Vasa Ergometer Rewind Cassette Assembly Instructions

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Vasa Ergometer Rewind Cassette Assembly - Replacement Instructions

Text of Vasa Ergometer Rewind Cassette Assembly Instructions

REWIND CASSETTE ASSEMBLY (RCA) REPLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONSPlease read of the instructions (steps 1-9) before you begin. We have included detailed explanations accompanied by several images to help make this an easy installation. The entire process should take 45-60 minutes to complete the installation. If you should have any questions or experience any problems, please contact us.

PARTS & TOOLS INCLUDED: Rewind Cassette Assembly (RCA) Clamps Combo Wrench - qty 2 (1/2 & 9/16) 5/32 hex allen wrench


RCA 12/09

Vasa, Inc. 1 Allen Martin Dr. Essex Junction Vermont USA 802.872.7101


STEP 1. RAISE UP FRONT END ASSEMBLY. While the Front End Assembly is still connected to the Monorail, it will make your install easier to raise the Front End off the floor. To do this, place two blocks (Figure 1) under the Front End. This will raise the Front End Assembly off the floor enough to access to the Rewind Cassette Assembly (RCA).

NOTE: Its OK to raise the base of the Front End Assembly as much as 12 off the floor if you prefer easier access to RCA.


Damper Door AIR OUTLET

FIGURE 1 Raise Front End Assembly up about 1-2 off floor

STEP 2. REMOVE THE FRONT COVER ON INLET SIDE. Use your 5/32 hex allen wrench to remove the four button head screws located in the corners of the Front Cover (FIGURE 2). Gently pull the Front Cover off the Front Frame and set aside.

FIGURE 2 Use the 5/32 Hex Key to unscrew FOUR screws in corners & remove cover

Location of 4 Button Head Screws

Front Cover Removed

Rewind Cassette Assembly (INLET SIDE)

STEP 3. INSPECT REWIND SHOCK CORD. If any of the Rewind Shock Cord remains on either of the two spools, it needs to be completely removed (FIGURE 3). You may need to cut the Shock Cord to remove it.

Rewind Shock Cord area

Drive Cord wrapped here

FIGURE 3 Inspect Drive Spool. Remove any Drive Cord that may remain.

RCA 12/09

Vasa, Inc. 1 Allen Martin Dr. Essex Junction Vermont USA 802.872.7101


STEP 4. REMOVE THE REWIND CASSETTE ASSEMBLY. Face the OUTLET side (Damper Door side) of your machine, locate the two inner most bolts on the RCA bracket (Figure 4.1). Using two 1/2 wrenches, remove the two nuts, but leave the bolts in the RCA. The bolts are on the OUTLET side (Figure 4.2), while the nuts are on the INLET side (Figure 4.3). Slide the Rewind Cassette Assembly out (Figure 4.4) to remove it from the frame. You can go ahead and fasten the 1/2 nuts onto the bolts now so as to not lose them.

FIGURE 4.2 Hold the two inner bolts located on the OUTLET side under the Damper Door. You will need a 1/2 or 13mm wrench. FIGURE 4.1 Locate the two inner-most bolts on the RCA Bracket (OUTLET side)

FIGURE 4.3 Remove the nuts in place on the INLET side using a 1/2 or 13mm wrench. (Photo shows using the optional rachet wrench).

FIGURE 4.5 Slide Rewind Cassette Assembly out to remove.

RCA 12/09

Vasa, Inc. 1 Allen Martin Dr. Essex Junction Vermont USA 802.872.7101



IMPORTANT:Look at the NEW Rewind Cassette Assembly and notice that both ends of the Shock Cord are looped around the bolts (Figure 5.1). This is to prevent the Shock Cord from retracting back into the cassette. Leave the loops around the bolts until directed later in the installation. It is VERY IMPORTANT to not let either cord slip back into the cassette.

STEP 5. INSTALL THE REWIND CASSETTE ASSEMBLY Keeping the bolts & spacers in position, remove the nuts on the new cassette (FIGURE 5.2). Continue to KEEP the Shock Cord looped around the bolts. Place the nuts on the other side of the Frame (Inlet Side) as they will be used in the next step.Nut Bolt

Spacer FIGURE 5.1 IMPORTANT Keep the loops around the bolts for security. FIGURE 5.2 Remove Nuts from open end of NEW Rewind Cassette. Assembly FIGURE 5.3 - OUTLET side Slide Rewind Casssette Assembly into base of frame. FIGURE 5.4 - INLET side Hand tighten the nuts into place on the INLET side.

