What do you do in your free time. List the things you can do in your free time.  Things you can do at home:  Things you can collect:  Things you can

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  • What do you do in your free time

  • List the things you can do in your free time.Things you can do at home:Things you can collect:Things you can play:Outdoor activities:

  • Which activities is described in each sentence?Most women like doing it because they can buy many clothes and look for a bargain.It is a good hobby for men who like doing work around the house.Thanks to this hobby you will never forget beautiful places you visited in the summer.Most people who have this hobby are rich and like old things to decorate their houses.For this hobby you need colorful paints and paintbrush.

  • Fill in the empty spaces with suitable words.I _________ photography two years ago.I _________ stamps and postcards.I learned to ______the piano.I Like playing board_____ .

  • Listen to three dialogues and fill in the gapes.- What do you usually do in your free ..time? - Well, I love going to the . . - And what about the . ? - I love it, too.- Would you play . with me? - Well. I dont know. - You dont like doing it, do you? - I prefer to play .- Wow! What a great ! - Do you really like it? - Yes, those .are especially valuable. - And what about you? Do youanything? - Yes, I collect from all over the world.

  • AnswersGoing shoppingDIY (do it yourself)PhotographyCollecting antiques.Painting.