and represent the brand promise: the companys expression of quality.</p><p>Why is Brand identity iMportant?</p><p>a unified and consistently used brand identity creates instant recognition for a </p><p>company and its product. does a university have a product? of course. UWfs </p><p>product is education: sharing knowledge, creating understanding, expanding the </p><p>wisdom and wonder of the universe. as products go, its one of the best. </p><p>our Brand identity</p><p>What is included? the universitys institutional and athletic graphics, school </p><p>colors, Web presence, editorial style and images are all integral parts of the </p><p>UWf Graphic and Brand identity.</p><p> identity </p><p> Consistency </p><p> Unity </p><p> recognition </p><p> start a BuZZ</p><p>B r a n d B u z z</p></li><li><p>t r a d e M a r k s</p><p>University of West florida Graphic and Brand identity standards Manual6</p><p>the trademarked words and related </p><p>images depicting University of West florida </p><p>and the UWf argonauts are reserved </p><p>for official use by university entities and </p><p>may not be used without appropriate </p><p>consent. images also may be licensed for </p><p>commercial use. for information on the </p><p>licensing program, visit uwf.edu/licensing </p><p>or contact UWf Business services, </p><p>(850) 474-2635.</p><p>eXaMples oF uWF </p><p>tradeMarKs</p><p>University of West florida, UWf, </p><p>argonauts, argos, West florida, including </p><p>any logo, mark, hallmark, seal, symbol, </p><p>nickname, letter(s), word or derivative </p><p>that can be associated with the University </p><p>of West florida.</p></li><li><p>G r a p h i C s t a n d a r d s a n d G U i d e l i n e s</p><p>University of West florida Graphic and Brand identity standards Manual 7</p><p>in st itUt ional Graph iC standards and GU idel ines</p><p> standards</p><p> alterations to trademarked university graphics presented in this </p><p> manual are prohibited. this applies to typeface, proportions </p><p> and placement of graphic elements.</p><p> approved colors must be used.</p><p> a university graphic must be legible.</p><p> a university graphic is not to be used as a background for text </p><p> or graphics.</p><p> a university graphic is to be surrounded by a clear area. </p><p> no other graphics or words are to overprint, touch or appear </p><p> behind university graphic symbols.</p><p> non-standard unit marks may not be used in lieu of the </p><p> official marks.</p><p> Guidelines</p><p> it is permissible for all university units to use either institutional </p><p> or athletic logo marks on UWf-branded shirts or other items </p><p> with appropriate approval. </p><p>Graphic and brand components that appear in published </p><p>communications influence peoples perceptions of UWf. </p><p>Careful regard for the proper application of the universitys </p><p>graphic standards and guidelines is vital in promoting and </p><p>protecting the universitys brand identity. </p><p>the portions of this manual that MUst be followed are </p><p>expressed as standards. recommendations are </p><p>expressed as Guidelines. standards are university </p><p>policy. the office of Marketing and Creative services will </p><p>not approve or permit distribution of materials that violate </p><p>these standards. </p><p>all UWf presentations and published print or electronic </p><p>communications are expected to display the appropriate </p><p>University of West florida official logo. see each section </p><p>for details.</p><p>the trademarked graphics covered in this section are: </p><p>the official university logos, publication signature, university </p><p>seal and letter mark.</p></li><li><p>University of West florida Graphic and Brand identity standards Manual8</p><p>i n s t i t U t i o n a l l o G o p r i M a r y C o l o r s</p><p> the University of West florida school </p><p> colors are blue and green.</p><p> standards</p><p> only official Pantone Matching system </p><p> ink colors or their corresponding four- </p><p> color process values, as noted on the </p><p> right, are to be used for UWf brand </p><p> graphics. for UWf official athletic colors, </p><p> see page 18.</p><p> Guidelines</p><p> it is recommended that a one-color logo, </p><p> letter mark and Web logo be displayed in </p><p> UWf Blue. </p><p>* PantoneisaregisteredtrademarkofofPantone,Inc. Thecolorsshownonthispageandthroughoutthis manualarenotintendedtomatchthePANTONE ColorStandards.ForthePANTONEColorStandards, refertothecurrenteditionofthePANTONEColor FormulaGuide.</p><p>uWF Blue (in lieu of which use Pantone 2945*)</p><p>process: C: 100 M: 50 y: 0 K: 10</p><p>rGB values: r: 0 G: 51 B: 153</p><p>Web color: 003399</p><p>uWF Green (in lieu of which use Pantone 356*)</p><p>process: C: 100 M: 0 y: 95 K: 25</p><p>rGB values: r: 0 G: 102 B: 51</p><p>Web color: 006633</p><p>uWF Gold (in lieu of which use Pantone 871*)</p><p>process: C: 20 M: 25 y: 60 K: 25</p><p>rGB values: r: 163 G: 145 B: 97</p><p>Web color: a29061</p><p>eMerald coast Green (in lieu of which use Pantone 328*)</p><p>process: C: 94 M: 28 y: 65 K: 29</p><p>rGB values: r: 0 G: 96 B: 85</p><p>Web color: 006666</p></li><li><p>U W f i n s t i t U t i o n a l l o G o s y s t e M</p><p>University of West florida Graphic and Brand identity standards Manual 9</p><p> oFFicial institutional </p><p> loGos</p><p> the University of West florida official </p><p> logo consists of two elements: a graphic </p><p> of the nautilus shell inside a square and </p><p> the words University of West florida </p><p> stacked in a two-line configuration. a </p><p> similar design is available for use by </p><p> emerald Coast Campuses. </p><p> Guidelines</p><p> the preferred color for the UWf official </p><p> logo is UWf blue (Pantone Matching </p><p> system ink 2945 blue) or emerald Coast </p><p> Green (Pantone Matching system ink </p><p> 328 emerald). Colors that are also </p><p> acceptable include UWf green </p><p> (Pantone Matching system ink 356 </p><p> green), black or white. for questions </p><p> about use of other colors, contact Joy </p><p> Ward at 474-2431 (jward@uwf.edu).