STEP 6. PULL SHOCK CORD THROUGH SLOT IMPORTANT: Make sure the Shock Cord DOES NOT retract back into the cassette. Hold the Shock Cord loop securely in one hand and unhook it from around the bolt head (Figure 6.1). As you continue to hold the shock cord in one hand, feed the loop through the slot from the OUTLET side to your opposite hand (Figure 6.2). Once you have a good grip on the cord, pull it through the slot and attach the loop around the lower front cover mounting tab to ensure the cord will not be sucked back into the Rewind Cassette (Figure 6.3). Once the loop is through the slot and attached to the Lower Mount, repeat the same sequence of steps for the opposite side.

FIGURE 6.2 - INLET side Thread loop through slot in Rear Cover and grab firmly with your opposite hand.

FIGURE 6.1 - OUTLET side Securely hod the looped Shock Cord and unhook from bolt head.

FIGURE 6.3 - INLET side Pull the Cord through the slot and hook loop onto the Lower Cover Mount.

RCA 12/09

Vasa, Inc. 1 Allen Martin Dr. Essex Junction Vermont USA 802.872.7101


STEP 7. INSTALL THE SHOCK CORD Start by making sure there is no slack in the Drive Cord that is wound around the Drive Spool. Simply start at the end of the Drive Cord with the knot and twist the Drive Cord so it is tight against the spool, spinning the Drive Spool slightly to tighten Drive Cord. In order to create working slack, pull the end of the Shock Cord up toward the top of the frame, about 2 Feet (Figure 7.1). Attach the Cord Clamp on the Shock Cord just above the Cassette slot by wrapping the Shock Cord once around the clamp mouth to ensure the Cord will not slip out. Untie the loop in the end of the Shock Cord. As long as the slack is out of the Drive Cord, place the Shock Cord on the OUTLET side (behind) the Drive Spool. Wrap the Shock Cord around the remaining tracks on the Drive Spool. Leave one empty track between the Drive Cord and the Shock Cord (Figure 7.2). Bring the Cord up over the top of the spool, down the front, under the bottom and back behind. Continue this pattern until all tracks are filled. Thread the end of Shock Cord through eyelet on the Drive Spool (Figure 7.3). Tie a Knot in the end of the Shock Cord and push the end of the Shock Cord back through the hole so that the knot is next to the Drive Spool (Figure 7.4). Remove the rest of the slack in the wrapped Shock Cord. Pull (gently at first) on the Shock Cord to make sure the knot is secure. Remove the Safety Clip from the Shock Cord. Repeat all of step 7 for opposite side Spool BEFORE moving on to Step 8.

NOTE: White paper placed behind drive spool for photo only.

Shock Cord is BEHIND the Spool (OUTLET side of the Drive Spool).

Leave ONE open track empty between cords

IMPORTANT STEPAttach the Cord Clamp

FIGURE 7.2 Wind the Shock from BACK to FRONT coming over the top first. White cord shown for clarity

FIGURE 7.1 Pull the SHOCK CORD up and behind the Black Drive Spool.

FIGURE 7.3 Thread the end through the eyelet in the end of the Drive Spool.

FIGURE 7.4 Push Shock Cord back so the knot butts up against the Drive Spool. Remove any slack in the Shock Cord. TEST knot to make sure it will hold.

RCA 12/09

Vasa, Inc. 1 Allen Martin Dr. Essex Junction Vermont USA 802.872.7101


STEP 8. TIGHTENING AND TESTING Before you are able to test, tighten both 1/2 nuts until the threads of the bolt just start to show through. DO NOT overtighten, this will pinch the Cassette, causing issues. You should tighten the nut just to the point that it will not turn freely with your bare fingers. Once the nuts are tight, perform a series of pulls on the Drive Cord to make sure your drive system is working properly. The Drive Cords and Shock Cords should wind and unwind on the Drive Spool smoothly.

CAUTION: DO NOT put hands or any objects into the Fan Wheel when it is moving, as this could cause severe injury.Testing Procedure: 1) Pull on ONE Drive Cord at a time (Figure 8.1). 2) The Drive Spool should engage causing the Fan Wheel to spin. 3) The Shock Cord should retract the Drive Cord as you move your hand back to the start position. Assuming this works properly, repeat these steps for the second side. After each cord has been tested independently, test both cords at the same time.




Pull on each Drive Cord to test installation.

STEP9. INSTALL FRONT COVER Replace the Front Cover making sure not to damage any wires. Secure the four Button Head Screws in the corners using the 5/32 Hex Allen Wrench.

That completes the installation. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.

RCA 12/09

Vasa, Inc. 1 Allen Martin Dr. Essex Junction Vermont USA 802.872.7101