Wednesday, Aug. 28 th : “A” Day Thursday, Aug. 29 th : “B” Day Agenda  Collect SSA’s  Homework questions/collect (Pg. 266: #1-10)/WS  Section 8.1.

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Wednesday, Aug. 28 th : A Day Thursday, Aug. 29 th : B Day Agenda Collect SSAs Homework questions/collect (Pg. 266: #1-10)/WS Section 8.1 Quiz: Describing Chemical Reactions Film safety projects/work on Names and Formulasworksheet DUE TODAY! Watch movie (if time allows) Next time: Sec 8.2: Balancing Chemical Equations


<ul><li><p>Wednesday, Aug. 28th: A DayThursday, Aug. 29th: B DayAgendaCollect SSAs Homework questions/collect (Pg. 266: #1-10)/WSSection 8.1 Quiz: Describing Chemical ReactionsFilm safety projects/work on Names and Formulasworksheet DUE TODAY!Watch movie (if time allows)</p><p>Next time: Sec 8.2: Balancing Chemical Equations</p></li><li><p>HomeworkSec. 8.1 Review, Pg. 266: #1-10The Big Idea WorksheetQuestions/Problems?</p><p>Collect</p></li><li><p>Section 8.1 Quiz:Describing Chemical ReactionsYou MAY use your book and guided notes to complete the quiz.</p></li><li><p>Safety ProjectsWe will take turns filming each groups safety project using my iPad.While you are waiting, complete the Names and Formulas worksheet with your group.We will be balancing chemical equations and predicting products of chemical reactions next week and you will need to know how to name molecules and write their formulas.You will probably need the ion charts in chapter 5 of your textbook (I have extra copies)You can also use the polyatomic ion app on the iPads.</p></li><li><p>Chem 2 Safety Movie2012Sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie you made!</p><p>Remember, the objective of this project was to make a more entertaining safety movie than the one I showed.Did you succeed?</p></li></ul>


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