Vblock System 540 Product Overview Vblock System 540 ... the world’s most advanced converged infrastructure!! vblock system 540 industry’s first ‘all-flash’ based converged page 1
Vblock System 540 Product Overview Vblock System 540 ... the world’s most advanced converged infrastructure!! vblock system 540 industry’s first ‘all-flash’ based converged page 2

Vblock System 540 Product Overview Vblock System 540 ... the world’s most advanced converged infrastructure!! vblock system 540 industry’s first ‘all-flash’ based converged

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    VBLOCK SYSTEM 540 INDUSTRYS FIRST ALL-FLASH BASED CONVERGED INFRASTRUCTURE FOR HIGH-PERFORMANCE MIXED WORKLOADS AND EMERGING THIRD-PLATFORM APPLICATIONS Faced with global competition and the increased speed of business, more and more organizations around the globe are relying heavily on their IT infrastructures to deliver. For IT professionals, a converged infrastructure model like VCE Vblock Systemsthat integrates compute, network, storage, and virtualization into a single pool of resource and one that is engineered, manufactured, sustained, and supported by a single vendorhas promised remarkable results as illustrated by a recent IDC study.1

    VCE holds the #1 market position for Integrated Infrastructure Systems, with 46 percent, which is part of the Integrated Systems as defined by Gartner.2 As part of our innovations, the Vblock System 540 is the industrys first All Flash based converged infrastructure system for mixed, high-performance workloads and emerging third-platform applications. IDC forecasts the use of flash in the data center to be in the $7 billion by 2017.3 It is clear that flash is here to stay, and going forward, enterprises will only increase their use of flash to help consolidate these applications and databases.

    In addition to advanced Cisco Computing and Cisco Nexus Application-Centric Infrastructure (ACI)-Ready networking capabilities, the system leverages EMC XtremIO All Flash media storage for applications such as cloud, big data, mobile, and social. The new system delivers performance in the millions of IOPS at ultra low latency for performance-centric databases such as (OLTP, OLAP) and mixed workloads. Additionally, combined with VCE technology extension for EMC Isilon storage, the Vblock 540 is an ideal platform for Big Data/Analytics and End-User Computing.

    Enterprise grade All Flash media delivers performance in the millions of IOPS and capacity Every Vblock 540 is based on industry

    leading EMC XtremIO All Flash storage array to deliver performance in the millions of IOPS at low latency for memory-intensive databases (OLTP) and mixed workloads.

    Rich-data services like in-line deduplication, storage compression, and automated load balancing delivers scale-out performance and optimal end-user experience. It also ensures flash technology is optimized for predictable performance at low latency.

    The system leverages an embedded flash-optimized data protection algorithm (XtremIO Data Protection or XDP) for delivering superior performance.

    Flexible for emerging third-platform applications and todays mixed high-performance workloads In addition to the Vblock 540, VCE Integrated Solution addresses a few of these requirements:

    Broad range of use cases

    Modernization: Enterprise customers who prefer the latest technology (all flash) and highest performance. Also appeals to futureproof mindset.

    Dev Environments: Operational advantages of deduplication enables customers to replicate or instantiate databases quickly and in a cost effective way.

    Mixed Database and Analytics that need a lot of data I/O functionssuch as chatty app uses.

    VM containers with multiple moving parts requiring high-frequency I/O.

    OLTP, OLAP workloads (performance-centric databases and business analytics).

    Big Data/Analytics: Vblock 540 combined with VCE Integrated Solution.

    End-User Computing: Vblock 540 combined with VCE Integrated Solution.

    The X-Brick storage array features a linear scale-out architecture where customers choose the right configuration to meet growing business needs with no single point of failure.

    VCE VSCALE ARCHITECTURE VCE Vscale architecture delivers ultimate agility, simplicity, and assurance adapting to the varying applications, scale, and flexibility needs for customers diverse operational models. At the core of the architecture are VCE Vblock Systems for your mission-critical or well-defined workloads. VCE Vscale architecture enables scale-up and scale-out data centers by combining a modular grow-as-needed architectural design with optimized on-demand resource sharing for various applications across multiple converged infrastructure systems and data center elementsall while still delivering VCE lifecycle assurance.


    We found that writes had a 0.25 millisecond response time which was fairly consistent for workloads between 100,000 IOPS all the way up to 200,000 IOPS.

    Russ Norman, Chief Architect

    By holding metadata in memory it really allows a lot of flexibility on the array. Varying LUN sizes, varying block sizes of workload has very little impact on the arrays performance. It allows the inline dedupe to work quite well.

    Russ Norman, Chief Architect


    VCE accelerates the adoption of converged infrastructure and cloud-based computing models that dramatically reduce the cost of IT while improving time to market for enterprises and service providers globally. Through its leading Vblock Systems, VCE delivers the industrys only true converged infrastructure, leveraging Cisco compute and network technology, EMC storage and data protection, and VMware virtualization and virtualization management. VCE solutions are available through an extensive partner network and cover horizontal applications, vertical industry offerings and application development environments, enabling customers to focus on business innovation instead of integrating, validating and managing IT infrastructure.

    Copyright 2015 VCE Company, LLC. All rights reserved. VCE, VCE Vision, Vblock, and the VCE logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of VCE Company LLC. All other trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.

    Customers also benefit from optimizations in XDP that result in fewer writes to flash media50 percent more usable storage capacity than standard RAID implementations.

    Customers achieve low TCO with a smaller data-center footprint by leveraging XtremIO storage array, optimized administration, higher utilization from faster processing cores, and cabinet 2.0 features for simplified power and visibility.

    Breadth of VCE Portfolio Business Continuity and Data Protection As the industry leader, only VCE offers a complete portfolio of factory-integrated data protection. Backups, archive, zero data loss, zero down time; whatever level of protection each business application needs, VCE delivers it in a manner that is scalable, rapidly deployed, lowest risk, and fully supported by a single phone call.

    Security and Compliance Vblock Systems are engineered with security as a fundamental requirement for system functionality and trust, providing a baseline security profile designed to incorporate and serve as a primer for your unique security and compliance requirements.

    Systems Management VCE delivers intelligent systems management of Vblock Systems. VCE also provides an extensible API to leading management tools to protect investments in existing management frameworks.

    Comprehensive VCE Experience Greater AgilityVblock 540 is the

    newest member of the VCE portfolio that is engineered, manufactured, maintained and supported as a single system. It can be ordered and delivered within 45 days, and into production typically within a week. Vblock Systems are deployed by our 150 Vblock Ready global qualified partners, giving customers a choice of certified professionals that use standardized, proven services. This translates into faster time-to-production for projects and follow-on activities, and faster time- to-business value.

    Reduce Complexity and RiskEvery Vblock System is pre-engineered and validated in a VCE factory environment. This pre-engineering, pre-test, pre-validation are applied across all Vblock Systems greatly reducing deployment time and risk.

    Comprehensive ServicesVCE can help you develop a cloud computing roadmap, and deploy and integrate your systems quickly to ensure operational success. Post-deployment, VCE Support proactively identifies and resolves issues to streamline support and deliver a better experience.

    Lifecycle System AssuranceRely on the latest Release Certification Matrix from VCE to streamline software release planning and configuration management across all hardware and software platforms. VCE is taking this unique customer sought-after VCE Experience across all Vblock Systems to enable an unmatched user experience and support a combination of traditional and emerging workloads.


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