</p><p>Verticallogo</p><p>EmeraldCoastverticallogo</p><p>Horizontallogo</p><p>EmeraldCoasthorizontallogo</p></li><li><p>U W f i n s t i t U t i o n a l l o G o s y s t e M</p><p>University of West florida Graphic and Brand identity standards Manual10</p><p>uniVersity oF West Florida </p><p>letter MarK</p><p>UWf letter marks may be used in </p><p>place of the official logo for informal </p><p>communications. like the West florida </p><p>logo, specific standards govern letter </p><p>mark usage. the letter marks must be </p><p>displayed according to the standards </p><p>noted on page 7.</p><p>uniVersity oF West Florida </p><p>seal</p><p>Use of the University of West florida </p><p>seal is limited. it is not to be used in place </p><p>of the official logo. it is appropriate to use </p><p>the university seal on official university </p><p>documents (including business cards), </p><p>diplomas and formal invitations. the </p><p>university seal must be displayed according </p><p>to the standards noted on page 7.</p><p>Verticallettermark</p><p>Four-colorseal Two-colorseal One-colorseal</p><p>Horizontallettermark</p></li><li><p>U W f p U B l i C a t i o n s i G n a t U r e</p><p>University of West florida Graphic and Brand identity standards Manual 11</p><p> the University of West florida publication </p><p> signature consists of the West florida logo, </p><p> the return address or contact information.</p><p> standards</p><p> the publication signature is to appear on all </p><p> UWf published communications.</p><p> a publication mailing panel must placed to </p><p> comply with U.s. Post office requirements. </p><p> for specifics, contact UWf Postal services </p><p> at 474-2436 or check the Postal services </p><p> Web site at uwf.edu/postal/.</p><p> Guidelines</p><p> for publications without mailing panels, </p><p> the centered version may be substituted </p><p> on the back of the document. </p><p>Centeredpublicationsignaturewithcontactinformation</p><p>Publicationmailingpanel</p><p>college of professional studies11000 University parkwaypensacola, fl 32514-5750uwf.edu/cops</p><p>office of admissions850.474.2230 800.263.1074</p><p>admissions@uwf.edu uwf.edu/admissions</p></li><li><p> do use the approved logo colors.</p><p> do place logos on a clutter-free (preferably solid) background</p><p> dont create alternate logos.</p><p> dont use discontinued logos.</p><p> do use an official UWf logo on all communications.</p><p> do use logos in an appropriate size.</p><p> dont alter the color, design or shape of any official logo.</p><p> dont add text or extra designs to logos.</p><p>Minimumsizeforlogoreproductionisoneinchwide.</p><p>UWFBlue WhiteBlackUWFGreen</p><p>Pensacola, Florida</p><p>l o G o d o s a n d d o n t s</p><p>University of West florida Graphic and Brand identity standards Manual12</p></li><li><p>U n i v e r s i t y o f W e s t f l o r i d a s t a t i o n e r y</p><p>University of West florida Graphic and Brand identity standards Manual 13</p><p> UWf Printing services is the approved </p><p> vendor for official UWf stationery and </p><p> business cards. individuals may choose </p><p> from two business card designs, both </p><p> with horizontal and vertical formats. </p><p> for ordering information visit </p><p> uwf.edu/printing.</p><p> standards</p><p> all university departments, divisions </p><p> and colleges are authorized to use </p><p> UWf stationery for UWf official </p><p> correspondence.</p><p> all UWf stationery, which includes </p><p> letterhead, envelopes and business cards, </p><p> must follow the UWf Graphic standards.</p><p>UWFstationery(PantoneMatchingSystem2945blue)</p></li><li><p>U n i v e r s i t y o f W e s t f l o r i d a s t a t i o n e r y</p><p>University of West florida Graphic and Brand identity standards Manual14</p><p> standards (cont.)</p><p> UWf cabinet members may elect to </p><p> use stationery featuring the four-color </p><p> UWf seal.</p><p> stationery featuring a UWf athletic </p><p> logo is available only to members of the </p><p> athletic department.</p><p>UWFsealstationery,reservedforcabinetmembersonly</p><p>Two-colorUWFsealbusinesscards,availabletoallstaffmembers</p><p>UWFAthleticbusinesscards,reservedforAthleticDepartmentmembersonly</p></li><li><p>U n i v e r s i t y o f W e s t f l o r i d a s t a t i o n e r y</p><p>University of West florida Graphic and Brand identity standards Manual 15</p><p> standards (cont.)</p><p> UWf stationery is to be printed in UWf </p><p> Blue. (Pantone Matching system 2945 </p><p> blue) or emerald Coast Green (Pantone </p><p> Matching system 328 emerald).</p><p>EmeraldCoaststationery(PantoneMatchingSystem328emerald)</p></li><li><p>U n i v e r s i t y o f W e s t f l o r i d a s t a t i o n e r y</p><p>University of West florida Graphic and Brand identity standards Manual16</p><p> Guidelines</p><p> the University of West florida letterhead design allows space for controlled customization. two options are available.</p><p>UWFLetterheadwithaddedunit-specificgraphic UWFLetterheadwithaddedunit-specificgraphicandtext</p></li><li><p>17</p><p>a t h l e t i C i d e n t i t y G r a p h i C s t a n d a r d s</p><p>all athletic logos designed by rickabaugh Graphics.</p></li><li><p>University of West florida Graphic and Brand identity standards Manual ( athletic identity Graphic standards18</p><p>U W f o...</p></li></ul>