10 Things You Can Do With CogniDox

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10 user-centred projects you can achieve using CogniDox.


1. 10 12 Things You Can Do With CogniDox VI-401753-TM 2. 2 Cognidox Ltd 2014 Contents 1. Document Control 2. Graphical QMS 3. Enterprise Search 4. Product Release Engine 5. Blog Publishing 6. Customer Extranet 7. Help Desk Integration 8. Partner Collaboration 9. Document Analytics 10. Information Security 11. Employment Policies 12. Workflows & Rules 3. 3 Smart document management for knowledge-based companies 4. 4 Enterprise Information Management There is a hierarchy of information management capability: the nearer the top, the more a company is competent in information governance, quality management and document lifecycle management. 5. 5 #1 DOCUMENT CONTROL Imagine its your first day at a new company and you are able to read about products, projects and company procedures without asking somebody where are the documents? Or, you want to go back over a design decision you made two years ago, so you check the original specification and read the review comments Or, you need to show an ISO 9001 Auditor how you manage document control procedures If document quality is poor due to lack of version control or duplication, time is lost as staff work out what information they can trust 6. 6 #2 GRAPHICAL QMS CogniDox provides an excellent way to meet the document control requirements specified in ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and other standards But, procedures that are left un-read in a document management system are not much better than paper-based equivalents kept on a shelf or in a filing cabinet The CogniDox alternative is to create interactive flowcharts, store them as web pages, and use them in-browser to view procedures, open document templates, etc. G-QMS is more widely adopted 7. 7 #3 ENTERPRISE SEARCH Search by title / part number or by full text search (every word in documents from which text can be extracted) The search results are up to date because it indexes content every 15 minutes Search results are based on relevance, not rank / popularity (semantic search) Uses leading open source tool (Apache Solr) 8. 8 #4 RELEASE MANAGEMENT Most product releases are complex and require a specific configuration to work reliably You can have great teams using the best tools, but still suffer from information silos in product development CogniDox integrates with tools for Hardware & Software development and collates diverse product elements CogniDox has a Release Management engine for publishing release packages to customers 9. 9 #5 BLOG PUBLISHING Blogging is an essential part of inbound and/or content marketing Too few people (usually in Marketing) have more than their fair share of responsibility for producing content and ensuring it follows the correct company message. They use a blogging platform such as WordPress, but only a few people have passwords to administer content CogniDox enables a blog post to be reviewed and approved, then sent directly to WordPress via a CogniDox plug-in 10. 10 #6 CUSTOMER EXTRANET Rapid deployment of web portals based on templates for CMS (Joomla!, Drupal, WordPress) or with integrated Help Desk template (OTRS) Restrict access to this area to only customers or registered users, who need a login and password to log-in. Viewable content is controlled by entitlement-based licenses Publish directly from CogniDox - no need for CMS management or HTML / CSS skills Document analytics to track downloads 11. 11 #7 HELP DESK INTEGRATION OTRS is a free, open source Help Desk system that has many features: Ticket creation via web, email, phone, fax, PDA, SMS or SOAP/XML Templates for ticket and auto responses Separate web front-ends for service staff, customers, Self-service using FAQs and Knowledge Base articles Open / closed tickets linked to CogniDox document part numbers and Licensees using OTRS plug-in Extranet provides OTRS help desk and CogniDox downloads in one solution 12. 12 #8 PARTNER COLLABORATION Open innovation, design partnering and alliances are now the norm for knowledge-based companies CogniDox enables limited access where partners have full user rights but very limited view of categories and / or non- entitled documents No need for insecure FTP or limited-functionality file sharing workspaces Full integration into existing product development processes and workflows 13. 13 #9 DOCUMENT ANALYTICS Integrated with Piwik open source web analytics platform installed on-premise so no sharing data with any third party Similar to e.g. Google Analytics, only private Can be used for internal CogniDox - what documents are most commonly accessed, or what navigation strategies do your employee use to find documents? Are employees accessing documents that should really be marked as obsolete? Can be used for Extranet to provide same details but this time for customers / partners rather than employees 14. 14 #10 INFORMATION SECURITY User Roles: give user-specific rights to CogniDox functionality e.g. a user cannot create new categories or only a subset of users have the right to approve documents User Groups: group users according to some attribute e.g. all employees in Sweden, or members of Finance department Security Profiles: restrict documents so that only authorised users can access them, and set what actions are permitted on those documents Private Workspaces: create categories for the storage of highly restricted documents, and hide existence of those categories from non-participants 15. 15 #11 EMPLOYMENT POLICIES Policy and procedures manuals and guidelines need to comply with governance, regulatory structures and internal standards Employees have to acknowledge they have read and accepted the policy. HR have to track (manually) who has and who has not acknowledged CogniDox automates this with the "View Policies feature. A tracking report can be saved as a spreadsheet. Policies can be re-presented on a 'rolling' schedule 16. 16 #12 WORKFLOW RULES Workflow rules for notification, review and approval can be set from category Defaults Cater for cases where documents require a flexible set of rules e.g. any 2 approvers from a set of 5 Can filter routing rules to only apply to version (draft, issue); document type, security profile, license, customer, etc. Rules are part of normal document operations, so a very integrated and intuitive action for user Multiple rules can be combined 17. 17 Cognidox Ltd 2014 Contact information Paul Walsh +44 7768 486772 (mobile) +44 1223 91 1080 (office) Cognidox Limited St. John's Innovation Centre Cowley Road Cambridge CB4 0WS United Kingdom Registered in England and Wales No. 06506232 VAT Registration No.: 930970714 salesinfo@cognidox.com www.cognidox.com