Ways to Attract Luck

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  • 8/13/2019 Ways to Attract Luck


    Manila, Philippines - Making surroundings clean, preparing 12 kinds of fruits of various sizes and shapes, and serving fish and chicken dishes are some of the best ways to attract luck on the New Year, a modern Feng Shui expert said yesterday.

    The first order of the day in preparing to welcome 2014 is to de-clutter the most used spaces in your home. Mag-general cleaning tayo bago mag-new year. Throw away old things, especially those with cracks in your plates and drinking glassesor worn-out clothes. They will only invite negative energy, said popular Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua. Dapat by December 30, malinis na lahat. Kung hindi natin gagawin ito, stagnant ang luck natin. Change it and fix it.Master Hanz said that there should be no problem concerning the main door of the house, which he describes as the mouth of the house. He explained that a main door that is broken or not fixed will lead to health problems on stomach, pancreas,liver, and ulcer.Another area that should be organized is the kitchen. Kung magulo at marumi ang kitchen, this will affect the health and wealth of the occupants. If possible, ang kulay ng kitchen natin is yellow, red or orange to attract luck, said Master Hanz, who recently predicted a bettor s jackpot win in the lotto. (Master Hanz said that he did not give the winning lotto numbers. He only forecast the favorable period the bettor placed the bet).The third area that should be organized is the bedroom where there should be nobooks, magazines, computers, television sets and most of all, mirrors. Kung meron tayong mga bagay na ito, chances are affected ang pag-tulog natin, especially if the mirror reflects on our bed. If the television set, mirror or computer canno

    t be avoided in the bedroom, the occupants should cover it before sleeping, suggested Master Hanz.On New Year s Eve, the dining table should be filled with food. The dining table should show abundance. Serve 12 different kinds of fruits with pineapple as the star fruit. Hindi naman kailangan bilog lahat ng prutas. Banana is also good because it signifies family bonding, Master Hanz said.Fish and meat dishes like pork and chicken also attract luck. In the olden days, kings and queens serve chicken on feast days. That s why hindi totoo yung isang kahig, isang tuka pag kumain ka ng chicken on New Year s day, he added.Master Hanz encouraged the public to wear red on New Year s Eve and New Year s Day.He said that the color of the underwear should be red.. Red is one of the lucky colors for 2014. Dapat bago ang red underwear natin pagdating ng New Year.At 12 midnight, Master Hanz said that revelers may roll kiat-kiat (small and swe

    et mandarin or ponkan oranges from China) from the main door of the house toward the living room. In spattering coins, make sure that they are fresh or new. Then mag-saboy ng coins from living room papunta sa mga bedroom. Kailangan mag-aagawan yung mga occupants habang hinahagis yung coins. Make sure that the bed sheets and pillow cases are either brand-new or newly-washed, he added.Master Hanz, who studied astrology, palm, face and tarot reading abroad, said that people should make noise in welcoming the New Year to rid of negative energy. Open all lights, faucets, windows and doors for few minutes. Dapat lighted ang harap ng bahay. Flickering lights are not good. Ibig sabihin nun hindi stable ang wealth.But Master Hanz stressed that Feng Shui is only part of the person s totality when it comes to luck. Kailangan rin natin s yempre ang mag-sumikap at mag-dasal para maging successful. Hindi lang naman natin dapat i-asa ang lahat ng swerte sa Feng